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Divine Messages Encoded in Genesis?


By: David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, February 23, 2011


God’s message of salvation appears to be encoded in the names of the offspring of Adam through Noah. If one lays out the names of Adam’s lineage through Noah and assigns the Hebrew definitions to those names, or their root words, a simple message appears (see this pdf file). Conversely, if the line from Adam through Cain’s lineage is decoded an equally interesting, but much more dire message appears, which is apropos since Cain’s lineage did not make it through the flood.

Referring to the diagram at the right, one can see that tracing the definitions of the names from Adam through Noah reveal a very intriguing message. With pronouns, articles and verbs added in for clarity, the message appears to loosely say:


“Man(kind) put in a desperate place; the Praise of God came down to initiate/train up a group of followers to His divine accomplishment of rest and consolation.”


This story seems to elucidate the fall of man to a lower form and condition as a result of being expelled from the Garden of Eden. The ‘Praise of God’ is Christ, who came “down” to our lowly, sinful condition from his lofty spiritual perch to train up a group of followers who, by learning to do His will, will enjoy the divine accomplishment of rest and consolation in the end.

Going down the Cain side, one sees a significantly different message. Filled in with pronouns, articles and verbs it appears to say:


“Man(kind), provoked to jealousy, trained up to be a fugitive was destroyed/smitten of God by a man who is of God, being initiated with a flowing stream of water.”


While loosely put together, it is interesting to see here that Cain means both “to wail or mourn” and “to provoke to jealousy”. The story shows a desperate one of a fugitive who meets his demise by a man of God in a stream of water. Interestingly enough, the names defining a stream of water—Jabal and Jubal—are the last of Cain’s lineage prior to the Great Flood.