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This is Not Debatable:  In Four Key States, the Democrat Party Illegally Changed those State

Legislatures’ Voting Laws to Fraudulently Skew the 2020 Presidential Election to Joe Biden


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, January 27, 2021


   Presidential impersonator, Joe Biden was sworn in under a cloud of fraud, deceit, deception and cheating - these tactics are the only possible way he could have gained the position of power the Chinese Communist Party fought so valiantly to secure for him through their surrogates in the Democratic party.

   While the State Supreme Courts, U.S. Supreme Court and even the U.S. Congress absolutely refused to hear the evidence on the fraudulent practices of election clerks, counterfeit mail-in ballots, the purposefully rigged Dominion electronic vote machines, the thousands of sworn affidavits alleging fraud at all levels, and the disallowing of Republican poll watchers to actually see and verify if a ballot was legitimate, there is one collection of evidence that is available out in the open for all the world to see that is not even debatable - the violation of, and illegal tampering with, the State Legislatures’ own election laws in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia.  Without the massive cheating and ballot fudging in these four states, President Donald Trump would have been re-elected by a landslide.

   “Every serious movement aimed at advancing the cause of liberty, serious efforts to get our government back, serious efforts to institute the Constitution as written, has been fought not just by the media and the left, but by the Republican establishment.  That's exactly what's happening today,” said political commentator, Mark Levin.   “Four battleground states; Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia were targeted by the Democrat party, left wing groups and the Biden campaign.  You can't win the presidency without those four states.  The problem with the Democrats is every one of those states have Republican legislatures.” 

   The crux of the argument in these States' elections is under the U.S. Constitution at Article 1, Section 1, Clause 2, the power to chose electors and make election laws is granted to the state legislatures alone; that power is not granted to governors, secretaries of state or even judges in the judicial branch.    “The ratifiers of the Constitution, and the States, would never have ratified the Constitution without that specific reference to the State Legislatures writing the law,” explained Levin.  “They wanted to protect what was theirs - the sovereignty of the electoral process.”

   Since the Republican-controlled state legislatures in those four states had set up laws that severely reduced the ability to commit fraud with multiple ballots and fake mail-in ballots, those who wanted to sway the election to Biden had to figure out a way to get around them.

   And they did.



   In Pennsylvania, the Democrats used a Democrat governor, Democrat Secretary of State and Democrat-run State Supreme Court to get every single change to the law that they wanted, despite objections from the State Legislature.  They were able to remove the requirement for signatures on mail-in ballots, signature comparisons, elimination of the postal stamp requirement on mail-in ballots, and moved the election deadline for those mail-in ballots from 8pm on Tuesday - Election Day - as mandated by law, to 5pm on Friday.  These moves by the Democrats enabled them to see how many votes President Trump was getting so they knew how many ballots to fabricate and dump into the system without postmarks or signatures in order to sway the election to Biden.  State-sanctioned Republican poll watchers were not allowed to view the vote counting process so those fraudulent, signatureless ballots could not be challenged at the point of entry into the system.  The Governor and Secretary of State dictated how ballots were to be counted and the State legislature had no role whatsoever, even though the U.S. Constitution grants that power to the legislatures alone.



   A number of election changes were made by the Democrat Secretary of State even amidst the opposition of the State Legislature.    For example, under Michigan law, if you want to vote by absentee ballot, you must make a request accompanied by some kind of significant identification.  The Michigan Secretary of State violated that law and arbitrarily sent out 7 million unsolicited ballots to the voters on the election roles under the guise of a "COVID-19 pandemic."  There was no effort to confirm who actually received the ballots, if the recipients were still alive, or even lived in that state and thus, no way to confirm the ballot was legitimately filled out once it was returned to be counted.  Poll observers were also prohibited from verifying the ballots, which were counted in secret by Democrat-run election clerk offices.



  It was even worse in Wisconsin.  The five leading cities in Wisconsin decided on their own to change the election laws - even with opposition from the State Legislature.  One of the biggest violations was they decided to put out unguarded "drop boxes" for days at a time throughout their cities where anyone could drop in as many unverified ballots as they wanted to.   Under Wisconsin election law, you cannot have unmanned drop boxes for election ballots.  A duly appointed election official must be present to make sure the ballot that's cast is cast in a lawful manner and no duplicates are placed in the box.  The drop boxes were put in strategically beneficial areas for Democrats and not so much in Republican areas.  These city election officials were also giving advice to voters on how to avoid the strict ID requirements and other security measures that were in State law.



   While Republicans controlled the legislature, Governor’s and Secretary of State's office, the election process was short-circuited by the Secretary of State in order to dilute the signature requirement on mail-in ballots, thus fraudulently swaying the election to Biden with thousands of mail-in ballots coming from dummy address - the U.S. Constitution grants no power to the Secretary of State to make or amend election law.  In Georgia, you need three registrars to agree that a signature is valid, or needs to be thrown out. But the Secretary of State's arbitrary rule changes made it virtually impossible to toss out any ballots for any reason.  Georgia is also the State where video surveillance cameras caught election clerks dragging out boxes of ballots from under the tables after observers were sent home and began entering those ballots into the system with no impartial observer there to verify the validity.


  While President Trump's legal team exhaustively pursued these significant legal issues as well as serious issues surrounding the integrity of the electronic voting machines and how they were manipulated in real time by being connected to servers in foreign countries, the U.S. Supreme Court did not want to hear anything about it - turning down all requests for hearings.  State Supreme Courts also refused to hear any of the evidence and instead issued arbitrary rulings stating the complaints were “frivolous” and “unfounded”  Many Republican representatives and senators - namely Rep. Liz Cheney and Sen. Mitch McConnell also downplayed the idea that the election was anything but completely fraud-free and legitimate.  Even on January 6, when it was up to the U.S. Congress to vote to approve the electors, President Trump's own vice President, Mike Pence refused to put up any sort of challenge to the unconstitutional changes made by the governors and secretaries of state in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia. 

    The swamp continues to run deep with both Republicans and Democrats in the District of Columbia and this election forced both parties to finally reveal their true nature to the world by systematically ignoring every evidence of fraud in the election and committing the largest and final fraud by accepting the illegal and illegitimate electors for Joe Biden for President.