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Starring: DONALD J. TRUMP; ANTHONY FAUCI; DEBORAH BIRX, WHO officials, and a litany of politically motivated CDC Directors direct from Central Casting.  With SPECIAL GUESTS from the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY, BILL GATES and the authoritarian Prime Ministers of England, Australia and other Countries Worldwide.



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

October 21, 2020


   We are now living in a full immersion, virtual reality TV reality show called Coronavirus COVID-19

   Like the protagonists in the movie trilogy, The Matrix we are “jacked in” to this 3D holographic TV show and experience as reality a script and narrative that is dictated and fed to us from on high and reinforced by our peers through the weaponized psychological warfare operations platform that is online social media.

   In this reality TV show there is no single Hollywood or New York City sound stage for we actor-participants to play on.  By creating the illusion of a deadly virus within the collective hive-mind of society, corporate media has been able to expand the studio set to encompass every home, public square and place of business on the planet.  Our own home furniture, vehicles, health care systems, schools and businesses have become the props and set pieces of this artificial, full-immersion 3D TV reality show.  

   However, unlike The Matrix movies, where the protagonists were “jacked in” via a hard-line computer portal in the back of their necks, the public in today’s full immersion, virtual reality TV reality show are jacked in using a much more subtle interface - fear.

   At the outset of this television programming campaign, the corporate media worked tirelessly and incessantly building up and promoting fear in the minds of the global population.  This started around mid-March in the midst of a worldwide toilet paper shortage that was turning into a food shortage as fear swept the planet; buffeted, coddled and nurtured by radical, far left, emotion driven corporate television newscasts that irresponsibly yelled “fire” in a theater to deliberately create a stampede of epic proportions.    U.S. media was perhaps the best tool in the globalists’ tool box for this task,  since they’ve been in the entertainment business for so long and understand how to reach into the collective subliminal zeitgeist of the population and pull the strings to accomplish whatever ends they wished.

   It has been known by psychopolitical operators for decades that fear incapacitates a person’s ability for critical thinking.  The willingness to ask questions and troubleshoot is inversely proportional to the amount of fear in a person’s mind.  That means that as fear intensifies, a person’s ability to think rationally, research data and make good choices diminishes dramatically.

   The world’s population took their cues from the corporate media, and the stage directors in the various countries’ CDCs, as willingly as a baby taking a medicine-soaked sugar cube.

   While hypnotized with fear in the opening salvo of this psyop, many people succumbed to the post-hypnotic suggestions being implanted within their subconscious minds by the corporate media; subtly yet systematically reprogramming their beliefs, thoughts and perceptions on a mass scale.


The Illusion of Mass Deaths

   I’ll pick on the U.S. here, but similar tactics were deployed in this virtual reality TV show - of which we are all the stars - around the world.

   Historically, 220,000 people die in the U.S. every single month from all causes of death.  This is nothing new and is a trend that is continually repeating.  Most Americans, however, have never been exposed to death numbers of this scale or context so any significant amount of reporting in the 24/7 news cycle will certainly seem like a dramatic number.

   In April, White House COVID-19 advisor, Dr. Deborah Birx admitted the CDC had advised hospitals to count every one of those normal deaths as “COVID-19” if the person died from any cause - such as heart disease, cancer, kidney failure, Alzheimer’s, car accident, etc. - if they also tested positive for COVID-19.  This caused the number of COVID-19 deaths to rise dramatically in the U.S. and, concomitantly, the fear of the virus by the general public.

   In order to bolster the death numbers, now being updated by the hour on the corporate television infotainment media, the Governors of at least five States in the U.S. ordered all COVID-19 patients out of the hospitals and to be placed among the frail, sick, elderly population of their states’ nursing homes.  This caused even higher deaths as the new virus - that does seem to exist at some level-burned its way through that population thus creating dramatically higher “COVID-19” death numbers than would have otherwise occurred.

   At this point, with death numbers being drilled into the subconscious minds of the people relentlessly, a reprogramming of their minds was taking place where they projected the anticipation of death onto everyone who is listed as “COVID-19” positive.  This was where the fear-filled population first stepped foot into the reality TV show being scripted in front of them.  Rather than being passive observers, they now - within their own minds - had become a part of the TV show by virtue of projecting the pre-programmed ideas and imagery onto their family members, neighbors and peers in their own respective communities.

   The reality is, in August the U.S. CDC reported that only 6 percent of the official COVID-19 death numbers were people who died from COVID-19 exclusively.  The other 94% died with two to three additional comorbidities such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.  This fact went unreported in the establishment corporate news media because it conflicted with the imagery they were programming in the collective mindset of their viewers - viewers who were at this point fully immersed in the COVID-19 TV reality show and unwittingly acting out their parts in real life.

Creating the Illusion

   Night after night, the corporate media televised dramatic pictures of massive lines outside of hospitals (which it turns out were staged with locally recruited homeless people and crisis actors for the news cameras).  There were also wild images of hospital workers wearing face masks, goggles, face shields and full body biological suits with hoods, rubber gloves and rubber boots akin to operating in an Ebola contamination zone.  These images cemented in the perception of the viewers the idea that this was some kind of super deadly disease few were apt to escape from.  Again, that was only the perception that the media and governments wanted built - it did not reflect the reality of the 99.8 percent survival rate that COVID-19 has, which is about the same as a severe seasonal flu.


