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From Kindergarten to High School Field Trip Hotel Rooms, the Democrats’ Transgender Policies Now Raging Into Certifiable Insanity


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, June 22, 2016


   The psychological warfare being waged against the children of U.S. inhabitants has reached the point of insanity with politicians at all levels of government, coaxed along by socialists and communists entrenched in academia and the mainstream media gleefully finessing the brainwashing.

   Recently, Washington state adopted new state health standards that would require all kindergarten students in Washington public schools be indoctrinated with the rhetoric of transgenderism.

   Transgenderism is where a person of one biological sex simply “believes” they are the other.  For example, a young adolescent boy can say he thinks he’s a girl today and school administrations across the U.S. are being forced by the federal government to allow that young man to use the female restrooms and change in the female locker rooms—all based on his word alone, that he “thinks” he’s a girl.

   Socialists and communists in Washington state have advanced the scope of brainwashing by extending transgenderism training to children as young as five years old.

   The curriculum states that children as young as age five will be taught to “understand there are many ways to express gender,” all as part of the “self-identify” sex education classes that are mandatory for public schools, GOP USA reported in an online press release. 

   Among the course training, children are brainwashed into believing; “Gender is no longer determined by a person’s biological characteristics at birth,” as GOP USA put it. And further, “teachers will inform children through the curriculum that gender expression is now subjective to individual preference, and not limited to one’s actual sex,” the news site continued.

   By the time a child in Washington’s public schools enters third grade, he or she will have to be able to “explain that gender roles can vary considerably,” according to the course outline.

   In addition to brainwashing very young children, schools across the U.S. are now being forced under anti-discrimination policies at the federal level to allow High School boys and girls to cohabit the same hotel rooms during field trips.

   There was a day when High School field trips involving minor students segregated boys and girls into separate hotel rooms with a coterie of adult chaperones accompanying them to enforce the rules.

   Not so, today.  If a boy simply says he “feels” like a girl—even on a whim—he must be allowed to sleep in a hotel room formerly designated for girls—and vice versa for the girls who want to sleep with the boys.  Once that boy gains entrance to the girls’ hotel room, there is nothing saying he won’t magically (and predictably) revert back to believing he’s a boy and doing what comes naturally.