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Congratulations Tigers!


FF Tigers Win State Class D Soccer– WFFJ-TV News –

November 7, 2015




Tigers Win State Class D Soccer Championship


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 11, 2015

   The Fort Fairfield Tigers won the school's first ever State Class D Soccer championship at a game against Buckfield in Presque Isle last Saturday evening, ending their season undefeated.

   Tigers' Chris Giberson made the only goal of the game, assisted by Ryan Player, at about six minutes into the second half.  Player kicked the ball downfield from near the half-field mark where it landed on Giberson's boot just as he was picking it up about 40 feet from the goal.  The ball then unexpectedly shot-gunned right past the Buckfield goalie and into the net.

   “We definitely went against a very talented team with Buckfield.  They were a worthy competitor and they definitely had their opportunities and chances,” said Tigers coach, John Ala.  “But our hard work and our resilience ended up stepping up and shutting them down.  The true definition of a team is it doesn't matter who makes the play as long as the play ends up being made and today we made the plays.”

   “I don't know if there's been many other teams that have come through here in soccer that have put out the skill that this team has put out, the determination, the guts, the unselfishness,” said Tim Watt, FFMHS athletic director.   “It didn't really matter who did what as long as they were able to win the game and I think it's a real symbol of what they've accomplished.


Tigers Win Northern Maine Class D Soccer Finals


See the news video, with the winning goal, here


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, November 11, 2015

   The Fort Fairfield Tigers hosted the Bangor Christian Academy Patriots for the Northern Maine Class D Soccer Finals on November 4. 

   The two teams were very evenly matched.  At a little over four minutes into the first half, Jonathan Cormier scored for the Patriots giving them a 1-0 lead over the Tigers they were able to maintain for the rest of the first half.

   Six minutes into the second half, Isaac Cyr was able to score for the Tigers tying the game 1-1.  Neither team was able to score for the rest of the second half.  The Tigers managed an aggressive 25 shots on the goal for the game while the Patriots only were able to take 11.

   After entering their second overtime, the two teams remained consistent but Tigers' Ryan Player got a break and passed off to Jonah Daigle who was able to convert the play into a score and a Northern Maine Class D soccer championship win for the Tigers.

   “I am very proud of the performance by all of our team's members. It was a true team victory," said Tigers Coach, John Ala.  "They kept each other motivated to win and stayed positive when we fell behind. It has been an amazing and rewarding season!”

   After the game, a jubilant parade commenced down Main Street to celebrate their victory.  The last time the Tigers won a regional soccer championship was in 1976.


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