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A Well-Crafted Illusion Leads to Delusion:



CG artwork by: David Deschesne





By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

September 22, 2021



   Most of society these days has been suckered into an illusion by the establishment media and government wonks.  The illusion is of a virus with the same fatality rate as seasonal flu which has enjoyed a public relations machine never before seen in the history of virology.  This public relations machine was successful at creating a delusional public who believes the COVID-19 coronavirus is “deadly and dangerous” to everyone and the only cure for it is an experimental gene therapy that has never been used before in humans (coronavirus gene therapy experiments killed nearly all of the animals in the animal trials when first attempted around ten years ago).

   It has been through the use of purported “experts” that the media and governments have gotten away with the scam.  They used fear, coupled with hysteria, to strike an entire human population dumb in order to sell an experimental gene therapy which is now shaping up to be what looks like a public health disaster multitudes of times greater than the original coronavirus threat ever was.

   The television and print media use so-called “experts” - most of whom nobody has ever heard of - in order to sell a narrative that most people know little to nothing about.  It is through fear and uncertainty that they’ve been able to use high-falutin’ phrases and scientific lingo to dupe a public into participating in a mass-population culling event.  Some might call it a chemical warfare campaign waged by the global elitists; under the disguise of a “vaccine” that has been sold as the cure for their fear—a dreaded virus that is, again, no more deadly than seasonal flu.

   They incessantly beat their narrative into the public psyche by scientifically controlled propaganda techniques which use repetition of simple phrases and images to brainwash a large section of the public—a group of people who then take to social media to spread that psychological contagion around the world at the speed of the internet.  But, if everyone is saying the same thing, that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

   Paul Krugman once wrote,


“When everyone is saying something it takes a real effort to step outside and say, wait a minute, how do we know that?  It’s especially hard if you spend your time hanging out with other Very Serious People...This is what you need to know: important people have no special monopoly on wisdom; and in times like these, when the usual rules...don’t apply, they are often deeply foolish, because the power of conventional wisdom prevents them from talking sense about a deeply unconventional situation.”


  Using the mish-mash, mealy-mouthed Dr. Anthony Fauci (who hasn’t actually seen a patient in nearly 40 years) and others with white lab coats, the narrative-creators of COVID-19 have successfully duped an entire population into believing those “experts” somehow have possession of all knowledge and that they will use that knowledge for good.  But, when it comes to government nothing could ever be further from the truth.

   John Saul explains,


“The possession, use, and control of knowledge have become [the elites’] central theme—the theme song of their expertise.  However, their power depends not on the effect with which they use that knowledge but on the effectiveness with which they control its use.  Thus, among the illusions which have invested our civilization is an absolute belief that the solution to our problems must be a more determined application of rationally organized expertise.  The reality is that our problems are largely the product of that application.  The illusion is that we have created the most sophisticated society in the history of man.  The reality is that the division of knowledge into feudal fiefdoms of expertise has made general understanding and coordinated action not simply impossible but despised and distrusted.”


   What these knowledge overlords have done is to mind-screw the public with a false narrative where most of those brainwashed masses will not accept the truth even when it’s proven to them in triplicate.

   I’m sure most of you have experienced this by now.  You try to explain to someone the science behind face masks and how they were never designed to stop respiratory viruses—and the scientific tests that prove that; you try to tell them the fatality rate of COVID-19 is the same as seasonal flu; you try to tell them the so-called “vaccines” (which is a misnomer, they are not really vaccines at all) are filled with toxic chemicals and gene-altering devices that in fact are killing many thousands of people in the U.S. alone; you tell them all these things, show them the FDA and CDC documents that prove it and you are at best met with a blank stare and shrug of the worst, you are called horrible names and berated as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’

   How did the controllers do all of this so effectively that otherwise rational, objective people fall for the con?  It’s actually quite simple confidence game techniques that have been developed and perfected by  evil actors in society over the centuries to dupe and cajole their victims in the general public. Telephone scammers use these tricks all the time.  Now, the establishment news media is being paid to do the same.

