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What’s Old is New Again



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

December 4, 2019


   Once upon a time there was a Glorious Leader who dreamed of implementing his socialist policies on a national scale.

   Glorious Leader was a skilled orator and artful propagandist.  He used fear and terror to foment confusion, out of which he would catalyze his brand of order - order with an iron fist which nobody dared to defy.

   To assist Glorious Leader in his rise to the top were a rag tag group of roughneck war veterans ultimately called the S.A.  These veterans fought in the previous war and developed new and effective strategies for defeating the enemy using swiftness, speed and surprise.  After the war, Glorious Leader recruited these men and added to their ranks the likes of the unemployed and disenfranchised masses to serve as his political party’s private security force.

   This motley mob of bar brawlers were often seen by the more respectable in society as essentially loud-mouthed bullies.  They ran around beating, smashing, screaming, and terrorizing.  Far from their previous roots as professional soldiers, this new breed of cat amounted to essentially a band of uniformed gang-bangers who were the dispossessed and unsatisfied anti-capitalists of society; snotty-nosed punks who only knew how to use fear and intimidation to attain their ends - to scare people into joining their side.  These were the people Glorious Leader recruited as security guards to protect his political assemblies as he and his supporters presented speeches and other forms of socialist propaganda to the masses.

   In addition to providing security for their socialist party chief, the S.A. also was deployed to violently break up meetings and speeches of their political opposition.

   From their earliest days, under the auspices of Glorious Leader, these ruffians were meant to be a political force, not a military one.  They were to furnish the physical violence and terror which their socialist party desired, in order to beat and smash its way to political power.  Bullies, murderers, con-men they were.

   Nothing more than an organized street mob trained in essentially street fighting and bar brawling the S.A. would be used in time to smash out store windows of rival business owners and ransack their homes.  Some victims of this violence were actually beaten to death by this unruly mob.

   A time came when Glorious Leader had political aspirations to bring a disenfranchised state back into the control of his country. 

   When a triumvirate of leaders from this disenfranchised state met in front of a large assembly of some 3,000 supporters in a beer hall conference room, Glorious Leader led his party on the offensive.

   He and his S.A. stormed through the conference room, wielding weapons and captured the three leaders.  They were whisked away into a back room where Glorious Leader demanded at pistol-point that they submit to his authority, merge their state back in with his country and be thus rewarded with high ranking positions in his future administration (at this point, Glorious Leader was only the leader of his socialist political party, not so much the leader of his country, at least not yet anyway).

   The three leaders - one the state’s governor, the next the General of its army and the third, the Colonel of its State Police eventually reluctantly submitted but later recanted and moved to dissolve Glorious Leader’s power and party.     Ten years went by and the force of the socialist Glorious Leader continued to grow, despite his spending some time in jail for assault.  His S.A. gang bangers had increased in size to some 2.5 million men.  They even had the hubris to believe they could absorb the duties of their country’s regular army, which only numbered around 100,000 men.  The regular army generals and many of its soldiers were offended because, as professional soldiers, they rightly regarded the S.A. as a rag-tag gaggle of ruffians who were essentially untrained thugs.

   Glorious Leader was eventually named Chancellor (president) of his country by the more popular, but aging president who was ill and senile with age.  Glorious Leader was propelled into the forefront and enjoyed wave after wave of jubilantly cheering crowds as he paraded through the streets with his impressive numbers of S.A. supporters in tow.

   However, a time came when Glorious Leader began to feel threatened by his S.A. mobsters.  Since they did not feel he was moving fast enough at implementing their form of socialism, and having allegedly amassed a significant amount of firearms from supporters within the regular army ranks, there were rumors that they would remove him by force and replace him with one who would get their brand of socialism implemented on a much more aggressive time scale.  While mostly loyal to their Glorious Leader, the S.A. at times would act independently of him.

   Not waiting for his S.A. to forcefully remove him, Glorious Leader called a meeting of all his S.A. chiefs.  As the S.A. chiefs traveled to the assembly point, Glorious Leader’s hand-picked elite security force, the S.S., proceeded to arrest and kill them.  The chief of the entire S.A. was also captured.  Glorious Leader offered him some lenience, though, since he had been a loyal supporter of Glorious Leader from the very early days.  Rather than have him executed outright, he gave him the option to commit suicide.  When the S.A. leader refused, Glorious Leader dispatched his security team to execute him at gunpoint.

   At one time during this purge as many as 150 S.A. leaders were all lined up against a wall and shot by a firing squad composed of their fellow countrymen.  In all, over 1,000 S.A. troops were said to have been killed under Glorious Leader’s command.

   After this purge, Glorious Leader worked to revamp the image of the S.A., changing it from a band of terrorizing gang bangers to a training school for new soldiers of his regular army.  Ultimately, the S.A. would be disbanded, to pass into the dustbin of history as one of the most notoriously cruel and vicious political enforcer brigades the world has ever known.

   This cute story is unfortunately true.  It has been dramatically condensed for space accommodation and respect for the readers’ time.   Of course, Glorious Leader in this story is Adolph Hitler, head of the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (a/k/a NAZI party) and the S.A. the acronym for Sturmabteilung (Stormtroopers), a/k/a “Brownshirts”.  For those who want the whole story, feel free to read (as I already have),  William Shirer’s 1,483 page book, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  But of course, that means you might have to curtail some of your frivolously wasted Facebook time in order to invest your time in that reading project.


