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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


Republicans and Democrats Putting Forth Losers As

Presidential Candidates




By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

October 26, 2016



   Clinton or Trump.  Is this the best the two mainstream political parties can do?  Really?  Not that any of the other choices in the pre-primary season were any better, but honestly, this is the most unexciting Presidential election I’ve seen for decades.

   Everywhere I turn on the street, around town and in the stores, the people I talk to share an equal amount of disdain for both parties’ choices.  Hilary Clinton is a criminal—even if the F.B.I. was bullied into not recommending formal charges against her for her multiple illegal activities—and Trump is a brash, unrefined loud mouth. 

   I’m registered as unenrolled, which means  I do not affiliate with any establishment political party.  I don’t think either of the top two parties are doing a very good job of presenting candidates who would be able to preserve, protect and defend the U.S., its Constitution, its money system, freedoms, or way of life—and they haven’t for years.

   With that said, I think the loud mouth, Trump is right on a lot of things when it comes to the economy, illegal immigrants, the Islamic invasion and the military.  However, the globalists who have hi-jacked the U.S. and want to destroy us from within will never let him actually do any of the things he’s proposing.  As for Hillary, well, she hates the U.S. just like most Democrats and is following the United Nations’ playbook to reduce the United States to a third-world, despotic dictatorship, banana republic along the lines of a North Korea, Uganda or Zimbabwe—as the entire Democrat party has dedicated itself to doing for decades.

   The grassroots Republicans in the voting electorate today have allowed themselves to be deluded into believing the Republican party is somehow “conservative” in social, fiscal and constitutional issues.  While there are  a smattering of Republican candidates at the local levels across the U.S. who may truly fit that ideal, the truth is the Republican party as a whole is simply “Democrat-Lite.”  Republicans are trying to out-Marx the Democrats and if there’s one thing you can be sure of, nobody can be better Marxist soldiers than the Democrats because they’ve had nearly 50 years to (become infiltrated and) perfect the art.  Sorry, the Democrat party is no longer the party of J.F.K.  With their focus on transgender, allowing adult males the “right” to change with young pre-pubescent girls in public pool houses, some portions of the party promoting the legalization of pedophilia (adults having sex with young children under 12 years of age) as a “right” and a basic desire to make us all unarmed, helpless, subservient peasants wearing gray uniforms and saluting their authoritarian dream state, the Democrats of the 21st century are rabid Marxists who demand the quashing of free speech in the arena of ideas for everyone whose views conflict with their party’s ideology.  We’re just a hair’s-breadth away from the gulags.  Where are the Chub Clarks* when you need them?  I’m sure Chub would be horrified and dismayed to see the direction the party he put so much time and energy into has taken.

   The Republicans really aren’t much better.  While most of them will sort of stand up for our rights to defend ourselves with the same quality of weapon available to our adversaries without government intrusion, the Republicans have been doing a pretty good job, too, when it comes to dismantling our economic system, eroding our entire Bill of Rights and allowing our school systems to be taken over by Marxists in the State and Federal Departments of Education (and I use the word, “education” loosely in this context). 

   Neither mainstream political party has really given us much of a choice this election cycle and I don’t see that improving any time soon.  Both parties have been taken over by international forces who are hostile to the U.S. and our way of life.  Our money system was destroyed over 100 years ago by having it replaced with a private, debt-based money system foisted upon us by a private international banking cabal—the “Federal” Reserve.  The Federal Reserve is not a branch of the federal government.  It buys the bank notes we print at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing for the cost of paper and ink (about 10 cents per bill) and then turns around and loans them back to us at full face value, plus interest.  This accounts for the trillions of dollars of debt we are in at the national level, all the way down to the individual and family unit—a debt that is mathematically impossible to ever pay back because all old debts are collectively discharged with new debts, just like taking out a new credit card to pay off an old credit card.  Both the Democrats and Republicans for the past 100+ years have allowed this raping and pillaging of the U.S. citizenry to continue unabated (save a precious few Congressmen, such as Democrat, James Traficant and Republican, Ron Paul who at least tried to offer some resistance).  We have been made economic slaves to the private banks at the behest and tacit approval of both major political parties.

