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Democrats Seek to Outlaw Privately-Owned Machine Shops and Metal Working Equipment in Effort to Curtail Firearms Ownership



By:  David Deschesne

September 9, 2020


   Congressmen Jamie Raskin (D-Maryland) and David Cicilline (D-Rhode Island) recently introduced legislation to outlaw machine shops and metal working equipment if they have the ability to either manufacture or finish a firearm.

   A joint press release from the two Democrat congressmen said, “The Raskin-Cicilline legislation will prohibit the sale of metal milling machines that turn private individuals into de facto gun manufacturers and dealers in their own homes.”

   The legislation, which has yet to receive a HR number, would make it illegal for any person to sell, transfer or possess a “firearm manufacturing machine” which it loosely defines as, “a device designed or redesigned, made or remade, and intended to be used primarly to make, or convert a product into, a frame or receiver for a firearm; and any combination of parts designed or intended for use in making a device described in subparagraph A and from which such a device may be readily assembled.”

   According to Kosmo machine’s website,, “A machine shop is simply a place, location, building, company or room where machining is carried out. Machining refers to the cutting of raw materials in order to convert them to the desired size and shape.  Machining is done on metallic parts as well as plastic, ceramic, wood, and various composites. A person who performs machining it is called a machinist. Different types of hand tools, cutting tools, power tools, and machine tools are used in a machine shop. It can be done as a hobby, business or both. A machine shop can be a separate shop or a part of a large factory where manufacturing takes place.  The end product of a machine shop is a part which can be made of metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, etc. The parts are then sold to other manufacturing industries such as the automotive industry, aircraft industry, power generation industry, or

   A machine shop typically consists of a Milling machine, Metal lathe machine, Multitasking machine, Machining center, Grinding machine, Drill press, Welding machine and Inspection equipment.  All of this equipment is, or can be, used to build a firearm, or otherwise finish a firearm from partially finished systems.

If passed by Congress and signed into law, this legislation would essentially make all of the generic metal-working equipment found in any typical machine shop or home garage illegal to own or possess under the guise of “firearm safety.”

   The true intent of the Democrat party is not to keep people “safe from firearms.”  Their real goal is to eliminate the ability of people to defend themselves from rogue government officials and other criminals in public.