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Prison Ministry Seeks Prayer Group to Pray for and Remember our Political, and Unjustly Imprisoned, Prisoners


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 29, 2020


   Not every person in a U.S. prison is an evil malcontent.  The U.S. prison system today is bursting at the seams with political prisoners who have run afoul of a rogue U.S. “criminal justice” system which expends an enormous amount of energy to silence and squirrel away anyone who the government deems to be a threat to its continued exploitation and extortion of the inhabitants in the several states. 

   For example, Ed and Elaine Brown were imprisoned for simply demanding the IRS show the law that proves Americans have to actually file a federal income tax form and pay an income tax.  Rather than provide that information, the IRS tossed them in federal prison. Another example is Richard Taus, a former FBI special investigator who discovered mob connections and nefarious activities with the White House and attempted to follow his leads.  He was railroaded into prison on a life sentence for dummied-up “child molestation charges.”

   Now comes a Christian prison ministry based in Texas which seeks to uphold and pray for those who have been unjustly imprisoned, and political prisoners alike, in the Soviet-style gulag that is the U.S. prison system. 

   Year of Jubilee Christian Prison Ministry in Forney, Texas is led by pastor Rudy Davis. 

   The two primary aspects of the Year of Jubilee prison ministry are;  1) The outward aspect of making noise and shining light to raise public awareness about political and unjustly incarcerated prisoners; and  2) The inward aspect that the public never sees, which is to maintain a communication path to prisoners to encourage them not to lose faith and ensure they know that they are loved and not abandoned.

   “The devil’s children are doing everything they can to censor our communications from and to the prisoners,” said Davis.   “These devils will reap the seeds of destruction and greater damnation upon their own heads.”

  When one person is imprisoned for political reasons, we are all imprisoned.  Their cell is of iron bars and concrete walls; but to those of us on the outside - prison guards, too - the cell is composed of binary numbers, data streams, Smartphones, and soon the 5G “internet of things” where every conceivable household item will feature an internet connection to snoop, spy on and ratchet down the control of every living human in earth.  With the current COVID-19 manufactured crisis, we digital prisoners on the “outside” of the iron walls are now being separated and having our in-person communications quashed, just as those political prisoners inside the conventional prisons.  “The enemy is turning our entire country into a prison.  Does God have a sense of humor in that we ignored the innocent prisoners for so many years and now we are ALL political prisoners?   These mandatory masks and covid testing are absolutely satanic and satan’s work is always done in the name of “for the better good,” said Davis.  “They want us to think it is selfish to desire liberty.  Shall we apologize for advocating for our freedom.”

   Pastor Davis wants to keep a line of communication open for those prisoners to let them know they are not forgotten until the rest of us can throw off the digital chains government has subtly and covertly placed upon all of us.   “The prisons are systematically banning me from prisoners all over the country.  There are innocent brothers and sisters suffering day after day in hellhole prisons.  These family members in the body of Jesus Christ are forced on a daily basis to endure indignities that we can only imagine.  How long will you turn your backs on them?  Do you know that Jesus tells us in the last part of Matthew 25 that ministering to the prisoners is the same as ministering unto our very Lord?  This ministry will not be quiet as so many suffer in silence behind bars. We know that our Godless criminal justice system is incapable of rendering true justice without God.  Our appeal is to God Almighty not this corrupt and Satanic infested criminal justice system.”

   “We turned our back on aborted babies.  We turned on back on victims of police abuse. We turned our back on innocent prisoners.  We turned our back on His written Word. We turned our back on God. And now God has turned His back on us as a nation. We are all political prisoners now. Is divine judgment inevitable for America?”

   To learn more about the ministry, how you can bring some light to a prisoner’s darkest days with a simple letter or join the prayer group, visit their website at or write to:


Year of Jubilee Christian Prison Ministry

P.O. Box 2088

Forney, Texas 75126-2088