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God, Faith and Quantum Physics


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, July 27, 2011, p.8

True Faith in the Creator God is not one based on a religion, it is one based on a personal relationship with God. God is not an objective thing that can be quantized with grammar, logic and rhetoric. He* exists universally, omnipresently within the realm of quantum physics. In quantum physics (the size scale below the size of a proton, neutron and electron) there are no absolutes, there is no singular point in space a particle can be in, because everything paradoxically exists everywhere at the same time in that realm. We can never prove the existence of particles smaller than an electron because our measuring stick is the electron - to beam electrons at such a small particle in order to measure it will affect its location by moving it, thus prohibiting us from measuring (this is known in Physics as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle). On the same note, we cannot use logic and reason to visualize realms of existence outside of those of height, width, depth and time that our finite, limited, physical senses are stuck in. That does not make those other realms, or energies/spirits within them non-existent. I believe that is the area where God exists and we will never in our physical state be able to rationally and logically measure Him because it is simply not possible. That is where the spiritual realm meets the physical realm - within our own mind/soul.

Based upon our own personal relationship with Him and our own personal experiences we who have accepted Him do so on Faith and Faith alone because there is no rational and logical way to explain a realm that does not abide by those rules. For example, I accept that there has to be an intelligent designer based upon my understanding of how the physical world fits together, the laws of entropy - which are demonstrable - and logic. It is not logical to expect a highly advanced degree of order without someone or something doing the ordering, even when it comes to something as profound an idea of 'where does the energy come from that powers an atom in seeming perpetuity?' One could argue that the Gnostics had advanced intelligences and concocted the world we now perceive, but I continue back up the line to "who created the Gnostics?" Since I accept on Faith (because I can't see, touch, feel, or hear Him directly) there is such a source of power, I use that as my starting point at seeking to be closer to an entity that is far superior to man.

Faith in the religion of the Gnostics is every bit as much a faith as Christianity, or any other organized religion. Indeed, faith in logic and what you can perceive with your physical senses is a faith in something that cannot be objectively proven in fact because there is more space in an atom and its associated conglomerations than there is solid. So, the things that you "see" really aren't there - they are only a perception in this space-time realm that physical senses are capable of reacting to. When, in reality there is nothing solid there at all - it's all energy and energy alone. Faith; you're going to have it in something, whether you like it or not, even if it's faith in nothing. To me, faith in nothing is a very cold, lonely existence.

I choose to place my Faith in an entity that I believe has the power to bring to our senses an existence that we can perceive, but just as easily be taken away. I believe that source is benevolent, otherwise we would have never had the opportunity to realize beauty, love, comfort or any of the other abstract nouns that bring satisfaction to our lives. The metaphysical world of quantum fields is much larger and more complex than our clunky physical realm measuring devices are capable of measuring, which is why I have chosen to accept some things - like the existence of a Creator God - on Faith and Faith alone because things that exist in the quantum realm of other dimensions simply cannot be proven empirically using logic or reason. Faith, therefore is a state of mind; a state that bridges the physical with the metaphysical realms.

*I'm using the grammatically correct masculine pronoun here, which is used when one does not know the gender of the person or entity being referred to. God, however, does exhibit both male and female attributes.


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