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Biblical Prophecy Encoded in the Great Pyramid

Never built to bury any King, the Great Pyramid contains a multitude of intriguing codes and vector points in world history

By: David Deschesne,

Fort Fairfield Journal, May 18, 2011, p. 8

Within and about the Great Pyramid of Egypt there are a great many items encoded that at the least are very interesting and, as some believe, biblically prophetical.

The common belief over the past 100 years has been that the Great Pyramid was built for the ancient ruler, Cheops (or Khufu as he is sometimes known). Herodotus notes that Cheops never used the Great Pyramid as a tomb, but was buried elsewhere. Additional archaeological confirmations have recently been discovered in an inscription on a scarab which speaks of the “Southern Tomb of Khufu” and a limestone stele confirmed to have been written by Khufu describing the Great Pyramid as already existing when he came to power. Furthermore, no body was ever buried in the Great Pyramid.

Over the past 100 years various “Pyramidologists”, as they have been named, have researched the Great Pyramid and found some very interesting things that appear to be encoded in it. The following is a brief overview, but keep in mind, that volumes have been written on this subject and this is merely a synopsis.

Oriented True North

The Great Pyramid’s northern face is oriented closer to true north than any other man-made structure. Modern man’s best effort, the Paris Observatory, is six minutes of a degree off true north. The Great Pyramid today is only off three minutes of a degree, and that after 4200 years, due mainly to subsidence.

Exact Center of Earth's Land Mass

The Great Pyramid was placed in the exact center of all the land area of the world. Lines drawn through the north-south and east west axis of the pyramid divide equally the earth's terrain. The north-south axis (31° 9' meridian east of Greenwich) is the longest land meridian, and the east-west axis (29° 58' 51" north), the longest land parallel. This divides the earth into four land masses of equal area. The Bible refers to the “four corners of the earth” in Revelation 7:1

Pyramid Inch Equals Ourspyramid1.jpg (61242 bytes)

Through a formula found in the Map Room of the Great Pyramid, the Earth can be divided from pole to pole down through the center into 500,000,000 equal units—designating a “Pyramid Inch” (Fig. 1 - click image to enlarge). It has been found with current measurements of the Earth using that formula, our current British Inch is only 1/1000 off of the Pyramid Inch. As we go back in history, we find that the British Inch deviated even less from the original true Scientific Inch of the Great Pyramid, and it is not unlikely that it was derived from it.

Solar Year Encoded in Great Pyramid

The base of the Great Pyramid is 36,524,235 Pyramid Inches from corner to corner on each side. Looking real close at the number, you will note our solar year of 365.242 days is encoded in that number. At the 35th course of masonry is the King’s Chamber. At this course, dividing the Pyramid in half down the middle puts 3,652.42 Pyramid Inches on either side of the middle to the outside edge of the pyramid. Again, 365.242 is encoded at the 35th course of masonry. The Great Pyramid also has the sidereal year, anomalistic year, distance from Earth to Sun, weight of the Earth, an algebraic term known as the “Golden Mean” and the average temperature of the Earth encoded in it as well.

Holy Bible Refers to Great Pyramid

In Isaiah 19:19-20 it appears that the Great Pyramid is referred to in the following verses: “In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the LORD of hosts in the land of Egypt: for they shall cry unto the LORD because of the oppressors, and he shall send them a savior, and a great one, and he shall deliver them.”

The Great Pyramid is located in the center of Egypt from East to West and “on the border thereof” because it sits on the border of Upper and Lower Egypt. The original Hebrew word for “pillar” is matsebah which means “monument.”

Holy Bible Confirms Pyramid Height

In Isaiah 19:19-20, where a pillar is referred to in the land of Egypt, some interesting things occur for those who take a closer look. Isaiah was originally written in the Hebrew language. The Hebrew, like the Romans, used their letters as numbers, since they did not have a separate system of number symbols. If you take the original Hebrew text of Isaiah 19: 19-20 and assign the corresponding number value to each of the Hebrew characters contained therein and add them up, you will get the number 5,449. The Great Pyramid of Egypt measures 5,449 pyramid inches from its base to its currently existing plateau (plateau: the capstone was rejected because the pyramid had an error within it that did not allow it to fit). Also, the length of both ascending and descending passages from the entrance to their ends each equal 5,449 pyramid inches.

