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Democrats Enter Bill to Effectively Abolish All Firearms Ownership in the U.S.


This is not hyperbole; the proposed law would make it virtually impossible to keep firearms currently owned, or acquire new firearms and ammunition

By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 10, 2021

   The House Democrats in the District of Columbia have wasted no time in their move to effectively abolish firearms ownership in the United States. 

   House Resolution (H.R.) 127 was recently entered by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to regulate firearms out of the hands of law-abiding Americans in direct violation to the U.S. Constitution to which Ms. Jackson Lee swore to uphold as a Representative in the U.S. Congress.  The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution enumerates the right to keep and bear arms and that this right “shall not be infringed.”  In reading this bill, every single paragraph infringes on that right and would thus by default be unconstitutional and unenforceable by anyone who follows the rules.  But, Democrats have demonstrated an uncanny ability to avoid following the rules and obeying the law; hence this crafty piece of proposed legislation.

   HR 127, the so-called “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act” is a play right out of Adolph Hitler’s Nazi game book (he also registered and confiscated firearms).  The bill would at once require registration of all currently-owned firearms and any future firearms; would require all gun owners to apply for a firearms ownership license that would cost $800 per year; would require all gun owners to list their firearms in a national database that would be open to the public to view; would require a psychological evaluation by a government approved psychologist; and would prohibit the loaning of firearms between people - even on hunting trips - without first obtaining permission from the United States Attorney General.

   With ideas like these, self-declared 2nd Amendment sanctuary cities and towns, like Fort Fairfield, Maine will certainly have their resolve tried if these ideas actually get codified into law.  With Democrats now in control of the Congress and an illegitimate Democrat usurper, Joe Biden, in the White House, this Christmas List of anti-self-defense trinkets is set to get checked off and turned into law; thus turning the U.S. finally into a defenseless, Soviet-/Chinese Communist-style authoritarian police state which would have made any Communist authoritarian proud.

   Now, the check list:


Licensing of all gun owners

   All current and future gun owners in the U.S. would be required to be licensed to continue owning their firearms.  The license is set to cost $800 (Sec. 3 (d) (2) ) and is renewable yearly but is only available for those over 21 years of age.  The firearms owner would be required to list the make and model of all of their firearms, when they were purchased and where they will be stored.  This data would be placed in a federal database that would be accessible to; “all members of the public, all Federal, State, and local law enforcement authorities, all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and all State and local governments.” ( Sec. 3 (B) )

   The firearms owner would be required to provide all this information to the feds within 90 days after the bill gets signed into law. (Sec. (2) (A) )

   While everything in that firearms database is deeply troubling, the most troubling is that it would require all firearms owners to list what they have for firearms and where they are stored in a database that would be open to the general public for free.  This would make it incredibly easy for criminals in the general public to know who has the expensive firearms to steal and where to find them.  With governments being the biggest criminals of all, they too would be easily able to determine where all the firearms are when the ultimate confiscation begins.  Every authoritarian country who registered firearms eventually confiscated them.

   Furthermore, a firearm owner would be required to undergo an initial safety course of at least 24 hours of instruction, to be repeated in an 8 hour refresher course every time the license is renewed - at an additional $800 per renewal.

   Firearms owners would also have to pass a psychological test administered by a government-approved psychologist using Democrat-approved criteria. (Sec. (3) (c) (1) (ii) (II) )  This is the nexus at which, for all intents and purposes, all firearms owners could be denied a license to own the firearms they already have the right to posses.   In the unlikely event an applicant is able to make it all the way through that process successfully, they would then be required to purchase liability insurance - if they can even find an insurance provider willing to write a policy.

   Licensing would also be extended to purchasing and possessing ammunition and that it “shall be unlawful for a person to transfer a firearm or ammunition to a person who is not licensed.” ( Sec. (4) (1) (bb) (1) ). 

    Those who want to loan or gift their firearms to a friend or family member must first submit an application to the U.S. Attorney General for permission to do so - and that person would also need to be federally licensed.    Giving a firearm to your children would be illegal since “it shall be unlawful for a person holding a valid transfer a firearm to an individual who has not attained 18 years of age.”( Sec. (4) (1) (bb) (2) - (4) ). 


Military Style” Weapons

   The bill requires additional licensing requirements for those possessing “military style” weapons.  The bill proceeds to list all of what it considers “military style” but put simply, it’s any firearm that is black and looks scary to a typical left-wing Democrat.

   There would be even more psychological evaluations required for that semi-auto FAL,  AR-15 or other commonly owned semi-automatic long guns. These government psychologists would then interview spouses of the applicant, all ex-spouses, and up to 2 other family members or acquaintances outside the home to determine of the “mental, emotional, and relational stability” of the applicant before being granted a license to own firearms by the Attorney General. In other words, the government has given itself multiple opportunities to rescind the right to own any type of firearm to anybody, thus abolishing the 2nd amendment without the need to go through the lawfully prescribed amendment process.

   Some semi-automatic shotguns would be illegal to own, as well as those with a fixed magazine of more than 5 rounds.  All calibers of .50 and above would be illegal as would be any firearm that has a folding stock or pistol grip.

   Fines for disobeying this unconstitutional law, once it’s passed, range from $75,000 to $150,000 and not less than 15 years in prison.

   While this bill has not yet been passed, if it does end up becoming law, many towns, cities and counties across the U.S. who have declared themselves to be opposed to such unconstitutional firearms laws and have set themselves up as 2nd Amendment sanctuaries will have to face the tough choice of either going along with the feds’ illegal “laws” or actively resisting them by force, if necessary.