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Maryland School Shooter Stopped by Another

Person with a Gun in the School


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal

March 28, 2018


   At the beginning of yet another school shooting rampage, this time in Maryland, a school shooter was shot and killed by a School Resource Officer before he could get off too many rounds.

   KTLA reported hours after the shooting that the gunman, a student at Great Mills High School, managed to shoot two fellow students last week before the Resource Officer shot him dead.  The two injured were a male, in stable condition, and a female, in critical condition.  The Resource Officer was not hit.

  The School Resource Officer is an armed police officer who helps out around the school.  This vividly illustrates the point that the most effective deterrent against school shooters is armed personnel in the school trained and ready to shoot aggressors intent on doing children harm—a fact most socialists and command/control communists in government refuse to admit in their endless quest to disarm all of society and turn the U.S. into a nation of victims dependent upon government for everything.

   While a police officer is vetted and trained in the proper, safe and effective use of firearms, they’re not the only people who are qualified to provide such an effective defense.  Any volunteer similarly vetted and trained could be deployed by schools to provide the same level of defense as police without tying up the limited resources of a local police department.