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Science Facts: Schuman Resonance – WFFJ-TV Documentary –

February 7, 2016



To access a pdf of the report by Neil Cherry cited in the above documentary video, click here


Schuman Resonance


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

February 17, 2016


   Fifty kilometers above the Earth's surface there is a layer of atmosphere that is charged by the geomagnetic activity of the sun called the ionosphere.  The ionosphere exists in what is called the “D” layer of the atmosphere and, being electrically conductive, contains a charge of around 400,000 volts DC in relation to the Earth.  The Earth is also conductive and has an equal but opposite charge.

    The non-conductive area of the atmosphere between those two conductive sources - the ionosphere and the earth's surface - acts like the dielectric of a planetary-sized capacitor. This is called the Schuman cavity, named after its German discoverer, Dr. W. O. Schuman in 1952 (see Fig. 1). 

   Within the Schuman cavity is where most of the Earth's terrestrial weather occurs.  Lightning - discharges of huge amounts of electromagnetic energy between clouds in the atmosphere and the earth, or between other clouds - emit massive pulses of electromagnetic energy.  There is a near continuous discharge of lightning occurring in the atmosphere as a spark of lightning is always discharging somewhere in the Earth's atmosphere nearly every second of the 24 hour day.

   As those electromagnetic pulses circumnavigate the globe, the height of the D region above the earth's surface allows for resonant, or standing, waves to become prominent.  Resonant electromagnetic standing waves ripple out from lightning source in Harmonics of 4Hz, 8Hz, 14Hz,  20Hz, 26Hz, 33Hz, 39Hz, 45Hz & 51Hz  circumnavigating the globe before dissipating after a few seconds.  Their decay time is dependent upon strength of lightning strike.  The fundamental Schuman Resonance has been pinpointed to 7.83 Hertz (Hz)

   Schuman Resonant Frequencies Vary with D Region Height Above Earth. More Solar Geomagnetic Activity, such as greater sunspot activity or solar flares charges the ionosphere more greatly, forcing the D Region to Expand closer to ground.  Since the two conductive areas are closer together, the result is an increase in the Schuman Resonant frequency; Less Solar Geomagnetic Activity contracts the D Region further away from ground, thus decreasing the Schuman Resonant frequency.

   The Schuman Resonance frequency and intensity varies between the light side and dark side of the earth.   On the daylight side where there is more geomagnetic activity interacting with the ionosphere, resulting in a greater intensity and a primary resonant wave of 7.83Hz and its harmonics.  On the dark side of the earth, there is less intensity and expanding of the D region away from the earth.  This expanded Schuman cavity causes resonant frequencies to drop below 4 Hz on the night side of the Earth (see Fig. 2).

   In September, 2001 Neil Cherry of the Environmental Management and Design Division of Lincoln University, Canterbury, New Zealand issued a report entitled Schuman Resonances, A Plausible Biophysical Mechanism for the Human Health Effects of Solar/Geomagnetic Activity.

   In his report, he showed how the first five Schuman resonant frequencies coincide with the frequency range of the first four EEG bands.  The primary EEG frequency bands are: Delta, 0.5 to 4 Hz; Theta, 4-8 Hz; Alpha, 8-13 Hz and 13 - 30 Hz (see Fig. 3).

   A key to Professor Cherry's model was the production of melatonin, triggered by the pineal gland and the effect the Schuman resonance has on this process.  It was found that the Schuman resonant frequency along with solar geomagnetic activity do affect melatonin production and the overall health of the body.  The report shows how increased electromagnetic field exposure significantly suppressed the rate-limiting enzyme in melatonin synthesis during the mid to late dark phase of the night.

   The effects include altered blood pressure and melatonin production, increased cancer, cardiac and neurological disease and death.  Also correlated with changes in the Schuman Resonance and increased solar geomagnetic activity were increased suicide rates, Cardiac Arrhythmia in children, a significant increase in heart attack incidence and death, a correlation with daily myocardial infarction incidence, sudden cardiovascular death, and increased hospital admissions for cardiovascular disease.

   The effects of High solar geomagnetic activity have also been shown to increase epileptic seizures, incidents of suicide, an increase in unpleasantness between people and an increase in aviation accidents due to the adverse affects on memory and attention.

   The Schuman Resonance has been occurring on Earth since the planet had an atmosphere and life has grown up within it and adapted to its cycle, adopting it into its own biophysical process.  However, over the past 60 years - virtually overnight in the grand scheme of  history - humans have immersed themselves and all life on Earth in a sea of electromagnetic waves in the form of radio broadcasts, cell phones and Wi-Fi.  These higher intensity frequencies either mask or drown out completely the Schuman resonant waves life relies on for health and well-being.  This topic is treated in much greater detail in the documentary video;   Resonance:  Beings of Frequency, produced by Patient Zero Productions.   The YouTube link for that video is:

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