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Manifesting Destiny

Be careful what you wish for;

be careful about what you believe




By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

August 26, 2020


   There is a hypothesis which describes life, consciousness and the origin of it all that runs contrary to the establishment scientific as well as religious narratives.

   Our current, accepted understanding of reality is that matter came into existence in the universe first, then life forms came along from it and ultimately conscious.  Scientists and religious leaders have argued about the mechanism for years, but both seem to agree that the events happened in that particular order.  

   In studies of consciousness and quantum physics over the past one hundred years, though, some interesting challenges to that doctrine/dogma have been unveiled that reverse the order of events, placing consciousness first, then all of material reality  manifesting out of conscious perception.  More on that, later.


99 Red Balloons

   Anyone my age, who went through High School in the early to mid-1980’s will likely remember the German rock band, Nena and their hit song, 99 Luftballons which topped the charts here in the U.S. in its original German language (later translated into English as 99 Red Balloons, but didn’t do as well.)

   While the two versions vary from each other poetically in spots, the main gist of the song is that the narrator releases a bunch of balloons, these balloons get spotted by military leaders who then perceive them to be an alien spacecraft (in the German version) or a nuclear attack (in the English version).  In both songs, the leaders assemble a military response and end up fighting each other, each perceiving the other side to be the threat.  In the end, the world is destroyed with only a few scattered survivors, decimated cities and one balloon.

   The song itself talks about misperception, but it could more esoterically be describing manifesting a reality based upon a person, or group’s, deeply held subconscious beliefs.  Those beliefs then become reality - whatever reality really is.  More on that, later.



   The movie, Sphere (1998, Warner Brothers), starring Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Stone and Dustin Hoffman examine the concept of manifesting reality a little more closely.

   The three heroes are part of a team deployed to the “crash” site of an unknown craft on the bottom of the ocean.  Inside the craft they find a strange spherical object that is paradoxically liquid and solid at the same time.  Each go inside of it and come out able to manifest whatever they imagine.

   As it turns out, man tends to always imagine the worst.  So, Ted (Dustin Hoffman) manifests his fear of jellyfish as a giant swarm of monster killer jellyfish that kills one of the crew members.  Harry (Samuel L. Jackson) manifests his fear of squid with a giant killer squid that attacks their underwater control base and kills another crew member.  He also manifests hundreds of copies of the book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, but all pages after page 87 are blank since page 87 is where the killer squid appears and he chooses not to manifest the rest of the story.

   Beth (Sharon Stone) then manifests a killer eel and a gaggle of killer sea snakes.  She then, using this power of manifestation, unwittingly triggers the timer on a set of explosives she set up for a perimeter defense earlier. 

   I won’t give away the movie for those of you who haven’t seen it.  But, suffice it to say, the moral lesson was that man, with all of his abilities, benevolent desires and good will, always seems to tend toward thinking the worst and that inward thinking then bubbles to the surface, outwardly manifesting itself as reality.  Be careful what you wish for; be careful about what you believe.


Quantum Physics & Biocentrism

   Okay, I baited you in with the first two sections and dangled you to this point.  Now I’ll discuss how some physicists believe consciousness actually creates the material world around us.

   The concept is called Biocentrism.  Its hypothesis postulates that consciousness was here first, then manifested the universe, matter and all we perceive as physical reality for it to interact with.  Now, let me explain.

   For the past hundred years, physicists have been experimenting with the famous double slit experiment.   To keep a long story short, let me just explain that they found if you fired a single photon of light (or electron) at one slit in a barrier, then two slits, that one particular photon seems to behave like a solid particle (when one slit is open) and paradoxically like a wave (when both slits are open).  When they attempt to keep both slits open and determine which slit the photon actually goes through it turns back into behaving like a particle - as if it was aware it was being watched.  They even took it one step further by setting up a sophisticated apparatus to detect the photon after it would have gone through one or the other of the slits - only to find that measuring after-the-fact the photon still reverts to behaving like a particle even though it should have been a wave going through both slits a fraction of a second earlier.  The photon then it seems has gone back in time, after it “realized” it was being measured, and chose to manifest as a particle, instead of a wave. 

