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Where’s the Plane?

Something Exploded at the Pentagon on 9/11, but it Wasn’t a Plane




By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal

September 11, 2019


   A lot happened on 9/11 after the terrorist attack on the U.S.  From that day, on I have never bought the government’s “official” story as parroted incessantly in the mainstream media, for two reasons.  First, we all know how to tell when a government bureaucrat is lying to us:  His lips are moving.  Second, the facts don’t stand up to objective scrutiny no matter how many government apologists like Popular Mechanics, PBS and the Smithsonian magazine attempt to massage them to fit the narrative.

   With the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act authorizing sundry branches of government to commence spying on Americans, to setting up the Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FINCIN) to combat the barter system (people trading products and services using something other than cash or checks in the transaction), we sure have suffered a lot at the hands of the criminals who occupy our government.  But most sadly, the people who should be on the lookout - namely the media - have from that day on been neutered and rendered ineffective by a corporate media system that must cater to advertisers on the one hand and acquiesce to government on the other in order to maintain their business standing.  Post-911, journalists who have sought to actually do their job and investigate the facts were shunned by their peers, threatened by their bosses and ostracized by the general public all for questioning the government’s official story and pointing out the facts don’t line up with the rhetoric.  For this they get branded as “kooks,” “tin foil hat conspiracy theorists,” and “anti-American.”  Most people say they want the media to report the truth, until the truth is actually reported.  Then, they shut off their eyes and ears and don’t want to know what’s been found.  This is the reason the media lies so much; fear of being boycotted and fear of losing much-needed advertising revenue.

   In this 9/11 anniversary issue of the Fort Fairfield Journal, I will continue to attempt to analyze the data about those attacks and elucidate how the government’s story still doesn’t square up with the facts that we do know.

   I’ve dealt with the World Trade Towers in past issues of FFJ and have concluded to myself beyond a reasonable doubt that those two towers did not collapse due to airplane impacts.  In this issue of the Journal, I want to look at the Pentagon to see if we can learn anything from the photos and if those photos corroborate the government’s “official” story.

   According to the “official” story, American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 was hijacked by a gang of Islamic terrorists who forced open the Flight Deck Door and took over the airplane’s controls, subsequently turning it and ramming it into the Pentagon.

   The mainstream media has been indefatigable at pushing this narrative onto the gullible masses.  However, what they fail to mention is there is a discrepancy between the official narrative and data obtained from the National Transportation Safety Board, which indicates the Flight Deck Door on Flight 77 was never opened during the flight.  Oops, they forgot to close that loophole with the NTSB.  In analyzing data from the black box flight recorders of both the alleged Pentagon crash site and the crash over Pennsylvania, the data recorded by the black boxes in those two planes have them flying completely different flight plans than those described in the official government narrative.  It’s even been shown that Flight 93 - the so-called “Let’s Roll” flight, landed in Cleveland that morning and did not crash in Pennsylvania at all.  Why isn’t any of this talked about?  Because a mass majority of the general public has been programmed to label anyone putting out such information as “anti-American” and a “conspiracy theorist.”

   What’s even more troubling is the physics of the supposed crash.  If the plane would have in fact hit as described by the government, there would have been massive collateral damage either side of the main impact site caused by the wings.  Furthermore, the wings would have been shorn off of the fuselage and been smashed up next to the building.  However, of the hundreds of photos taken of the site, none show any wings, luggage, bodies, or airplane parts.  Some apologist websites have produced pictures of what appear to be the wheels and engine parts from a 757 but most are close-ups without any frame of reference to the Pentagon crime scene so there is no way to correlate the photos with the Pentagon crash; some aren’t even parts from a 757.

   CNN reporter, Jamie McIntyre reported the collapse occurred 45 minutes after the impact. He was the first reporter on the scene and had his videos and photos confiscated by the Feds; a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) action failed to return them.  Afterwards, McIntyre was quoted as saying he saw no evidence for an airplane impact at the site.  By reviewing photos of the pre-collapse condition, you will see the area that ultimately collapsed did not have any large, gaping hole where an airplane would have slammed through the building.  Furthermore, the area on the ground immediately in front of the alleged “impact” site shows large wire reels from the construction crews that apparently have been undisturbed by something as substantial as an impact from a Boeing 757.  The wire reels, and the ground around them, exhibit a whitish haze, this is due to the firefighters recently foaming the area with compressed foam to contain the fire at that site.  So, here we have a construction site with the ground immediately in front of the impact site undisturbed and no gaping airplane hole in the building, which is plain to see.  This evidence alone is enough to refute the government’s official narrative and even the most ardent government supporter.  Yet, websites abound both within the mainstream media and by unnamed anonymous pseudo reporters who continue to claim they are “debunking” conspiracy theorists but yet use the same flimsy evidence and loosey goosey rhetoric to support their position that they blame the other side for using to support theirs.

   If we could all just quiet down, ignore all the noise (it’s best to watch the mainstream television news with the sound turned off, anyway. You can learn more that way), and just consider the pictures presented, it would take very little time for the government’s story to unravel.

   But, that’s only if you want the story to unravel.  As I said at the beginning of this editorial, most people claim to want to know the truth, but they don’t really.  Most people are actually just crowd followers and if the government and mainstream media have enough people moving in one direction, the rest of society will pretty much step in line and follow along.  Social pressure, character assassination and ostracizing those who question the “official story” and labeling them as “unpatriotic” is usually enough to keep independent researchers either quiet, or busy defending their position to a majority of the population that simply doesn’t want to believe the truth that is sitting right in front of them in plain sight.  It sure is hard to sell a truth-seeking newspaper to that crowd, believe me! [note: the Fort Fairfield Journal is still availale in a print edition, whose readers cannot be tracked and traced by the NSA]

      One of the independent researchers who wouldn’t shut up is the late Major General Albert Stubblebine - U.S. Army (ret), former Commanding General of U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM).  In an interview for German television, Gen. Stubblebine explained the level of his command.  “In my last assignment, my last command, I was responsible for all of the Army’s strategic intelligence forces around the world.  I had responsibility for the signals intelligence, photo intelligence, counterintelligence, human intelligence.  They all belonged to me in my last assignment.  In addition, I’ve had other assignments in which I was responsible for photo interpretation at the strategic level.  As a young officer, I was responsible for the Army’s photo interpretation center.  So, I have had a lot of experience looking at photographs.”

   When asked about what hit the Pentagon on 911, Stubblebine said, “I don’t know exactly what hit it, but I do know from the photographs that I have looked at and analyzed very, very carefully it was not an airplane.”

   So, what did hit the Pentagon?  That’s a question that remains open.  But this much is sure: it wasn’t an airplane, and certainly not one the size of the Boeing 757 that was Flight 77.  Now, if you want to continue believing government fairy tales, go ahead.  But, don’t ask me to.


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