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From the Editor


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

November 28, 2012

On Secession

Voluntary Club Membership

Before I started writing and publishing the Fort Fairfield Journal in 2004, my primary occupation was a self-employed commercial sound system installer and I also had a rather large sound system rental business, DRD Sound & Lighting, which I still maintain to this day (so, I got some skills; if this newspaper gig doesn’t work out, I’ll have something to fall back on).

It was the early 1990’s when I was providing sound system rentals to a local community service organization that I was invited to join their club and become an active member. I agreed and we continued our businesses relationship, as well. Then about a year later, a new member of the club became club president and made it known that he didn’t think club members should be providing services to the club for a profit and that they (namely me) should be providing those services free of charge.

At the following meeting, it was much to the surprise of the rest of the club members that I tendered my letter of resignation. You see, sound system equipment isn’t cheap and neither is the knowledge of a skilled technician. So, I suggested that to quell any sense of impropriety between the club and my business it would be best for me to resign.

Except for the club president, the rest of the club liked me and didn’t want to see me go, so they voted unanimously to not accept my resignation. I said to the group during that meeting that while I appreciate their sincerity and commitment to our friendship and business relationship, that I was no longer coming to their meetings, and no longer paying my dues. They reluctantly let me go and I haven’t been back since.

In a way, that’s exactly what the Southern states did when they seceded from the Union. While slavery was a minor issue at the time, the primary issue was one of taxation and the fact that import/export taxes were being disproportionately levied against the southern states to the benefit of the Northern states. This, of course, is a violation of the U.S. Constitution that all states originally agreed to, which said that all taxes in the Union had to be uniform.

Since the southern states had attempted to redress their grievances in the U.S. Congress for at least thirty years, they finally tendered their resignation to the club they voluntarily entered into. Then president, Abraham Lincoln refused to accept their resignation and demanded they remain in the Union. The southern states then did what I did when that service organization didn’t accept my resignation, they said “we’re not coming to any more of your meetings and we’re not paying our dues;” with that, they withdrew their representatives and senators from the U.S. Congress and formed their own country, called the Confederate States of America, complete with its own president (Jefferson Davis), congress, judiciary and treasury.

Now, here’s where things got different from my resignation. While I was allowed to leave the club that I voluntarily entered into, the southern states were met with the barrel of a gun for leaving a club that they likewise voluntarily entered into. The bloody war of Northern Aggression (dubbed the “Civil War”) then ensued whereby the southern states were forced at gunpoint and military dictatorship moving into their respective governorships to rejoin and remain a member of that club called the “United States of America” and they eventually returned their representatives and senators under duress to the now all powerful nation’s capitol.

What Lincoln did was as if the private service club that I resigned from sent armed officers after me and threatened me and my family with death unless I rejoined. There was nothing in the club’s bylaws that allowed them to do that, any more than there was anything in the Union’s bylaws (the Constitution) that allowed the president to use military force to compel a state to remain in, or rejoin the Union. So, it was done arbitrarily and illegally; just another day for the feds, I suppose.


The Civil War didn’t End Slavery, it Perfected it.

While the cover story of ending slavery was touted as the primary reason for the “Civil War”, the only thing it did was to change the mechanics of the slave system.

Gone were the days of forced labor of black people on a plantation. But, those days were going away, anyway. With the advent of the industrial revolution in its infancy, it would have only been a few short years before machine power would have been more cost effective and efficient than manpower and human slave laborers would have fell into disuse for conventional farming practices.

However, as one form of slavery waned, another waxed. That is, as the industrial revolution flourished, the banking system that developed to furnish it with cheap credit money got a taste of compounding interest on artificially created money and managed to position itself - with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 - as the new plantation master, with the entire United States—black and white folk, alike—its plantation. No longer did a plantation master simply reap the benefits of forced labor on his cotton or tobacco farm, the new slave master—the Federal Reserve banking system—reaped profits off of human labor that was voluntarily given in all forms of businesses, creating a plethora of products and services; that profit was in the form of compounding interest on bank loans that were collected either directly from the citizen-borrowers or through coercive taxation to pay compounding interest on government bonds that the people had been duped into backing.

Either way, the result was the same: slavery hadn’t ended, it had been perfected by enticing an entire society to voluntarily harness itself to debt and work until death trying to pay back loans that could never mathematically be repaid (because the money to pay the loans back is more borrowed money). It was the perfect system and has been working great for the bankers ever since.


