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From the Editor


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal


"Dear Senator Collins"


In the last issue of this paper, I wrote a front page story highlighting how Senator Susan Collins advocated for increasing our national debt and how she agrees with forcing people to purchase health insurance even if they don’t have the money.

I do not write in a vacuum. This was not a hit piece against the Senator and I did invite her to respond. Yes, I did describe her as “Fascist” instead of the party she claims to belong to (Republican, but she does not support any of the Maine Republican party’s platform). Fascist is a more accurate description of Senator Collins because it simply means a merger of private business and government. The health insurance industry has merged with the U.S. government and is now using the police power to force people to buy their product. By police power, I mean you will be fined by the I.R.S. if you don’t have health insurance and if you don’t cough up the dough, you can potentially be thrown in prison and have all your property taken away from you by the government and given to the health insurance companies. How’s that for ‘Land of the Free?’

At any rate, to be fair to Senator Collins, I invited her to respond to the issues raised in that story. I E-mailed my queries to her District of Columbia office and then copied them to Phil Bosse in her Caribou office to have him help expedite the answers. Phil did acknowledge receiving my E-mail copy but I still have received no answers from Senator Collins.

So, what did I ask her, you might ask, that has her so nervous about answering me? After all, I’m just publishing little old Fort Fairfield Journal, nobody to be concerned with, right?

In this editorial, I will reprint those queries I posed to Senator Collins’ staff that have not been answered. The questions, and my commentary on each, are as follows:


1.) Please advise what dollar amount the U.S. debt limit has been increased to.


I thought this was a simple question since they had to vote on a number. However, none of the news articles I reviewed on the much touted “end of the government shutdown” that Collins was credited with mentioned the dollar amount.


2.) Was the recent bill that was signed into law by Mr. Obama to end the government shutdown drafted by Senator Collins, or did it merely use some of her ideas?


Again, pretty simple. Senator Collins either gets credit for the legislation or not. The Bangor Daily News did a big puff-piece article the day after the legislation was announced writing glowingly about Senator Collins and how she ended the government shutdown. [Side-note: If the Bangor Daily News writes positively about any politician, it is likely that politician is a collectivist, a menace to society and stands for the destruction of our free republic via a rogue police state apparatus modeled after the former Soviet Union.]


3.) What is Senator Collins’' plan for reducing the U.S. National Debt over the long term?


Now, this one she would be afraid to answer. Since all money in the U.S. comes into existence via taking on debt, and the U.S. government runs on borrowed money (there isn’t enough tax revenue to finance government programs), the reality is she has no plan. I’m sure she just wants to put her time in and get out with a retirement package before the whole system crumbles.


3.a.) Has Senator Collins considered re-establishing the use of Constitutional money (i.e. gold and silver coin as found in Article 1, sec. 10 of U.S. Constitution) as a replacement to the failed Federal Reserve Note system of debt-based currency?


Since all money in the U.S. is brought into existence by taking on debt, gold or silver coin would prohibit the excessive profits from compounding interest enjoyed by the international banking cabal, the Federal Reserve. Senator Collins has for years been running defense for this private counterfeiting corporation (the Federal Reserve is not a branch of the U.S. government, it is a private, for-profit banking syndicate) so there is no way she is going to uphold her oath to a Constitution that only allows gold and silver coin as money. I didn’t expect her to answer this one.



4.) Since the legislation to end the government shutdown did nothing to rein in ObamaCare, what is Senator Collins' position on those 'working poor' who can neither afford the "affordable" health insurance premiums mandated by law, nor pay the I.R.S. penalties for not having health insurance?


Senator Collins claims to be a Republican, which has erroneously become synonymous with conservative ideologies (conservative: small, unobtrusive and fiscally responsible government only spending what is absolutely required; no welfare-state and no police-state). However, she wholeheartedly supports forcing Americans to purchase health insurance whether they can afford it, or not and she supports using the black ski mask, machine-gun toting thugs who are the I.R.S.—in cooperation with local, county and state police—to confiscate property and imprison those who are unable to pay those excessive premiums.


In summary, Senator Collins, like most of the other politicians in D.C. are working constructively toward the end of the United States and turning us into a third-world communist-style dictatorship administered by global banking elite. The reason she, or her staff, didn’t answer the above questions is they would have been admitting as much in their own words. After all, a thief isn’t going to tell you how he plans to break into your home and steal your property. Nor would D.C. politicians share that information with you on their motivations and desires.




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