What’s Old is New Again

  I told that story to illustrate how today’s college youth are essentially following in the footsteps of the Brownshirts.  While they might not be armed (yet), they have adopted all the tactics of terrorizing and breaking up meetings of their political opponents that the former Brownshirts did in the 1920s.

   Take for example the snotty nosed brats who make up the group Antifa (Anti-Fascist).  They claim to be opposed to fascism, which is essentially a merger or cooperation between business and government for profit and gain, equating that system with Nazism.  However, Nazism was not a fascist system, it was a socialist system, hence their name, National Socialist - Nazi. 

   Antifa members are essentially misinformed college students, or unemployed college graduates, mostly living at home in their mother’s basements.  They take time out of their busy day of Facebook ranting and video gaming to dress up in fancifully designed  T-shirts, face masks to hide their identity, and wave proudly emblazoned Antifa flags in order to terrorize and disrupt speeches or rallies by conservatives.

   I think they’re nothing more than useful dupes.

   For example, to have the logos, brand name, T-shirts printed and flags made takes design and implementation by sophisticated marketing agents, and more importantly, money.  Lots of money.  Those T-shirts have to be purchased in lots - and the flags, too.  They then have to be distributed and the nationwide organization needs to have a unified template and mission statement to follow.  This requires organization, intelligence and money...something the run of the mill Antifa brat has none of.

   Widening the lens a little further, we have the typical whiny college student who has spent tens of thousands of his/her parents’ dollars sitting in socialist indoctrination classes to learn how to be raging socialists.  Not only are they learning how to stick their hands out for free money, but they are also learning to love government-run slave systems where  they (at least those who will choose to work) will be yoked to a debt engine to pay off perpetual government debt for the rest of their lives.  They also learn to whine, moan and complain about anyone who steps up and tries to bring government largesse under control.  Take the recent protests against Ann Coulter at UC-Berkeley, for example.

   These two groups are unwittingly using the tactics of terrorism, threat, duress and coercion - as developed and perfected by Hitler’s Brownshirts - without even knowing they’re following in those Nazi-inspired footsteps.  I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, though, they likely haven’t been taught about the Brownshirts’ tactics, or the fact that they were socialists.

   Just because you spend a lot of money at a college doesn’t mean you’re going to learn the truth about anything - especially when it comes to political ideologies and world history.

   Moving up from the average street thug misinformed college student, we get to the elevated level of the modern day S.A thug within the placeholder of a typical Democrat U.S. Representative and Senator.

   Rather than stomp around loud mouthing and terrorizing their peers on the street to support their views, the elected version of the Brownshirt sits in Congress and bullies the opposing party with unsubstantiated claims and even attempts to smear the President with allegations they are unable to prove - all in an attempt to make a lot of noise, instill a lot of terror and bamboozle the vast majority of the uneducated American public into seeing things their way.

   Of course, in this case I’m speaking of the current impeachment proceedings against President Trump.  I’m not a big Trump supporter - he has done some things I consider not good for our freedom - but he is doing his best at shoring up the defense and borders of the U.S. to keep drug dealers, child traffickers and gang-bangers out, these are some of the biggest reasons the Democrats don’t like him - that’s their primary voting block.

   With all the loud mouthing going on in Congress today, by the Democrats, one has to ask him/herself if they really want a bunch of temper-tantrum-throwing crybabies in charge of the country.  Germany tried that in the 1930s by succumbing to the temper tantrum-throwing crybabies of their day - the Brownshirt socialists - and they got an authoritarian murderer out of the deal and a completely bankrupted country to boot.

   These modern day Brownshirts certainly have the right to be heard, but only to the extent that they are respectful of other people’s views, personal safety and property.  Their threats and intimidation should not be tolerated.  If they cowardly hide their identity behind a face mask their message should be considered null and void, for if they don’t have the courage to show who they are, then they certainly don’t have the courage to defend the veracity of their message or viewpoint.   These types of people should certainly never be followed, or have their bogus ideas adopted by society under threat, duress and coercion.  No responsible society should tolerate that behavior, much less follow it. 

   If an idea truly is a good one, it doesn’t need its supporters to yell, threaten, and coerce other people to follow it.  Fear and intimidation are mostly the tactics of those with really bad  or destructive ideas.

   Democrats - especially the far left youth - incessantly demand tolerance and fair play when it comes to accepting their ideologies, but they become raging, intolerant lunatics when it comes to others who hold views different from theirs.  In the olden days we called that type of person a hypocrite.  Today, they’re called liberal.

   If you want your society and country to be run by a bunch of malevolent bar-brawling Brownshirts, then just let the young, uneducated punks continue to spew forth their professors’ socialist propaganda and use threat, duress and coercion to force society to accept something they don’t really want.  They will then get what their socialist college professor didn’t tell them about - a raging, authoritarian socialist lunatic running their country, setting up gulags and spiriting people away with secret arrest squads. 

    Hitler was a socialist.  His Brownshirts were a malevolent band of gangsters.  Putting them in charge of Germany for over ten years wrecked that nation and destroyed the lives of millions of people.  That country’s monetary system turned to junk money and for decades afterward, anyone unfortunate enough to be stuck in the Eastern part of the country after the war suffered for years under the crushing heel of an authoritarian police state where there was no freedom of speech, much less the freedom to move to a better country.

   Young, ignorant Brownshirted college students do need to be taught.  They need to be taught what the eventual outcome of their skewed political ideology will bring.  But, don’t expect them to learn it from their professors.  If they do learn it at all, it will have to be from you. 


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