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The Burning Jet Fuel Myth




By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, September 12, 2018


The Real Controllers

   This being the anniversary of the 9/11 attack on the U.S. by the Globalists, we are all being treated to the establishment mythology once again.  However, too many people have gotten wise to the agenda and the government-fabricated myth isn’t selling as easily as it used to.  When I say “U.S. government” I am actually referring to the global elite who actually run our government from behind the scenes.  These people aren’t elected and they don’t make speeches on TV.  Instead, they plan our economy, our money system, our wars our Presidents and Congressmen.  These controllers populate the infamous Bilderberg group meetings, the Tri-lateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations—none of which are branches of the U.S. government.  The people in these nefarious groups also have the opportunity to get together once a year at their Moloch-worshipping theme park, called Bohemian Grove, in Southern California where they sacrifice a human in effigy to a 45 foot tall owl-god idol.  These are the people who actually run the U.S., as they do most other countries in the world.


The Deception

   On 9/11/01 one of the largest mass deceptions in the history of the world took place as the World Trade Towers in New York City were banana-peel imploded into their own basements using controlled demolitions in full view of millions of television viewers and thousands of on-site witnesses. 

   Because the news media, working in concert with the government, was able to control the amount and type of information the public saw, a distorted perception of reality was formed where most people initially believed the lie that the planes crashing into those towers brought the buildings down (But what about Building 7? No planes hit it and that evening the 47-story steel framed building imploded into its own footprint at free-fall speed for no apparent reason—but I digress).

    By limiting the information the viewing public had access to, the Muslim terrorist fable was able to be reinforced to the point that society collectively believed it to be real when they otherwise would have been skeptical of the story if they had access to more information.

   Some of the information kept from the public while the myth was being sold by globalist-friendly news media was:


1.) Galileo’s Law of Falling Objects predicts the speed of an object free-falling through space from a given distance above ground. While the official story says the tops of the building gave way and fell, causing all the floors below to ‘pancake’ on top of each other, the buildings fell at free-fall speed which could only have occurred if the resistance of all the floors below were taken out first, with strategically placed and timed controlled demolitions


2.) The buildings were designed to withstand aircraft impacts by using a strong central core of steel columns.  These columns were huge box beams aligned vertically and latticed together.  They acted like a massive spine and were surrounded by a lightweight ‘scaffolding’ of floors and a window mesh type aluminum skin outer wall. (see picture, this page)


3.) Jet fuel is essentially high-grade kerosene and does not burn hot enough to melt steel. While the planes burned a cool, sooty black fire for around an hour, World Trade Center North endured a three hour blazing inferno in 1975, burning highly volatile chemicals. The fire spread between several floors and burned much hotter than the airplane fuel but the building never collapsed. 

(  )


4.) There was visible evidence of Thermite and Thermate—extremely powerful steel-cutting compounds flowing out of the sides of the buildings as a white-hot molten metal just before the buildings collapsed.


5.) The collapse of both buildings—and Building 7— was symmetrical as they fell neatly into their own basements—a feat only achieved with strategically placed demolitions, timed at precise intervals by a team of experienced demolition engineers.


6.) The glass from the windows of the ground floor was found by witnesses and firefighters to be blown out into the street shortly after the impact of the planes. This would indicate an explosion inside the building, near its base, as the reason for the dispersement of glass outside the buildings.


7.) The World Trade Towers were  aging and rents were down.  They were also filled with asbestos and the abatement of them would have run into the billions of dollars.


8.) Lower level FBI investigators had discovered a plan to fly planes into the World Trade Towers around a year in advance, but were ignored by their superiors when they took that information to them.


9.) The plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon left no wreckage, no bodies, no damage to the lawn, and no damage to the building where the wings and engines would have hit.  It’s as if it disappeared, leaving only a 20 foot hole in the building. 


The Science of Jet Fuel vs.

the Government Myth


  Let's talk about burning jet fuel now, since that is the core of the government's fairy tale on how the building imploded.

   Jet fuel, which is essentially high grade kerosene, does not burn hot enough in free air to melt steel - not even close.  In open air, kerosene burns at a temperature of 500°F to 599°F, a far ways away from the actual melting point of any type of steel.  After all, kerosene heaters are made out of steel and they don’t melt.

   The temperature of jet grade kerosene inside a jet engine combustion chamber, however, burns at 2,057° F. Since (carbon) steel begins to soften at 2,066° F and is completely molten at 2,400, it is plausible that the structural integrity of carbon steel (that is steel with 2.1% carbon by weight) is compromised when inside a jet engine combustion chamber and is perilously close to melting.  However, jet engines are made with more than just carbon steel.  They are composed of alloys of titanium, and other esoteric metals that increase the strength and melting point in order to keep them from catastrophic failure.