   I’ll now provide a brief list of the key subjects they used and how that information was manipulated in classical Hegelian Dialectic of problem-reaction-solution to create the illusion of a “pandemic” of a “deadly and dangerous” virus [the “problem”]  in order to generate irrational fear in the public [the “reaction”] in order to bring in an experimental gene therapy masquerading as a ‘vaccine’ [the “solution”] and have it widely accepted by a brainwashed, unthinking public who believe they are informed on the matter because they watched television personalities masquerading as journalists “report” pharmaceutical company narratives that were disguised as newscasts.  Never has a society been so fully duped into participating in their own demise. Never before has a message been so carefully and systematically controlled via expertly crafted narratives and outright censorship of all opposing viewpoints.  But, here we are.


“Deadly and Dangerous”

  At the start of the media’s contrived ‘pandemic’ the idea that SARS-CoV-2 was going to be deadly and dangerous took root.  What isn’t discussed is that idea came from Neil Fergusson from Imperial College, London –who based his conclusions on mathematical computer models—all of which have been wrong in disease prediction over the past two decades.  Hence, the illusion begins.  The US CDC quickly amended the death reporting protocols to require all death certificates of people who died from anything—but had a “positive” PCR test for COVID-19—to be labeled a COVID-19 death even if a respiratory illness had nothing to do with their death.  Get hit by a bus: COVID; Die of a gunshot wound: COVID; Alcohol poisoning: COVID.  That is what created the illusion of such high death numbers and thus the requisite fear in the population.


“Positive Cases”

   We’ve all been taught to fear so-called “positive cases” of COVID-19 but what isn’t discussed is those tests were developed on a whim with no actual virus samples to measure their accuracy against.  The manufacturers were allowed to use computer models to guess what the virus’ genetic material would look like.  The tests were then calibrated to be so sensitive that they would many times key positive when a person wasn’t infected at all.  Rather than admit the tests were bogus, the experts simply called those people “asymptomatic” when the test may have keyed positive on non-infectious viral fragments of viruses from that computer model—not an actual SARS-CoV-2.  The U.S. FDA even admitted this problem with the tests in December, 2020 but  nobody listened.   Furthermore, a recent Zoom conference leaked from Novant Heath New Hanover Regional Medical Center in North Carolina revealed a doctor suggesting the “positive” COVID cases should be artificially inflated in order to instill fear into the public and make them run out to get the now highly politicized gene therapy “vaccine.” (see story and YouTube link, page eleven of this issue of FFJ).  This type of deliberately misleading marketing now calls all hospital data on COVID-19 into question.  None of it can be trusted.

    Deliberately faked hospital data, coupled with multiple mass-testing of the public never before done in history (many people are tested more than once) with an experimental PCR test that was excessively sensitive, the stage was set for artificially inflated “positive case” numbers to scare the public into submission.


“Flatten the Curve”

   Society was subjected to a felonious assault by the experts by having  business and community activity shut down.  The belief was it would control the spread of the virus.  The reality is, as a Rand Corporation study recently found, these lockdowns actually caused more deaths than the virus.  The real reason for the shutdown of economies was not public health, but economic.  The globalists who want to engage the world in their “Great Reset” have to eliminate as many private businesses as possible so they can monopolize the delivery of products and services on a purely rental basis, abolishing the ability of people to buy and own the products they need.


“Stop the Spread”

   A blind, stupid belief in face masks quickly developed by the media was forced on the population despite the fact that face masks were never designed or intended to stop respiratory viruses.  But, maintaining the illusion was more important than facts. Even the Occupational Safety and Health Administration got in on the scam.  The one organization that actually knows the science behind face masks, and would never allow cloth or surgical masks to be issued to coal miners for protection, somehow gave their nod of approval for these ridiculously ineffective masks to protect from a virus particle many times smaller than coal dust.  But, the illusion continues.


Discrediting Effective Treatments

   Early on, doctors found safe and effective treatments from already existing and approved medications that have been around for decades.  The establishment then vigorously attacked all of those doctors and treatments in order to maintain the illusion that there were no treatments available in order to continue the fear in society and ultimately create demand for an experimental gene therapy issued under “emergency use.”


