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Tax Protestors’ Abandoned 

Home Now Deteriorating


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 7, 2012

PLAINFIELD, New Hampshire—In 2007, tax researchers, Ed and Elaine Brown were kidnapped and arrested by federal agents for refusing to pay the federal income tax until IRS officials could prove there was a law actually requiring them to do so.

As a result of their stand-off, the IRS simply refused to prove the existence of any such law requiring them to pay the federal income tax and deferred to a kept federal court to issue a default ruling on behalf of the U.S. government.

Since they have been held in federal prison, and their beautiful home in Plainfield, New Hampshire was seized, it is now beginning to deteriorate due to lack of upkeep.

“After four years we still haven’t been able to get on the properties and conduct a proper video inventory of what damages were done by the government and what they have stolen without lawful-due process,” Ed Brown told the Fort Fairfield Journal. “In the meantime the property is deteriorating and the damages are compounding. As well, we are still waiting for a court of competent jurisdiction that we can seek damages for our unlawful, fabricated incarceration and torture. The best word we can use for what the governments at the local, county, state and national have done to us is "genocide".

There is currently no law requiring most Americans within the several states to file a federal income tax form, or pay a federal income tax. The IRS continues to enforce its non-existent laws using the tried and proven tactics of threat, duress and coercion rather than admit they are functioning within the States with no legal authority.

The Browns offered to pay the federal income tax if the IRS could prove its jurisdiction, but it continues to avoid the issue. “We always offered to settle this matter from day one,” explained Brown, “but the government has always refused, to this day, to provide evidence of a bona fide law requiring us to pay.”

The Federal government only has authority to exercise its jurisdiction on military posts and bases, naval dockyards, lands sold or ceded to the federal government by the State legislatures (such as national parks and federal buildings) and territories and possessions of the United States. There is no grant of authority to the U.S. federal government to exercise or enforce its legislation—especially a direct income tax—within the several States in the Union. All federal power within that context is exercised arbitrarily and illegally. The Browns simply stood up against the illegal actions of the federal government and found themselves in prison for—based upon their current ages—what may be the rest of their lives.



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