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Code Phrase for Wealthy Globalist Elites Hi-Jacking the World Economy

and Stealing Everyone’s Property and Wealth


How COVID-19 Lockdowns were Designed to Usher In a World Where Private Property and Small Business will be Obliterated and Globalist Oligarchs in Control of All Wealth


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, December 30, 2020


   Under the guise of addressing the elusive and non-scientifically provable “climate change,” oligarchs and left wing politicians are using the contrived COVID-19 crisis as a planned and orchestrated move to shift the global economy away from private property and private business to one built on the wealthy elites owning everything and the general public being forced to rent from them whatever products or property they need at the time.

   Presidential impersonator, Joe Biden is even helping with the marketing push.  In a recent speech he read from the teleprompter, “We need a unified national response to climate change...from these crises we need to seize an opportunity to build back, and build back better.”

   Build Back Better is a new marketing slogan the globalist elites are now promoting to the world population to entice them into what’s being dubbed as the “fourth industrial revolution.”  However, unlike the previous industrial revolution, the next one is envisioned by these global elitists to be one that is owned, managed and controlled by them - self-appointed and unelected aristocrats who use the various governors, presidents and prime ministers of the world as their puppets to command and control a world population who has been reduced to slave class serfs, no longer allowed to own private property or businesses - one of the major tenets of communism.

   Indeed, one of their recent marketing campaigns features the phrase, “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”

   One of the leading proponents of this new globalist push to enslave the global population to a group of unelected wealthy elitists is Klaus Schwabb who recently stated in a promotional video, “The fourth industrial revolution will impact our lives completely.  It will not only change how we communicate, how we produce, how we consume, it will change actually us - our own identity.”  Schwabb envisions societies run by technocrats and artificial intelligence to rule over the world population after first reducing them to property-less slaves.  “It will be with smart traffic, smart cities,” said Schwabb.  “Everything will be integrated into a ecosystem driven by big tech and closed corporations with government and business, civil society.  This revolution will come at a breathtaking speed.” 

   What this means is people - who will have been stripped of their property, their homes, their businesses and even their own personal identity - will be controlled and managed like a herd of cattle by bureaucrats using computer tracking and tracing of every aspect of their lives.  Under this dark Utopia, nobody in the bottom tier will be allowed to own property but rather will be forced to rent everything they need from those wealthy elites who will deliver the camera, circular saw, laptop computer, desk or lamp to them via drone aircraft and charge them a daily or monthly rental fee for the use of that property with all the wealth accruing to the private consortium of globalists who have seized control of the governments and economies of the world under the guise of preventing “climate change.” 

   What this system really is, is a massive transfer of wealth from the private inhabitants and businesses of the world to this small group of elites who utilize the assistance of the legislatures and presidents of the global community in order to enslave the world population to them.

   Schwabb goes on, “In the end what the fourth industrial revolution will mean is a fusion of our physical, our literal and our biological identities.”  To sell that plan, enter COVID-19

   The COVID-19 pandemic was never about preserving public health and combating a deadly coronavirus.  In fact, the COVID-19 coronavirus has been found to have an Infection Fatality Rate of just a little more than seasonal flu overall; it is certainly a little more fatal to elderly over 85 years of age with multiple adverse health issues, but it is leaving children and young adults virtually untouched with nearly all of them simply suffering a bad cold or flu - if they have symptoms at all once they get infected.

   What the COVID-19 hysteria was really all about from the very beginning was to set the world stage for this global economic reset to realign the world’s wealth and transfer it from private people and businesses and shift it to these unelected oligarchs who are claiming ownership of the world and all of the people in it.  So-called “lockdowns” of society and business were done supposedly to preserve the health care systems and slow or stop the spread of COVID-19.  None of the lockdowns achieved those ends.  But, what they did achieve was the permanent closure of tens of thousands of businesses and the unemployment and destitution of tens of millions of employees who were forced to stay at home and unwillingly plunge into poverty.   This was the first stage of property and wealth transfer from the private individuals to the global elite who have positioned themselves to take over the world.

   The next stage is the hi-jacking and re-engineering of human DNA via the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines which have been covertly designed to irreversibly alter the DNA of humans to at once reduce their IQ, reduce their fertility and create a persona of submission and ambivalence within the entire world population.  Since the vaccine could alter the DNA of the recipient, all future generations - or at least those who can still be born after the sterilization genes take effect - may ultimately be genetically programmed at birth to be equally docile and submissive.

   Committing themselves to an unachievable “net zero” climate initiative the wealthy globalist technocrats seek to shut down the world economic engine and reduce carbon emissions globally to zero thus placing the entire world population back into the stone age.  All food, property and necessities of life that the average person needs on a day to day basis will be owned and controlled by these globalists.  From food to water to medicine, to shelter and even energy - people will have to rent everything they need from these wealthy elites who will re-engineer society to a dystopian future with population control mandates, food rationing, warehousing of people in compact cities controlled by computers via AI and controlling all travel with unmanned, AI-driven “smart” cars that are rented when needed - much like a government-controlled robotic taxi service.  Nobody will own their own home, car, furniture, appliances, etc.  It will all be rented under this new model and controlled via 5G internet connectivity.   It will be rented from the global controllers who use fear and hysteria from events like COVID-19 to convince people to give up their freedom, property, livelihood, and businesses and transfer ownership over to the unelected elitists.  The continued lockdowns, face mask mandates, COVID-19 testing, etc. are all systems of training and subduing the population, turning those who survive the virus and the initial culling caused by the vaccine into literal slaves to this privately run, for-profit system.

   The only way out of this system is to not go into it to begin with.   In order to not go into it will require a massive uprising of civil disobedience with society completely ignoring government’s arbitrary and ineffective COVID-19 mandates and edicts and everyone deliberately and belligerently exercising their rights even in the face of ignorant police officers unwittingly enforcing government mandates that will also enslave them, as well.