   Our school systems have ceased to educate our children and instead have been turned into laboratories to conduct social experiments on unwitting students to shift their morals, and even gender identities to the point that many no longer have a frame of reference for what is normal or right.  These children are the future voting electorate and they will be easily persuaded to vote whichever way the social controllers tell them to via the mainstream television and now hi-tech, online social media.  While the mainstream news networks are simply bought out by the controllers, the social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are infested with paid government trolls who masquerade as normal citizens in order to advance a meme or idea for the rest of society to begin parroting.  This is how the “Black Lives Matters” meme has become so violent and out of control.  Again, the Republicans and Democrats are allowing this to happen with a wink and a nod.  While we’re busy fighting with each other over trivialities, they continue to tighten the noose they’ve put around our collective necks.

   The social welfare state which was really started under Democrat, Franklin Roosevelt, massively expanded under Democrat Lyndon Johnson and reached an unsustainable apex under Democrat Barry Soetero (a/k/a Barack Hussein-Obama) was designed from the beginning to break up families, keep people subservient to government and tease them into perpetuating their self-imposed slavery via a monthly stipend check that just barely gives them enough to live on and have a few treats, but never empowers them to get out from under the government’s thumb and excel or be successful at anything in their own lives.  Again, the Republicans sat on their hands (except Maine’s current Republican Governor, Paul LePage) and allowed the Democrats to hone and fine-tune this slave grid and both parties should be ashamed.  But, they’re not.

   By now you may be asking if there are any alternatives.  The answer is paradoxically, “Yes” and “No.”

   In addition to the Republican and Democrat parties, most states also recognize the Libertarian, Socialist, Green, Independent and Constitution parties.  That’s right, there are really a total of at least seven different, organized political parties in the U.S.  But it’s much easier to control a national agenda if the controllers only allow you to see just two parties—and it’s the two parties those globalist controllers have co-opted that you will get to choose between.  Democrat or Republican.  It’s like saying, Coke or Pepsi; they’re both caramel-colored sugar water and neither is really that good for you.

  Now, what about the remaining five political parties?  You might as well take the Socialist, Green and Independent parties and lump them in with their surrogate—the Democrat party because that’s where they have mostly migrated to over the past several decades.  This explains the Democrat party’s consistent and deliberate march to the left.  The Libertarian party has a good Presidential candidate once in a while, but the current Libertarian, Gary Johnson, is essentially another Socialist with a few “conservative” ideas that he may or may not actually expend any energy on should he acquire the mid-level marketing manager position that is the office of U.S. President.  That leaves the Constitution party.  Usually the Constitution party puts forth some pretty good candidates, but most of the voters today are a product of the public school “Civil Rights” team mentality.  Today’s public school “Civil Rights” teams do not actually discuss the Bill of Rights, or the Constitution.  Instead, they focus on the “rights” of homosexuals and transgenders.  They constantly harp on anti-bullying campaigns while at the same time empowering the government to be the biggest bully of all.  So, no, there won’t be many intellectual Constitutionalists coming out of today’s public education industrial complex to support the Constitution party so it will likely remain irrelevant.  Which puts us back where we started about 1,500 words ago:  Clinton or Trump.  In other words, a mess.

   This mess won’t improve until society stops watching television “news” and other network “programming,” stops falling for the government trolls’ memes on social media, gives up their cell phones and begins to talk with and care for their neighbor and fellow man in person.  

   In other words, cheer up folks, it’s going to get a lot worse.

--------------------------- -------------------------------------- --------------------------------------

*the late Clarence "Chub" Clark, former U.S. Navy veteran, school teacher and valiant Democrat party promoter and activist of the 1950's thru early 2000's. Chub was from the "old school" and surely would not have tolerated the skewed social programming being vomitted out of his chosen political party today.



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