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Nope, I’m Not Taking That Toxic “Vaccine”




David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

November 3, 2021


   I was recently video interviewed by Laurie Dobson where we discussed a whole host of topics, one of which was the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ and why some people are suffering extremely dangerous side effects, or death, while others remain relatively unscathed.

   I suggested a hypothetical scenario where the alleged ‘vaccine’ is a deliberate biological warfare weapon designed to actually kill the recipients.

   The controllers of the planet believe there are too many humans and most of us have to die in order to make the planet more “sustainable.”  This isn’t a new ideology, it goes back more than a hundred years and has been gaining traction among the billionaire elite over the past couple of decades.  I hypothesized that this alleged ‘vaccine’ could be a way for them to achieve their goal of global depopulation.

   Since the controllers in this hypothetical scenario know they cannot logistically stick everybody with a deadly injection that will kill millions of people all at once, and thus expose their nefarious agenda, they would need to create an environment of acceptance around a shot where people would voluntarily accept it; then kill them over time.  That environment of acceptance was crafted all last year within the left wing media’s fear and hysteria/shock and awe presentation of the COVID narrative surrounding a virus that is now known to have the fatality rate of seasonal flu.

   Once people have been sufficiently hypnotized with fear, they would then line up to take that drug voluntarily.

   But, as I said, the globalists understand that they couldn’t kill everyone at the same time because that would be too noticeable.  What if, for example, 90 percent of Portland, Maine (that’s the percentage of those “vaccinated” there now) all died within a couple of months.  That would definitely get noticed.  So, the globalists would have to figure out a way to spread the kill rate out over time.

   I suggested in my interview with Laurie that a way to do it would be to inject most people with a less dangerous shot, or placebo, and only a small percentage—say 10 percent or less—get the kill shot.  They would randomize the kill shots within the batches so the deaths from the ‘vaccines’ would blend in with the regular deaths that occur daily in the country, anyway.

   Since most people would be receiving the placebo, a person in that group would be able to say, “I received the vaccine and nothing bad happened to me,” thus creating the illusion of safety.  Meanwhile, the deaths from the shots would be more easily ignored by government and the media.

   I then suggested in this interview with Laurie that this could explain why the ‘vaccines’ don’t appear to be providing immunity and many of the ‘vaccinated’ are still catching COVID.  After all, if most of them got the placebo, they never had immunity to begin with.

   The government and media then spin this as immunity that “decreases over time” and thus creates the need for so-called “booster shots.”  The public is then sold on getting a second, third, and more jabs every 6 months or so with each cycle killing a small percentage and the rest getting a placebo. The cycle would continue over several years until the target kill goal is achieved.  If this is a bio-weapon, this is how they would have deployed it.

   What else explains the aggressive, hyperbolic  marketing of the ‘vaccine,’ and its mandates, otherwise?