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Facts About 9/11 the Establishment Media Refuses to Reveal


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, September 14, 2016


   With the recent anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in New York, local television stations and other media establishments across the country continued to perpetuate the government fairy tale that airplanes alone were able to demolish the World Trade Center towers 1 & 2 on 9/11.

   Rather than discuss the physics and science of building demolition, local television stations wrapped themselves in the U.S. flag, aired patriotic songs and powder-puff pieces that only serve to empower the terrorists within government who instigated the attacks to begin with in order to usher in a new era of slavery under the banner of the USA PATRIOT Act.

   What they simply refuse to discuss amidst their nauseating display of government worshipping are these pesky facts that destroy the government’s “official” version of events:


1.)  The World Trade Towers 1 & 2 were built around a network of vertical box beams with 4” thick steel that acted as the buildings’ spine and the floors were built as scaffolding around that solid core.  The outer skin was a mesh of aluminum.  This design enabled the buildings to absorb the impact of multiple airplanes, much like puncturing a window screen with a pencil. 


2.)  Burning jet fuel (jet-grade kerosene) can not burn hot enough to melt steel.  But, it gets close to steel’s melting point when compressed to 150psi and atomized in a  jet engine combustion chamber.  Steel begins to melt at 2,066°F and flows at 2,400°F; the temperature inside a jet engine at full throttle only gets to 2,057°F.  The fires at the WTC towers were low-temperature, slow-burning, black sooty fires that didn’t get anywhere near the temperatures inside the pressurized combustion chamber of a jet engine.  


3.)  The two towers fell at free-fall speed completely vertically into their own basements.  The only way this can occur is with precisely-timed, controlled demolitions, planned and staged months in advance.  If the government’s version was correct, the buildings would have fallen much slower and toppled to one side or another as the floors below offered up resistance to the fall.  Also, the solid steel core should have remained standing as the floors collapsed around it.


4.)  Thermite and Thermate residue was found on the steel core beams which is proof they were cut with controlled demolitions.  Otherwise, the buildings would never have fallen.


5.)  No plane wreckage or bodies were seen at the Pentagon crash site, even moments after the impact.  Also, the impact site there was indicative of a small object, such as a missile, since there were no impact points for the alleged plane’s engines or wings.  Go back and look at the original pictures for yourself, see if this point is correct.


6.)  Building 7, the 47 story office building in the WTC complex was blocks away from the twin towers, no plane hit it, yet it also imploded at free-fall speed into its own basement hours after the collapse of the twin towers, while office buildings closer to the towers stayed intact.


   Most thinking people now understand the government story is a fable—a myth—and the only people still accepting it are those in the mainstream media and the few people left in society who continue to trust them.