Today’s Secession Movement

With nearly every state in the Union having initiated a secession petition drive, after the reappointment of mid-level plantation manager/globalist banker sock puppet-in-chief, Barry Soetero a/k/a Barack Hussein-Obama, the urge to separate from the overarching power of an authoritarian central government has once again come to the forefront of the public zeitgeist.

The reasons for separation are essentially the same today as they were 150 years ago: the central government, under the control of the banking system, is not following the rules outlined in the Constitution, is becoming a menace to freedom and personal initiative in business and industry and the people who actually work and produce the wealth are fed up. They want to once again shed those chains that bind them to the plantation owners—the white-shoe boy bankers that have robbed us all blind with a fake credit money ponzi scheme that is the Federal Reserve Note and return power to a more local, accountable level.

Now, how to do that. In the past, an army was formed for defense of the South and one for offense in the North. The two shot at each other for over 3½ years until the banker-financed North eventually won the day and coerced the Southern states back to the nation’s capitol against their will and better judgment.

Today, those who want to secede will once again have to “stop showing up to the meetings and stop paying their dues” to the club that is the U.S. government. This means no more free federal goodies. If you want your State to secede, you cannot have your cake and eat it, too. That means while there will be no more federal income tax, there will also be no more free federal money to fund an illegal “Social Security” system, Medicaid, education, or any of the other unconstitutional federal programs that many people have become accustomed to.

When it comes to the money system, states who secede will have to produce their own. They will either need their own resources to create the money (such as gold or silver mines), or a labor pool, raw materials, or natural resources to trade with other states and countries for their excess money. No matter what the ultimate form of money ends up being (it’s gold and silver coin in the U.S. Constitution), the surest way to destroy the plantation owner that has enslaved us today is to stop using its debt-based money. That means no more borrowing money from a conventional, Federal Reserve affiliated bank (the Federal Reserve is not a branch of the U.S. government, it is a private banking consortium), no more credit cards, no more ATM and no more using their paper Federal Reserve Note cash. By continuing to use that phony paper money, we continually and daily grant power to the very plantation owner who enslaves us all. A secession movement will have to start with cutting off that power base to the Federal Reserve plantation bankers by returning to more conventional, traditional money systems that do not rely on compounding interest to enrich the few at the expense of the many.

The next thing a state will have to consider is forming up its own military. Most states already have the framework for their on State Militia, or State Guard, they just don’t fund them or provide manpower or equipment because they’re used to using the federal government’s “National Guard”. In Maine, our State Guard exists on paper within the Maine statutes at Title 37-B sections 222-225 and is a wholly separate entity from the National Guard.

The Maine State Guard is essentially the Maine State Army (and Navy) with the Governor the commander in chief. Every state in the United States today is established as its own country. They all have their own president (governor), legislature, judiciary and treasury. They have their own police forces and their own system for maintaining public infrastructure. When they joined the Union, they devolved some of their sovereign powers to the United States government with the expectation that that government would perform as it promised according to the contractual obligations enumerated in the Constitution.

It doesn’t take much effort to see that the government of the United States has hopelessly abrogated its responsibilities to the States and it is now up to the States and the citizenry in those respective states to dissolve their membership with that Union and to reestablish a system that is more in concert with freedom and liberty.

But, don’t expect the banks and private industry who have been living off the public teat for now over 100 years to give up their easy money without a fight. Compounding interest is very easy money if you get to literally create the money from nothing more than a ledger entry and then loan the public more money just to pay the interest on the old loans of that fake money. That’s too good a system for those modern-day plantation owners to just give up without a bloody fight.

To have a successful secession (say that three times, fast) one needs to stop using the plantation owner’s money (Federal Reserve Notes) stop borrowing or contracting with that plantation owner (all banks and credit card companies); repudiate all their debts to those plantation owners, since the borrowed money was artificially created to begin with, and never really existed before the loan; amass their own state’s army and—where applicable—navy; and be prepared to repel the onslaught of banker mercenaries, masquerading as federal officers, who will be storming the land attempting to use threat, duress and coercion at the barrel of a gun to keep all us slaves on their compounding interest plantation where they can continue to harvest our “human resources” as interest on their fake money while they continue to laugh at us all the way to their bank.




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