“No Evidence”

   There were concerns about how the experimental gene therapy “vaccines” would affect pregnant women, or the reproductive systems of women yet to get pregnant.  The “experts” were paraded around in the news media saying “there is no evidence” that the gene therapies would induce harm.  Of course there weren’t, the gene therapies masquerading as “vaccines” weren’t tested on pregnant women to begin with and have now only been in circulation in the general public for nine months—the term of human pregnancy.  What we are now finding—but is being largely ignored—is that there is growing evidence at the U.S. FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System that the COVID-19 gene therapies are killing fetuses before they are born and are making babies breastfeeding from moms who have been vaxed deathly ill.  But the media simply ignores the evidence in order to continue their illusion.


Ignoring Natural


   By now, many millions of people have caught SARS-CoV-2, suffered, and fully recovered as their bodies naturally created antibodies and thus now have immunity.  This naturally acquired immunity has been found to be as much as 13 times greater than the ‘vaccines’ can give, but the media still continues to ignore and downplay natural immunity.


Vaccines as the Holy Grail

   The media’s narrative reporting strategy has been so effective at creating the illusion that by simply ignoring natural immunity, they create the delusion that vaccines—especially these experimental gene therapies—are the only answer to the problem they crafted out of whole cloth to begin with.  This delusion has become so entrenched in the public psyche that these experimental “vaccines” are now being mandated by private businesses and health care facilities as a condition of employment when there are no long term safety studies to show what the adverse effects of these toxic concoctions will be five or ten years down the road.  The health care field, especially, should understand this problem—and many do—but the momentum of the narrative is so powerful that otherwise knowledgeable and well-meaning administrators are sucked into the illusion and make irresponsible decisions by ignoring the known toxicity of the ‘vaccines’ and shutting down their minds to any idea that they may be slowly poisoning their staff, making them either sick or dead over the next few years.

   The level these so-called “vaccines” are being hyped and marketed shows the COVID plannedemic and subsequent vaccine program has nothing to do with public health, but rather, it’s an agenda.  And a nefarious one at that.


The Art of Delusion

   The way societies are sucked into a delusion is to first generate an intense amount of fear within them.  They then begin to think with the “fight or flight” portion of their brain instead of the cognitive, rational and reasoning portion.  They are set on self-preservation and survival only.  This sets up a system where they are unable to process information correctly to begin with.  The social controllers then infuse the public with conflicting statements about the crisis in order to confuse the people further.  While operating in fear mode, something the experts say today they take back tomorrow.  Following them, through the establishment media, the public is unable to think or reason to figure out a solution to the problem. 

   Between the stress imposed by lockdowns, forced face mask mandates, perpetually reporting death numbers and the bogus “positive cases” of flimsy, unreliable PCR tests, the public has no center of reasoning, no basis point to analyze for themselves what the true threat is so they succumb to the narrative and collectively slide into a mass-population delusion that hi-jacks their minds and forces them to conform to a pre-established groupthink that the global controllers have built for them.


- The End Game -

   The point of COVID-19 and the so-called “vaccines” was never about public health.  The whole pandemic was planned over the past couple years and war-gamed at a symposium called “Event 201” on the East Coast of the U.S. in the Fall of 2019 where the participants engaged in a mock coronavirus outbreak that would affect millions of people globally. This took place just two months before the “outbreak” occurred in Wuhan, China.

   The people who have placed themselves in charge of the world look upon their fellow humans as cattle, as ‘useless feeders’ and they believe there are too many people on earth for the resources available.  They believe they need to cull the herd (kill off a portion) in order to save the whole.  They then believe they need to manage that herd with selective killing from time to time, and managing the number of births through the use of selective sterilization and legislation. These are the people creating and selling the ‘vaccines.’

   Finally, those humans who are left can be dumbed-down and exploited as veritable prisoners in a digital slave grid where all business, commerce, movement and freedom is rationed out and controlled by a centralized, technocratic authority.    

   This is the world COVID was designed to create.

   If you allow it.