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U.S. Inmates Used as Collateral on the National Debt


Fort Fairfield Journal, February 3, 2016


Dear Editor:

   This treatise is the extension of G. Edward Griffin’s work on the Federal Reserve and moves it up into the “Black-Ops” of the NWO and their funding.

   There are at this time two primary funding systems for global terrorism, the U.S. Prison System and the huge, mega-state retirement funds.  I will explain as you open up this page on your computer:  Now, leave that page open and go to your preferred search engine and type in U.S. Courts, go to the links for a map to open.  The map shows the circuit courts, click on the 7th circuit, a list will open, listing all the courts in the 7th circuit, click on Illinois Northern District Court, this is the goose that lays the golden eggs.  It’s the generator.  You, I am sure, understand the Federal Reserve system, it is a generator.  Well, so is the court system.  I will explain.

   Click on Clerk’s Office, go to Admin Services, then go to Financial Dept.  See the “Criminal Justice Act, Post Judgement Interest Rates” and there should be a list of sureties, click on Sureties.  Now you should be at  On the left you should see the listing:  Admitted Reinsurers and Forms, click on Forms, now you see Reinsurance Agreement” for a “Miller Act.”  The Miller Act is a rabbit hole I will leave alone for now.

  Now see Miller Act Performance Bond SF273 and SF274 Payment Bond and a Reinsurance Agreement in favor of the United States SF275.  The numbers should be the same, if they changed, they still do the same thing.  Now there should be a list of Admitted Reinsurers, Pools and Associations, and Lloyds Syndicates, and a list of the Dept. of Treasury listing of Approved Sureties (Dept. Cir 570, if it’s not there you can FOIA this or go to and it’s there.

   Now, hold on to your head and get a grip, we are going down the rabbit hole.  Oh, if you want, pull up the Miller Act in a window and also Title 46 and Title 48 of the U.S. Code.  The Miller Act is Title 40.

   The U.S. District Courts buy up State Court defaults—you know what defaults are, there’s a whole market for them.  Follow me, now.  Contractors come in now, you know, “contractors,” that’s a dog whistle (Haliburton, XE, etc. all headquartered in Dubai).  The contractors and insurance companies come in and bid on the defaults with their bid bonds, then the Reinsurance Company comes along and buys a Performance Bond as a surety for the bid bond, the Performance Bond is then underwritten by a Payment Bond, the Payment Bond is underwritten by an Affidavit of Individual Surety, a bank or investment company writes this.  All these bonds are then packaged, pooled and become Mortgage-Backed Securities—Surety Bonds.  Look them up in Black’s Law Dictionary.  They are fueled to the open bond market by TBA.  They get bought and moved and go international through companies like Securicor in South Africa.

   Securicor operates in over 50 countries and also owns Gray Security Services.  Look up Reinsurance in Black’s Law.  That’s not the definition they use anymore.  All it means now is “ceding.”  Through reinsurance they are quantizing as they go, taking it down to the minimum of minimum in the solvency margin.  Now, Title 40 USC sec. 270-270 (d) 1 explains how they do this through the Miller Act.

  Okay, your head spinning yet?  Hold on!  The Bureau of Prisons (BoP) is the repository institution, or, as they like to say in doublespeak, “facilities for securities” (that’s the inmates).  We prisoners are the collateral for the public and national debt. 

   Prisoners = credit facilities, institutions, repositories.  They function the same as a depository bank under 17 CFR SEC. 450.  The prison acts as fiduciary (custodian) over government securities or dealers (President Clinton’s Human Capital Executive Order 31033?)  This is all defined in the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 (15 USC 78 ca43, 214 Sec. 3(a)44).  The office of Domestic Finance works this through subchapter B by the authority of the Secretary of the Treasury.  The office that is held responsible is Office of the Commissioner, Bureau of Public Debt.

   Almost done!

   Sureties and surety bonds are covered in Title 31 USC sec. 9301-9309.  The bid, performance, payment, affidavit bonds all fall in the category of Surety Bonds under sec. 9303.  The phrase, Government Obligations may be substituted for Surety Bonds, they are interchangeable.  Government Obligations are defined as Public Debt and backed by the government.  Here’s where they launder out the money.

   The bid, performance, payment bonds and the Affidavit of Individual Surety in addition to being sold on the CME and the Commodities and Securities Exchange are pooled into Mortgage-Backed Securities and cleared for settlement through the Fixed Income Clearing Corp (FICC) (they hide them in plain sight).  Who is the holder until the bonds are sold?  Also, pledged as collateral (inmates) for funds, line of credit at the discount window (6th floor of the DTC at the Federal Reserve Bank on Wall Street, or the open market department at Freddie and Fannie, Sally, Ginnie—the Macs and Maes or just do your own one-stop shopping at your local Federal Reserve Bank.  All discount windows, advances of capital must be secured by collateral acceptable (the parent company of CCA can use the collateral—inmates—in the prison they control) to the Federal Reserve Bank.  Here are just a few of acceptable assets; obligations to the U.S. Treasury (Debt), Obligations of U.S. Government Agencies (the BoP), Government sponsored Enterprises (the banks), Obligations of States (retirement funds), or political subdivisions of the U.S. (current U.S. court system), Collateralized Mortgage Obligations (inmates in prison, public lands, state and federal)  [See Agenda 21 or Project 2025], Asset Backed Securities (the banks, again), and Corporate bonds (issued by the government).

