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Florida School Shootings Allowed to Happen in Order to Advance Democrats’ Anti-Gun Agenda


F.B.I. Now Too Politicized to Be Effective Any Longer


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 28, 2018


   With the FBI’s recent admission that they were warned ahead of time, but did nothing about, the recent school shootings in Florida.  Many are now questioning the relevance of that federal government spy agency.

   “I used to think highly of the FBI, but now we know the discredited agency is too busy committing treason and fabricating fake Russia conspiracy hoaxes to actually investigate and stop school shooters,” said Mike Adams from Natural News.  “The shooter who carried out the tragic murder of 17 innocent people was reported to the FBI months ago, yet the FBI did nothing.”

   Formed in 1908 as a bureau within the Justice Department to investigate violations of federal law, the Federal Bureau of Investigations quickly disintegrated into a political extortion tool to gather information on politicians and use that information to force them to do the will of the controllers of the Bureau.   The most recent manifestation of this activity is the Obama regime-saturated FBI chasing a concocted story about Russian influence in the election of President Trump in order to undermine the trust in the U.S. electoral system and ultimately usher in an unelected, communist-style authoritarian dictatorship.

   In news that broke last week, the Florida school shooting turns out to have been yet another active shooter drill that went live—as most mass shootings turn out to be when feds are involved.  Eyewitnesses report seeing local police in the drill shooting blanks before the rampage began.  Local police, however, are usually handled by rogue agents of the U.S. government and participate unwittingly in these drill-turned-live scenarios.

   As icing on the cake for the socialists/communists who run these types of operations, the purported Florida school shooter was said to be wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat in order to connect President Trump and his supporters to school shootings.  

   Trotting out teen anti-gun spokesmen, David Hogg, the mainstream media seems to be employing child actors as Hogg has been utilized by the major network for months as a spokesman against guns and now is being made into a superstar, being transported across the country from one anti-gun event to another spewing pre-scripted and rehearsed anti-gun rhetoric in order to tug at the heartstrings and the misinformed and undereducated of society.

   “The backlash against CNN is growing, even as the discredited fake news network desperately coaches high school children to parrot left-wing talking points designed to destroy the Second Amendment and disarm law-abiding Americans,” explained Adams.  “The latest tactic of the ‘mob rule’ Left is to puppeteer high school students, parading them in front of cameras as ‘experts’ on gun control and the Second Amendment, all while rehearsing scripted talking points with them to make sure they stay on point.”

   This type of social engineering and steering of society’s mindset has been going on for years under the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency as they set up coups and dictatorships in other countries.  They have since perfected their art and are now directing it internally at Americans in order to convince them to give up their freedoms and surrender their property and rights to the government.

   Also, a correlation has been found between the rise of anti-psychotic drug use and mass shootings in recent history.  As psychiatrists are now passing out psychotropic drugs as if they were candy at Halloween, the increase in the adverse side effects of those dangerous drugs is now being manifested in, what some might say to be, subliminally-triggered school and church shootings.  Between the drugs, the violent first-person shooter video games and the psychological warfare operations being promulgated in the scripts of  mainstream television network sitcoms, police dramas and movies government controllers have a toolbox full of devices to trigger the minds of these prescription drug-induced killers to go on massive shooting sprees and allow for the continued cacophony of chants to outlaw firearm ownership in the aftermath.

  Jim Fetzer, former Marine Corps officer and McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota co-authored a book  with Mike Palecek on the Sandy Hook school shootings that showed beyond a reasonable doubt it was a stage managed FEMA drill where nobody died and was  intended to fuel the fire of the gun control and confiscation agenda.  He says the Florida shootings appear to also be choreographed into the elitists’ agenda of gun control.  “The timing adds yet another element to what appears to be yet one more staged scenario, where assault weapons are the weapons of choice for staging these attacks to keep the attention of the public focused on the most important weapons that an armed citizenry needs to have to protect itself from the tyranny of a despotic regime,” said   Fetzer. “In this instance, it appears to be dominated by Hillary partisans and embedded hold-overs from the Obama administration, which has been running point against the democratically elected administration of Donald J. Trump in contravention of the principles on which this country was founded, which, of course, include the public's rights under the 2nd Amendment.”

   Before any effective dictatorship can be established, the ability of the citizenry to defend themselves must first be eliminated.  This is why the incessant cry for gun control and confiscation has been rattled in the communist-controlled media throughout recent years.

      The F.B.I., currently infested with holdovers from the former communist regime of Presidential impersonator, Barrack Hussein-Obama, is continuing the quest to beat the drum for disarmament of the American people in order to allow communists in the Democrat and Republican parties to finally outlaw ownership of any effective firearm so the government can more easily rape, pillage and plunder the property and assets of the citizenry in order to secure their $20+ trillion national debt owed to the private, run-for-profit Federal Reserve Bank for loans which have been mathematically designed to never be able to be paid off.