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From the Editor

The "Light" of Genesis 1:3


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal


The light God called into being in Genesis 1:3 is not the sun, as is commonly misunderstood. In Genesis 1:3, the word “light” is translated from the Hebrew,אור ore, which means light in general, referring to luminescent energy waveforms we are capable of seeing with our eyes.1

In the beginning, God did not create or make light, but he simply said it should “be.”

Using the Hebrew verb יהי “to be” is what the Bible translators translated as “let there be light.” When it more accurately should be translated, “Light, be.”

“Let there be light (יהי אור) It is deserving of particular notice that the substantive verb is used here, and not either ברא]] ‘created’ orעמה] ] ‘made.’ It was a manifestation of what had been previously in existence— ‘Let light be,’ or rather, ‘Light shall be;’ not the formation of an element or matter which had no being at all till this divine command was issued.”2

So, it seems light always was in existence and simply brought into play by the Divine Mind. But, what is light?

The radio frequency spectrum is composed of a series of electromagnetic waves that propagate through space, oscillating between positive and negative voltage potentials at a given frequency per second (Hertz). It starts with the familiar Kilohertz and Megahertz of commercial broadcast radio stations, then increases to the popular Gigahertz band, which is the band of microwave frequencies just below infrared that cell phones use to communicate with cell towers. Once one passes the infrared band, the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum our eyes can perceive is found in visible light.

Light, as an electromagnetic wave, like radio waves, occupies the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum starting at about 100 KHz and goes all the way up to 30 Exahertz (EHz) - the Gamma Ray portion of the spectrum and beyond into infinity.

The “light” that people popularly equate with the light God is said to have created in Genesis 1:3 is visible light. But as just illustrated, light occurs in a very large frequency range of which only a small portion is actually visible to the biological eyeball and retina of the life forms here on Earth.

The frequency of visible light is just a tiny sliver of the entire range of frequencies classified as light. Visible light exists in the Terahertz frequency range, from 430 THz - 750 THz. Above the visible light portion of the spectrum is Ultraviolet, X-Rays and Gamma Rays.

So, the light that was created by God is much more likely to be all oscillating electromagnetic waves in general, not just the small fraction of waves that are visible to the human eye.

The light of Genesis 1:3 is not the sun, since the sun wasn’t brought into existence in the Creation story until later on (see Gen. 1:14).

“The Old Testament avoids isolating the sun as ‘the light’ lest the Hebrews succumb to the tendency to worship it.”3

That the word light in Gen. 1:3 does not refer to the sun is illustrated in Gen. 1:14 where the word light is translated fromמאור which means specifically a luminescent body4 such as the sun or stars.

While the energy that makes up all of light—or all cyclical waveforms of electromagnetic energy—has always been in existence in the Universe in some form or another, God created the sun, moon and stars by calling them into existence on the fourth day, where he said, “יהי (“be”) lights in the firmament of heaven...”5

The lights “in the firmament” of Gen. 1:14 and the “greater” and “lesser” light in Gen. 1:16 are all derived from the Hebrew word for luminescent body, not light in particular as it’s used in Gen. 1:3.

The Hebrew word for Light, אור can also be considered pictographically to reveal a more subtle meaning. Hebrew letters also have pictographs and symbolism attached to them that in many cases help in the construction of a word’s definition. In אור the three letters symbolically mean;


א: Chief, creator, head

ו: redemption/transformation

ר: wickedness, wicked


Combined in a construct chain (and reading from right to left, as Hebrew words are), the symbolism appears to say, “The Creator transformed wicked, disordered energy into ordered energy of given frequencies” in order to establish the intended meaning of the word “light.”

Einstein showed with his E=MC2 formula that all mass is energy and all energy can be converted to mass. Interestingly, the Biblical word for “earth” in Genesis has in its roots, the word for “light” or “energy” that is ultimately formed into the solid mass we experience here in the physical realm.

Earth in Hebrew isארץ , “eretz,” and features two of the primary letters found in אור.

The construct chain of ארץ is;


א: Chief, creator, head

ר: wickedness, wicked

ץ: righteousness


This appears to say, “the Creator caused wicked/disordered [energy] to be righteous/ordered (in order to follow His rule or pattern).

In this context, God didn’t just create the earth and light as the overly simplified literal translation of the Bible has been accepted as saying, but instead He created and ordered all energy waves that oscillate between various positive and negative potentials and caused some of that energy to become solidified and appear as the physical realm - “earth.”

Richard Feynman, one of the greatest theoretical physicists since Einstein, showed with the processes of Quantum Mechanics, how light photons are able to travel an infinite number of paths simultaneously to their destination and do so until one is chosen via observation. Indeed, photons are able to be “omnipresent” just as the Divine Mind is.

Another part of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is that since all things are moving at the speed of light, between the spatial and time dimensions, as an object slows down in space, it speeds up in time. A perfectly motionless object that is not moving in any direction, but is perfectly still, is said to be moving forward in time at light speed, hence there is no time. This theoretical object would not be subject to gravity to allow it to fall in one direction or another, so it would have to have no mass.

In understanding the physical world that was once “without form and void” that God then spoke or imaged into existence, I have offered the theory that mass is merely “light” solidified. In this context, the “light” that has been made solid is primarily - but not exclusively - those frequencies that we can see, reduced to the realm of time, and existing in space as a particle (remember wave/particle duality of quantum physics where photons of light behave both as waves and as particles, depending upon how they are observed.)

No object in the universe actually has any color, but rather it is merely absorbing or allowing to pass through itself, certain portions of the electromagnetic spectrum and allowing other portions to be reflected, for our eyes to ultimately “see” and interpret as color. Those objects that appear “black” only do so because most of the visible light is absorbed by it, or as with deep space, is passing through it without being reflected. Those items that do appear to have color only appear that way because the atoms and sub atomic particles they are comprised of are merely the solidified waveforms of those particular portions of the electromagnetic spectrum which they are reflecting.

Electromagnetic waves above and below those specific “color” frequencies are either allowed to pass through, are absorbed, or, as in the case of radio waves, are reflected but not perceived by a biological retina.

This is the mystery of what is mass—the eretz, the “earth.”

I have shown in previous portions of this thesis, the “waters” of Genesis 1 to be the medium that all electromagnetic waves exist in, as well as the entire infinite range of probabilities for all electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, etc. to manifest within a certain point in space and time after being consciously observed. This is the essence of the mayim, or “waters” of Genesis 1.

In his book, Hidden Light, Dr. David Medved notes it is his belief that the “heavens” are referring to the spiritual realm, while the earth is the physical realm. He also notes that it could be the realm of space-time for the former and compacted matter for the latter.6

In Genesis, “Light” appears to be referring to the heavenly, or spiritual/non-physical realm where all energy in the universe exists and from whence all matter is derived. In that respect, light is expansive and spread out; while its opposite, darkness, is symbolized by solidified matter.

While light and darkness may be used in their literal sense in some portions of the Bible and in their rhetorical sense in others, in Genesis they are used to denote the differences between metaphysical (spiritual) and physical (material) realms. Mankind exists partially in each realm, was once able to perceive the spiritual realm when in the Garden of Eden, and will ultimately have that attribute restored according to God’s covenant with those who have chosen to Faith in their Heavenly Creator.

Since God exists in the mass-less spiritual realm, and our souls will too, once we die, time ceases to exist because all of those spiritual energies will be disconnected from the effects of motion, space, time and gravity. Light will still be, as well as darkness. It is up to each and every person to make a conscious choice of where they would like to spend their eternity: with the eternal Light of the Divine Mind, or not.



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