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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


The Controlled and Stage-Managed Rise of Depression in Society





By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

November 9, 2016



Hard-wired Instincts

   My wife and I raised a batch of chickens a few years ago.  We got them at about six weeks of age when they weren’t much bigger than small pigeons and raised them as egg layers for about four years.

   The young female chicks were not around any adult birds while at our chicken coop and were sheltered from the outside until nearly full grown (about three months or so).  We noticed as they grew in size and were able to flap their wings they would all swoop up to the horizontal roosting bar I had placed about four feet off the floor and would do so every evening just as the sun was beginning to set.  When they were allowed to free-range outside, they always came back out of the woods as the sun was setting and flapped up to their roost where they all stayed until morning.  We didn’t teach them this behavior, nor did they learn it from any other bird. Rather, it seemed to be hard-wired into their brain as a sort of survival mechanism to get them up off the ground and away from potential nocturnal predators after dark.  

   Another action that seemed hard-wired into these lady chickens was the ability to know how and when to form up nests of straw, lay eggs in them and sit on them to keep them warm.  They also knew how to scratch and peck for food and how to drink water without anyone showing them those skills.

   The hard-wiring of certain attributes or skills can be found in nearly all living beings.  Whether they are instincts that are somehow genetically encoded or, as Rupert Sheldrake has postulated, a part of a universal memory field he dubbed the “Morphogenic Field,” these attributes are all encoded from the very beginning and living beings all seem to follow the rules and guidelines established for them in nature.

   Humans are no different.

   While humans are more sophisticated, there are some instincts, or attributes encoded into males and females that cannot easily be erased.

   For example, the general hard-wiring of male humans is that of explorer, hunter/gatherer and when necessary a fighter to defend his family.   Males also tend to learn more efficiently when active, moving around and interacting with their environment.

   Females, on the other hand, are by nature a more nurturing lot.  Overall, their hard-wiring tends to more emotion-based living, staying closer to home, looking after the young, caring for the family and are more likely to nurture with hugs and kisses to their young than men are.  Women also tend to learn better when assembled in small groups, usually sitting in one spot and working with their hands.  This is not to say females are less capable than men, so feminists back off!  I’m merely stating men and women are different and that difference is due to our wiring.

Skewing Society

   As properly functioning men and women get together in a family unit with their divergent attributes, the two become stronger and much more versatile at raising children and perpetuating the species than they would if they were alone.  Their natural attributes compliment each other and complete a functioning unit that is the head of the family; both are co-equal and both share the same responsibilities, but do so in different ways.

   The social controllers who seek to manage human society as if it were a herd of cattle understand this “yin and yang” duality that comprises the successfully functioning family unit of a man and woman team and understand that a man and woman, properly united and fulfilling their hard-wired attributes in life are a very powerful force to be reckoned with and as such are not easily controlled.  Nor does this type of family feel the need to look outside of itself  to government, for example, for its safety and sustenance.

   In order to more effectively exercise their control over society, the controllers use the news media, academia and especially television programming to effect their ends by disrupting that core family unit of a properly functioning man/woman team.  These controllers have been chipping away at the hard-wiring of the man and woman for decades.  The Communists of the former Soviet Union even executed plans to use perverted sexual ideas aimed at our youngsters as a weapon against the U.S. to take over society without using guns or bombs.  They’re succeeding beautifully!  

  These controllers have escalated their efforts immensely over the past several decades. Looking back to television shows of the 1950’s to 1960’s, we saw the man as a strong, moral, upstanding leader who guided and directed his family into matters of what was right and wrong.  The woman, while taking a less dominant role, always supported her husband’s vision and the two raised their children together, teaching them to effectively navigate the vicissitudes of life and become  active, productive members of society.  Those were the days of Leave it to Beaver, the Andy Griffeth Show and Father Knows Best.

   Fast forward to today and we see the effort to undermine the effectiveness of the family unit in television commercials, dramas and sit-coms in a kind of reverse dichotomy.

  Today, most television commercials depict the woman as the strong, alpha-type making all the decisions for the family and the man as a sniveling little idiot slouching around making a fool out of himself.  The same goes for sitcoms. Basically, the woman is the smart, domineering leader of the household and the man is a poorly dressed fool curled up in a fetal position either sucking his thumb, swilling beer, or otherwise mentally incompetent—but always in a submissive role to the female.  This is by design.  These are artificial attributes dreamt up by the controllers to purposefully skew the behavior patterns of men and women into areas they are not hard-wired for. 

   One of the most interesting and flagrant examples of this social controlling is the British television show, Supernanny.  In Supernanny, we have a domineering, alpha-female, feminist nanny stomping around screaming at and bullying the male head of household telling him how pathetic and inadequate he is because he’s not showing enough of his feminine side.  Usually the man makes a meager attempt at justifying his position as head of household only to be brow-beaten into effeminacy by the Supernanny who scolds him for not being loving or nurturing enough to his kids.  She does all of this in front of the kids so they—and the TV audience—can experience the imagery of a man being inadequate, pathetic and useless at the feet of a strong, dominating woman.  Neither of these attributes that the show is presenting occurs naturally in the instincts of human males or females, but the false sense of reality is presented and perpetuated in such a way that the consumers of the programming walk away believing it is either real, or at least should be.

  Cheer up, it gets worse.  MTV News has reported on a YouTube channel called Bria and Chrissy where young men and women of various sexual persuasions don latex exam gloves and take turns touching each other’s naked private parts for the first time. The videos are all about recording their initial reactions for all the world to see.  These are programs many of today’s kids are watching and learning from!

