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“Straight Pride” Parade Draws Anger, Hostility from LGBT Radicals


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, October 9, 2019


BOSTON, Mass. -    The first-ever “Straight Pride” Parade was held in downtown Boston on August 31, despite Mayor Walsh's attempts to ban the event.  The Straight Pride Parade, which celebrated the traditional family union of a man and woman, was organized by local conservative activists, John Hugo and Mark Sahady, who never intended it to be a serious social statement, but rather, a parody of the “Gay Pride Parade” that is held in Boston every June.

   “It was basically a joke, but as we know, the Left - like all totalitarian movements - has absolutely no sense of humor,” said Brian Camenker, from, who provided media coverage for the event.  “From the day the organizers announced the event, the level of anger and vitriol leveled at them from across the Liberal spectrum and in the mainstream media– not only in Boston but around the country – was unbelievable.”

   The parade route was approximately the same as the Gay Pride Parade – from Copley Square in the Back Bay to Boston City Hall, where there were a series of speeches.  “As it turned out, the few floats in the parade were mostly promoting President Trump’s re-election.”

   Members of the left-wing terrorist organization, Antifa (anti-fascists) streamed in from across New England.  With face masks and hoodies, they concealed their identity as they harassed and intimated parade supporters in a similar style to Adolph Hitler’s “Brownshirts.”  

   The “anti-fascists” seem to be a group of young, naïve and historically illiterate Social Justice Warriors produced by colleges and universities around the country.  While they claim to be opposed to fascism (a merger of business and government) and NAZI ideologies, they seem to be unaware that they are using the exact same harassment and intimidation tactics developed by NAZI founder, Adolph Hitler and perfected by Communist operatives in the former Soviet Union.

   “We had a long conversation with one of the Antifa people on his way to City Hall Plaza,” said Camenker.  “He was a young guy, about 25. He was yelling, 'Nazis get off of OUR streets!' We asked him, 'Aren't these public streets?' He admitted they were, but said it didn't matter. So we asked him, 'How do you know they're Nazis?' He said their writings have been reported in all the news.  He then claimed had he had personally talked to the Straight Pride leaders, whom he said admitted to being Nazis and white supremacists. He said that they needed to be driven out of Boston.  We told him that Antifa appears to be pretty Nazi-like itself with that kind of thinking and violent approach. Apparently no one had ever said that to him before, and he didn't respond. The whole conversation was like something out of the Twilight Zone. But make no mistake: this really is the irrational way that a whole segment of the population thinks.”

   The entire parade route was flanked on both sides with barricades and a column of police officers marching with the parade for its entire length.  In fact, there were more police present than actual parade entries.  Police also kept the peace at the post-parade Straight Pride rally held on the North side of City Hall.

   “We have never seen so many police, barricades, and overall security in downtown Boston, ever, for any event. Police officers were brought in from as far away as Brockton, MA.,” said Camenker.  “The police did quite an amazing job of keeping the Antifa hoodlums far enough away that the speeches were able to go on undisturbed. It's disgusting that such extreme security was necessary in a city that considers itself the birthplace of freedom in America. But they did it.”

   While the left wing sexual deviant crowd claims to be tolerant of diversity, it's only tolerant of the diversity that conforms in lockstep with their ideologies.  Anyone who is simply a straight male or female with no sexual deviancy is violently and vehemently shunned by this group which has been programmed by the mainstream media and academia to label them as “white supremacists.” This, despite the fact that many of the supporters of Straight Pride are themselves, black people.

   “It’s hard to believe that a veritable army of police would be necessary to guard a parade from a truly vicious and unhinged mob (and their supporters in the media and liberal establishment) who scream about how tolerant they are.”

   Ironically, the Straight Pride Parade's Grand Marshall was an openly gay man, Milo Yiannopoulos, who is “married” to another man.  During his speech at the rally, Mr. Yiannopoulos pointed out the hypocrisy and intolerance of the Left in the LGBT movement.

   “MassResistance was not part of the event or the group that put it on, though we know a number of people who were involved,” said Camenker.   “It’s not really our style of activism. But we were impressed and thrilled they were able to pull it off!”