The Trappings of a Super bug

   Governors of the various states (excluding the seven states in the U.S. that did not shut down during the outbreak) wanted to make it look like they were “doing something” to combat a virus that the media was building the perception of deadliness into the minds of the people - and those people were now believing that perception as real.

   Moves to “lock down” (a prison term) societies then commenced as governors thought that the best way to combat the virus was to keep everyone home and shut down all hospitals for every type of procedure except COVID-19 treatment. 

   Relying on flagrantly error-filled computer models from Imperial College, London and the IMHE in the U.S., governors expected 2 million people dead from COIVD-19 in the U.S. by the end of August.  That never happened.  But, those governors continue to treat a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate as if it was the deadliest bug to ever infect humankind in the history of the world.

   Of course, it isn’t that deadly once one actually looks at the real numbers, but the corporate news media coupled with irrational, overreaching and unlawful usurpations of power by state governors created the illusion of a deadly virus in the minds of the people.  That illusion continued to be self-reinforced on social media platforms 24/7 with organizations such as Facebook and Twitter designing algorithms to allow posts to proceed that were in concert with the mainstream media’s narrative while throttling back or deleting any posts that reveal facts that contradict or question the “official” narrative.  Thus, reinforcing the perception of a deadly virus in the minds of the people for months.


The Public Dons its

Virtue Signaling Costumes

   Seemingly out of nowhere surgical face masks and cloth bandana masks were being worn by the public.  There is ample scientific evidence to show these masks do nothing to prevent or slow down the spread of respiratory viruses.  The medical community knows this and the governors’ advisors in the states’ respective CDCs know this, too.  But in order to recruit the public to be actors in this virtual reality TV show production, there needed to be a degree of uniformity that could be visualized by the people so they would know who among them have bought into the show’s narrative. The more, the better. As those silly, useless face masks began appearing in public like a mass Halloween spectacle, peer pressure and group dynamics kicked in to socially ostracize those who weren’t “doing their part” to eradicate the virus.  Again, a virus with a 99.8 percent survival rate.

   In order to deflect attention away from the ineffectiveness of face masks and keep the population of actors in this full-immersion TV reality show on cue, propaganda commercials were produced for television that stated the masks were “patriotic”, “love” and “compassionate.”  None of those ideas being promoted had anything to do with the effectiveness of those masks against a respiratory virus.  But, that didn’t matter.  The goal was to get all of the actors in costume so they could help to reinforce the image of a deadly virus out here in the real world.

   Public events were cancelled, everyone went to meeting online, schools were shut down and the economic landscape of society was decimated.  These are all effects that happened in the real world as the people bought the lie, succumbed to the artificial fear and brought the narrative from the television producers at the corporate news stations out of the TV screen and into their real world surroundings.  Perception is in fact reality and the corporate news programmers did an amazingly efficient job of reprogramming that perception in the minds of the masses even as information was leaking out that the dreaded virus wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was being reported to be.

   But, at this point facts don’t matter.  Once a person’s perceptions have been readjusted it is very difficult to change them back.  They look upon medical reports, scientists and researchers who present facts that contradict their media-programmed ideas about the virus as “conspiracy theorists” - dismissing all of the information and remaining stubbornly stuck inside the illusion programmed into their subconscious minds by the media and government “officials.”


The End Game

   So, why recruit the entire world population into a virtual reality TV show? You might ask.  Well, it all boils down to money and power.

   Two events were unfolding at the same time as this mass manipulation of the public mindset was being used to distract the people and keep them off center; devoid of all rational thought.

  First, the world economic and banking system had essentially collapsed in places (like the U.S.), or was about to collapse.  The pre-COVID-19 population would have never accepted banker bailouts to the tune of three trillion dollars or more, so a fear-based agenda had to be created that made them believe they were in enough danger to voluntarily shut down the world’s economic system.  With the shutdown came “stimulus” money (that is, borrowed money) that the governments gave out to the people directly.  This money then got spent and ultimately deposited in the banks who desperately needed the cash to begin with in order to stay solvent.  COVID-19 allowed the banks to get their trillions in bailout money without a whimper of opposition from the public.

   Secondly, the globalists who actually control the planet believe there are too many people on Earth.  So, they have created systems to reprogram cellular DNA to activate a “kill switch” within human genes to cause people to randomly die off earlier than they otherwise would have.  Creating a massive amount of fear and uncertainty in a coronavirus was just the tool these globalists needed to create public demand for a vaccine that would be the delivery system for this DNA-altering technology.  Under the guise of public health, the globalists can then deliver DNA-altering technology directly to a mass of the public who not only will volunteer to receive it, but demand it and force their governments to pay for it on their behalf.

   Rat poison sure does taste good to a rat.  That is why it’s so effective.  The rat thinks by consuming this tasty treat he is benefiting himself with nutritious food.  The reality is, he’s been tricked into eating something that will soon kill him under the guise of being something beneficial.  That is how the COVID-19 vaccine will be sold to the people in this full immersion virtual reality TV show everyone is now stuck in.  But, unlike watching the death and carnage of human civilization on TV, people will voluntarily bring that effect out of the television producers’ script and unto the world stage where we all live (and will soon die).  The deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine will be real.  The human DNA that will be altered will be irreversible.

   There is only one way out of this virtual reality TV show: Stop believing the media’s fake narrative.  Stop being duped.  Release your fear and embrace the factual reality that COVID-19 is not the deadly super bug it has been stage-managed and choreographed into being.


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