   The instinctual attributes of men and women have been reversed by design and this is not an accident, but rather a program of subversion masquerading as entertainment.

Depression Created on Purpose by Social Controllers.

   The fallout of this purposeful misrepresentation and reversal of male and female roles is massive depression on heretofore unseen scales.

   Many depressed women in society today are very angry.  They find themselves in dominant roles yelling at their children and horribly enraged and depressed all the time without really being able to understand why.  They pick fights with their husbands or boyfriends over the most trivial of issues and as a result end up pushing family members away, rather than bringing them together.  This is most definitely not a natural female attribute. 

   Many depressed men, on the other hand, find themselves moronic and confused about their place in society in general and the family in particular.  They’ve been taught to show more feminine attributes of nurturing and coddling and to repress their dominant tendencies of hunter/gatherer/protector.  This has resulted in a great portion of men in society suffering from depression because the way they’ve been taught to behave as “acceptable” is contrary to their hard-wiring.  They then overcompensate by  listlessly wasting their time on the artificial realities of violent, first-person shooter type video games; or worse, physically abusing their wives or girlfriends while wasting way too much of what’s left of their free time watching professional sports where they project the manhood of the competitors onto their own pathetic psyche.  

   In both cases—men and women— depression abounds. Counterfeit attributes crafted by the social controllers of society disrupt and break up families into smaller parts so they can be more easily managed and manipulated for the government’s desire and the rate of divorce and misery continues to rise unabated.

   In addition to breaking up families, men and women in their depression turn to illegal—and even legal pharmaceutical—drugs in an effort to placate the pain caused by the controllers’ mind-manipulation techniques. 

   The logical extension of these mind games is to ultimately convince men they are indeed women and women that they are men.  This fruit is blossoming in the current transgender fad that is raging through society like an out of control grass fire and is being promulgated and promoted by government as if it were a natural “right” for a person to be confused and disoriented about the status of their own sexuality.

   In addition to the overt forms of programming coming out of television programs and government-funded schools and universities, there are much more covert options available to the controllers, as well.  These come in the form of subliminal programming.

    We’ve come a long way from the 1950’s technology of subliminals where a single video frame would be inserted among the thirty per second that spool through a movie projector in order to get the audience to go buy a bottle of soda.  Today, there is a technology called Silent Subliminal Presentation System that uses an audio frequency as a carrier wave, much like radio transmissions, and inserts complex messages directly into the inner ear and subconscious of the unwitting listeners.  That technology is beyond the scope of this editorial, but I have written on it and archived it online at my website for those who care to follow up on it.

   Ernest L. Norman, author, and director of UNARIUS understood the role technology plays in subverting human nature even when he wrote about it in 1960.  In his book, Infinite Contact, he writes,

 “Science has eliminated many killers of the weaklings.  It has also invented new and more terrible methods of mass murder.  Through systems of communication, science has shrunk the earth and pushed aside all natural environmental barriers.  With each advance in technocracy, created supposedly for the benefit of mankind, it has only increased his fear and made his life more complex; for these very creative forces and efforts in which man has sought to better himself and to raise his standard of living are as a two-edged sword cutting both ways...Man has now found himself inextricably caught in the web of his own making; a great vortex which is sucking him down into oblivion...Through various fields  of entertainment and communication, the American public has literally been drenched in a sewage of drug and sex abuse, lust and murder; radio, motion pictures, television as well as magazines and newspapers, have been the carriers and purveyors of this vile brew, steeped in the black cauldrons of the lowest hells and destined in its manufacture by the lords of the underworlds, to enslave humanity—to destroy the last fiber of moral tissue.” (Infinite Contact, ©1960 Unaarius Educational Foundation, pp. 34-36)


   I am not a doctor, in the conventional sense.  However, I do hold a P.h.D.—a Potato House Degree—which is a Northern Maine colloquialism for a degree in hard work and common sense.  I don’t have a college degree, I’m self-taught.

   While there is certainly room for Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychiatrists and Psychologists to ply their trade, I submit many of the problems of depression today have been artificially created and hand-crafted by malevolent actors to disrupt the family unit, turn men and women against themselves and their children and to confuse and obfuscate the masses in order to affect a desired outcome—complete dissolution of the core family unit and a transference of those responsibilities over to the government.

   One of the quickest ways a person can determine if their depression is being artificially contrived is for them to shut the television off.  I mean, really shut it off—that also means no YouTube outside of educational videos showing you how to develop a certain skill or perhaps local newscasts of current events.  Stop watching modern television programming from either television, the computer, or the Smartypants phone for six months to a year.  If you must have some form of entertainment, try reading, biking, or Ham radio.    Volunteer for a service organization and otherwise try to be a helpful contributor to your family and community.  If you must watch some form of television, get some DVDs of older shows and only watch them—no satellite or cable TV!  In addition to the aforementioned 1950’s and 1960’s television shows I might also suggest; Gomer Pyle USMC, The Brady Bunch, and Alf. Just think of the money you’ll save on cable and satellite bills!

   The changes to revert back to  normal human instincts will be slow and gradual, but they were eroded and skewed slowly and gradually, too.

   For men and women who submit to their own hard-wired human nature, rather than the artificially contrived fake nature presented to them by the social controllers in academia and the media, there will likely be much less depression, a greater sense of fulfillment, a return to a strong core family unit and greater harmony amongst family members.  Governments cringe at the thought of that!


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