   Now, there are a few conditions that have to be met inside that jet engine combustion chamber for kerosene to reach those temperatures just mentioned. First, the engine has to be running at full throttle. Second, the fuel has to be properly “atomized.” Let me explain atomizing fuel. Kerosene - like fuel oil in a furnace, or diesel fuel in an engine - is not just dribbled or dumped into the combustion chamber and lit on fire; it has to be atomized, first. When you spray window cleaner in the “spray” position, you will notice the cleaner squirts out into the air in a mist, rather than a stream. It is this mist that resembles the atomizing of jet fuel as it enters the combustion chamber. There are very specific parameters to this atomizing process in order to get the fuel to burn at optimum efficiency and thus reach those temperatures.

   Third, the pressure inside the combustion chamber of the jet engine needs to be 150 psi (pounds per square inch). This pressure causes the fuel to burn more efficiently and through things called venturies and nozzles, thrust is produced.

   If a jet engine is working properly under those conditions, there will be no smoke at all coming out of it.

   The World Trade Center towers did not enjoy any of the conditions found inside of a highly pressurized and finely-tuned jet engine combustion chamber.  Most of the fuel in the planes that were run into the World Trade towers exploded in a fireball outside the buildings when the respective planes impacted. The remaining fuel that made it into the building would have simply been dumped all over the floors and walls. 

   Since the buildings were not built to be airtight and the gaping airplane holes in the sides of them were just created, it's merely rhetorical to ask if the pressure inside those buildings, where the fires were burning, was able to approach 150 psi with a precisely atomized fuel/air mixture. Obviously, that was impossible.

   Now, we have two buildings the government and mainstream media said had jet fuel burning hot enough to melt steel and that was what caused them to collapse. However, the undisputable facts show the only way for jet grade kerosene to even approach the melting point of steel is to be inside a combustion chamber at full throttle, properly atomized and burning at 150 psi. None of those conditions were met in the poorly burning, oxygen starved open-air fires that we witnessed in both of the trade towers. None.

   Furthermore, the North tower already withstood a much hotter and longer burning fire in 1975 and it did not collapse.

   These notes herein are not my opinion, they are comprised of facts. For example, it is not my opinion that steel’s lowest melting point is 2,066° F. It is not my opinion jet fuel burns at maximum temperature inside a combustion chamber, properly atomized, under 150 psi, at 2,057° F. It is not my opinion that an efficiently burning fire produces little or no smoke; while an oxygen-starved fire produces a lot of smoke. It is further not my opinion the Trade Towers were built to withstand airplane impacts by using a system of massive vertically oriented steel columns in their cores.

   None of the above is my opinion, but the government and mainstream media has taught you all that anybody who questions their “official” story is somehow a conspiracy theorist and is merely giving opinions. Facts are not opinions; facts are facts.

   Without getting into the symmetrical nature of the fall of both of those buildings, or Galileo’s Law of Falling objects (yet), and simply looking at the temperature of the burning fires to determine if the buildings could have fallen as the government and its mainstream media mouthpieces have successfully sold to the vast majority of Americans, one who has an open mind will surely conclude that the government and its associates in the mainstream media are absolutely lying to us.


What We All Saw

   Now, let's make pretend the government's fairy tale about the WTC jet fuel burning hot enough to melt, or even seriously weaken the structure of the buildings, was true. Let's look closer at what we actually saw on 9/11.

   When a fire is burning at less than optimum efficiency, it is burning very “cool” which leads to a lot of smoke. You will notice this when you first light a fire in a wood stove, a lot of smoke goes up the chimney until the fire gets up to temperature, then you notice hardly any smoke at all.

   On 9/11 we all watched a dark, black, sooty smoke billowing from both of the World Trade towers. This indicated a very slow burning, inefficient, “cool” fire. There were even people waving for help from the gaping hole the airplanes created. So, hardly a fire hot enough to structurally weaken steel. Audio tapes of firefighters’ radio contacts released from that day have one firefighter witnessing the fire from inside the building saying there were “two isolated pockets of fire” and requesting “two lines” to knock the fires out. Again, hardly a raging inferno hot enough to melt, or structurally weaken steel.

   Also, when one considers the 1975 fire that raged in the North WTC tower for 3½ hours like a “blow torch” and moved between floors, it is very interesting that the steel then did not get hot enough to collapse.

   The government and mainstream media have successfully trained most people to have the knee-jerk reaction to call anyone who doesn’t agree with the government’s “official” story on anything a “conspiracy theorist.” However, the points I raise here are not theories, they are facts. The melting points of various types of steel aren’t theories, they are facts. That fires smoke profusely when starved for oxygen isn’t a theory, it is a fact. The government’s story simply cannot be corroborated with known facts and that is no “theory” at all, conspiracy or otherwise.

   Given television’s ability to hypnotize viewers with the screen flicker rate and the likelihood television “news” organizations are employing subliminal messaging systems such as Silent Sound Spread Spectrum on their viewers in order to sell the government’s agenda, I can see where people can so adamantly support the government’s propaganda without any independent thoughts of their own.

  I’m not going to go further with the mass deception points here because space is limited. I’m not saying who imploded those buildings, I’m only saying that they were imploded and the government and mainstream media were lying to us and continue to do so to this day.  Why would they lie?  Well, there’s big profit in the subsequent war that resulted and the massive new restrictions on our freedoms didn’t hurt their program of domination, either.


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