   See, it’s fascism at its greatest moment.  Corporatization, asset sale (long term lease), military bases over the world, private infrastructure development and operation, the Hydra is complete—Satan’s Leviathon.  Go to Title 18 USC sec. 7 to see what it says U.S. Citizens are. 

   Hold on to your head again; all buildings, this is fact, that house the birth certificates in every state have a stake outside the building which is a high water mark.  Do you understand Maritime Law?  Admiralty?  The high water mark defines the jurisdiction of the Law of Admiralty.  In case this law is the ebb and flow of tide.  You know what ebb and flow is, I shouldn’t have to say, because it is what it is.  Now watch this:  The tidewater limitation is gone.  See The Genesee Chief v. Fitzhugh 53 US (12 Howard) 443 (1851).  Check out the date, you can find this on Lexus/Nexus.  Admiralty Law has been brought inland through the law of trusts and this is plainly stated in Ruling Case Law on the Laws of Trusts.  You ever notice all checks, drafts, documents have a watermark on them?  Go to 26 CFR 1.6012.1 (A).  Now, go to Title 11 Bankruptcy Code, sec. 109(A).  Read them.  Awesome, huh?  Now go to Title 46 sec. 31301-31343.  Sec. 31306 Declaration of Citizenship, sec. 31306(A) instrument = Birth certificate, sec. 31321(A)(1) documented vessel = birth certificate application for documentation.  See who it’s filed with, see where I am going?  See Black’s Law for definition of “clearing.”  Here, it’s the hospital, port or harbor (hospital).  See Black’s for “clearance,” “port collector,” (Director of Health and Human Resources, but there’s a high water stake there).  Look at Title 46 USC  5 Appx Sec. 1247, see who the receiver or trustee is for bankruptcy.

   In 1966 the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, it’s spelled out in 34 F.R.D. Federal Rules Decisions beginning on page 325, is where they merged everything into Admiralty Law.  This way each and every single court has at least three separate departments: Law, Equity and Admiralty.  The Birth Certificate is registered with Vital Statistics, then the Department of Commerce, then a Cert. Security (asset) then up to the Depository Trust Corporation.  Then the bookmaking and laundering starts.  Accounts are opened and they are off and running.  Every dollar you earn or spend is mirrored in another set of books (credit offsets) and they generate Federal Reserve Notes.  Admiralty is interchangeable with Ecclesiastical Courts.  You can follow this, I hope.  You should read Genessee Chief v. Fitzhugh; Executive Jet Aviation v. City of Cleveland; Haasinger v. Tideland Elec Membership Corp (4th Cir.); Blanchard v. ACBL; Mayer Boat Works v. Bright Marine Basin; Black Diamond SS Corp v. Steward & Sons; Vodusek v. Bayliner Marine Corp.

   I hope this will help you in the pursuit of truth.  The words of Eze 33:7 and Isa 1:18 are a true meaning of a person of character and Isa 62:6.  I am thankful to the Father I have been able to read your words and please don’t take me as a ‘lunatic on grass.’  I have been pursuing the truth since I was a child.  It took a great fall, as in Isa 14:12 to get me redeemed thru the ransom paid to restore me to the standing (Col 2:10-15; Gal 4:4-7) that I am supposed to live and operate under and thru.  Thank you for reaching out to all that are in prison with your shout-out in the Dec 23, 2015 edition.  God Bless You.

   I leave you with this:


“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.  Almost inevitable he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.”

-H. L. Mencken


   Oh, and those guys in Keene, New Hampshire, with the Free State program on the radio and the internet: They are the gatekeepers.  They work for DHS and were corrupted by the FBI and the Keene, NH police department.  I can testify to that under oath.  That whole area of New Hampshire is a “set-trap.”  I have learned a whole life lesson on the double-triple cross they are “gate keepers” just like Sandy Hook and San Bernardino.  Thanks again, and give my thanks to Glenn “The Deacon,” I enjoy his teaching.

   God Bless you all (Jude 24, 25)

Christopher McCoy 09150-025

Marion, Illinois



   In response to your question (not printed here) on Alex Jones.  I don’t think he’s faded away.  His broadcast company has grown to around 50 employees and he delegates announcer duties to others as he is deployed more and more to various parts of the country and the world.  I still listen to his podcasts while delivering FFJ to the stores.

   As for the rest of the information herein, while I didn’t check every link, I am familiar with its premise and the concept that we are all chattel property of the Federal Reserve.  The “Full Faith and Credit” of the American people that backs the U.S. National Debt is literally our human bodies’ ability to labor and all the natural resources, commercial property and private property in the United States.  We were taken over, starting with Lincoln and his Sec. of Treasury, Salmon P. Chase immediately after the War of Northern Aggression with the wholesale enslavement of all Americans to a centralized government run by a banking cabal.  That was then perfected with the Federal Reserve Act, which brought us birth certificates, marriage licenses and motor vehicle registrations (all warehouse receipts used as collateral on the debt) and finally the death blow was in 1933 when the U.S. government filed for bankruptcy, repudiated all debts owed in gold and adopted the use of paper debt certificates in the Federal Reserve Note for all debts public and private as “public policy” (not a Constitutional amendment).

   Your information is very deep stuff and I have printed it herein—where most newspapers wouldn’t—because for the past twelve years of publication I have been bringing Fort Fairfield Journal readers up to a level of reading comprehension magnitudes above the traditional newspaper reader.  Your information is printed herein for the benefit of those who can grasp it today and in posterity since this newspaper is archived for future generations.

David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal