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No Impact, Save Your Spirit

By: David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

I had a dream-vision close to waking up a few mornings ago. I saw what appeared to be a television screen with a picture looking down on ocean waves from above. Superimposed over those waves flashed the words; “No Impact” followed by, “Save Your Spirit.”

I know God gives us messages in our dreams and has done so throughout antiquity. I reflected on that dream and asked for some guidance from Him to see if it was a message he intended for me to have.

God doesn’t actually “talk” to those he communicates with in the same sense that humans verbalize to each other, the dialogue is much more subtle. It’s more like a spiritual connection and a feeling, understanding or moment of clarity that comes about as one connects with the first-source and center of the Supreme Consciousness that permeates all space and time. I believe that’s what occurred as He showed me the meaning of that vision.

The vision was both literal and figurative. In the literal sense, “No Impact” meant there was no way I could impact the water on the television screen because it was an image, not real water. Also, it was likely either in another location or recorded earlier for future playback. No matter how much I would like to try, there is nothing I could do to touch the water, affect the waves or otherwise impact it.

“Save your spirit” wasn’t given in the context of spiritual salvation, since none of us can actually save ourselves. Instead, it was referring to “spirit” as an emotional state such as “in good spirits” or a “spirited” person. To save your spirit would be to not fret or have any anguish, to be happy. I was being shown to not get upset over not being able to impact the water in that vision.

Taken metaphorically, God showed that vision could be expanded to many other things in our lives. For example, there are things that despite our best efforts we are simply unable to impact, or affect. Some of those are the revolution of the Earth, gravity, the passage of time or even the death of a loved-one or a dear pet. All of these things occur and despite our best efforts will occur anyway, so since there is no way we can ultimately impact them, God is saying to “save our spirit” by not letting that fact get us down. Only He, as the author of creation has the power to ultimately impact it and we must rest in Faith that His will is being done, even if we can’t understand the motives or justify the events within our limited frame of reference. Though it’s hard to do at times, laying the spiritually-trying events on His shoulders that we have no control over—are unable to impact—will give us much rest and consolation. It will really “save our spirit” and allow us to continue through the rest of our life in this creation a little more rested and content.

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