Great Pyramid Squares a Circle

The angle of the Great Pyramid is 51° 51’ 14.3”. When a four sided pyramid is constructed using this angle, its height is related to its perimeter the same as a circle’s diameter to its circumference—otherwise known as “pi” or 3.142...

Great Pyramid Contains Chronogram

When the Great Pyramid was built the North Star was not Polaris, as it is today. Because of the solar system’s position in our galaxy, and the earth’s wobble on its axis, the North Star 4,000 years ago was Thueben, located in the constellation Alpha Draconus (or the dragon). The descending passageway on the north wall allows Thueban to shine all the way down to the bottom, as well as having index marks etched into the walls a tenth of the way down which, when extended out to the heavens will intersect with the star Alcyone. This index mark serves as a benchmark because there is only one time in 26,000 years that these two starts will line up in this manner. The last date that occurred was March 24, 2141 B.C.

Using information located in the Map Room, it has been determined that the passageways in the Great Pyramid make up apyramid2.jpg (179226 bytes) sort of chronogram—or time line—with years being expressed in pyramid inches from the index mark. Starting from the index mark and measuring one Pyramid Inch to the year, significant dates, such as the Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt, the birth, death and resurrection of Christ, World War I, World War II, the Great Depression, Martin Luther’s Reformation, and other significant points in history appear to be encoded in exacting detail in the stone passages by way of changes that occur either in direction or size of passageways (see Fig. 2 click image to enlarge).


The Christ Angle

The “Christ Angle” as it has been named, occurs in the ascending passageway just before it opens up into the Grand Gallery. At the beginning of the angle, where the floor of the Queen’s Chamber intersects the Ascending Passageway, is the birth of Christ at 2 B.C. (the universally accepted birth date of Christ due to the errors in the beginning of our current Roman calendar) the top of the triangle ends at 33 A.D.—Christ’s death and resurrection. If you take the angle which is produced from those two dates and lay it on the North face of the Great Pyramid and extend it outward toward the East, it will cross directly through Bethlehem—the birthplace of Christ.

Stonehenge Connection

The Christ Angle, previously mentioned, when placed on the western edge of the Great Pyramid and extended toward the North, will pass directly through Stonehenge in England.

During the summer solstice, the sun will rise, when viewed from the center of Stonehenge, facing east, direpyramid3.jpg (131568 bytes)ctly above the “heelstone” - a marker outside the limits of Stonehenge. If you mark an angle true North from the center of Stonehenge and intersect it with the sun’s line at the summer solstice the angle you produce will be 51° 51’ 14.3” - the same Pi angle that the Great Pyramid is built with (see Fig. 3 at right; click image to enlarge). During the Summer Solstice, the moon rise is lined up by two marker stones also outside the structure of Stonehenge. If you extend that line southeast, it will directly intersect the Great Pyramid. There are still more connections with the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge but they are too numerous for this article.

Ark of Covenant Connection

The empty coffer, located in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid measures 89.806 inches long, 38.698 inches wide and 41.213 inches high. Those measurements create a volume that is identical to that of the Biblical “Ark of the Covenant.”

Capstone Never Placed

The capstone was never placed on the Great Pyramid because, due to man’s error, it did not fit (it was built prior to the construction of the pyramid). The distance that it is off is 286.1 Pyramid Inches. 286 has some Biblical significance. The numbers 13 x 11 x 2 equal 286. In Biblical symbolism, 13 represents rebellion, apostasy, defection; 11 represents disorder and disintegration; and 2 represents the witnesses to an event to establish it. Therefore 286 represents man’s fallen, imperfect nature and hence the imperfection of the Great Pyramid.

Throughout the Great Pyramid, significant changes occur within the passageways that attempt to correct the 286.1 P” offset. Christian scholars point to Psalm 118:22 and various other verses referring to the “stone that the builders rejected” to show how God will, as shone in the prophetical timeline encoded in the Pyramid, use Christ here in the physical realm to set man’s deviance right and correct our fallen nature.

Further information on the Great Pyramid in Biblical prophecy can be obtained from the following books:


- The Great Pyramid Decoded, E. Raymond Capt, ISBN 0-934666-01-6

- A Study in Pyramidology, E. Raymond Capt. ISBN 0-934666-21-0

- Pyramidology, Adam Rutherford, (in a four-volume set, hardcover)

ISBN 0-903402-08-4


Images and editorial ©2011 David R. Deschesne, All Rights Reserved.  This teaching, and its images, may be copied and republished in print or electronic form for non-profit, educational purposes as long as proper attribution is credited to the author.