   Scientists are still bewildered by this quirk of quantum physics to this day.  It seems consciousness plays a role in how the photon is manifested depending upon whether it’s observed (position measured) or not.  They have also found the same wave-particle duality in electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks all the way up to atoms that are believed to make up what we eventually perceive as solid, physical reality.

   Now, for reality.  There is really no such thing as “solid” mass.  We only perceive things to be solid because of our conscious relationship with them.  For example, the walls of your house, the floor you’re standing on or the chair you’re sitting in are believed to be solid, but a radio wave goes right through them as if they weren’t there (notwithstanding lead, steel and other heavy metals but that’s outside the scope of this discussion).  If you were to enlarge the atoms in these “solid” objects to the point where the nucleus was the size of a basketball, the electrons in the outer shells would be hundreds of miles away, with everything in between simply empty space.

   So, when a photon goes through both slits and behaves like a wave, one would have to ask, “a wave of what?”   The answer is a wave of probability.  That is, the probability that that particular photon, electron, atom, etc. will manifest at a particular point in space and time when it is ultimately perceived by a conscious entity.  The only reason something feels solid to the touch is the negatively charged electrons in the outer shell of the atoms that make up our bodies are repelling the negatively charged electrons in the outer shells of the atoms in the object that is being touched.  Think of two magnets that repel each other when the north pole of one magnet gets close to the north pole of another magnet.  We all are, in effect “hovering” over the ground and floors we walk on - not directly contacting them.  That would be a physical impossibility due to the law of repulsion of like charges.

     These probability waves are spread out over the entirety of space in much the same way that a holographic image is stored on a holographic plate.  I’m not talking about the holograms that show up on children’s toys and cereal boxes.  I’m talking about a real hologram that creates a 3D image of the subject that you can walk all the way around and see it extending into space in all three dimensions as if the image was really there.  The interesting thing about holographic plates is that when you look at them under a microscope the image captured on them only appears as a bunch of abstract, wavy lines.  Those are the waves of probability captured on the film plate.  Now, if you smashed that plate into a hundred little pieces and shined the source light through each of them, they would each contain the whole image - not a part of it - and each would be capable of creating the original 3D image extending out into space for us to observe.  Now, isn’t that curious.

   Further research has shown that mathematically all of what we perceive as the physical realm can be condensed down to something resembling a pixel on a television screen.  Only, this “pixel” manifests in all three dimensions, unlike a two dimensional television picture.

   Now, it seems consciousness plays more of a part in manifesting what we perceive as reality than we once thought it did.  It seems consciousness is the base of all that is, and it merely manifests solid particles out of the sea of probability waves that we are all immersed in.  This is the essence of the theory of Biocentrism and seems to be what’s being described in the Biblical book of Genesis in the “waters” of the Creation story.  I wrote an entire book on that topic, soon to be published, so I won’t bother re-writing it here in this limited space.


A Trailer Hitch

   A few years ago, I was helping a friend move to a new home.  With an empty trailer, we were heading back home as night started to come.  We hit a bump then heard a loud crash.  The trailer had detached from the truck.  We didn’t know that the trailer ball on the detachable Reece hitch was 1/8” smaller than the hitch it was holding so with no weight to hold it in place, the trailer bounced off, breaking the hitch. 

   There we were, standing on the side of the road, it getting darker by the minute and in a town where we didn’t know anybody.  Then, somebody from across the street came over, saw our predicament and oddly had the exact size ball and hitch we needed for the hitch that was on the truck.  He replaced the ball and hitch with the correct parts from his collection and asked us to return them when we were finished.  Again, this was a stranger neither of us knew, who happened to be right there when the hitch broke, and happened to have an exact hitch to fix our problem and send us on our way. 

   A couple weeks later, my friend attempted to return the hitch and ball that we borrowed but found the person we borrowed it from was no longer there and the people who were at that house didn’t know anything about it.

   Now, some would describe this as Divine Intervention and that a miracle took place as God sent that man with the correct hitch to our aid.  Others would point to Biocentrism and say it was our own consciousness, seeing the gravity of the situation, manifesting the person and the proper trailer hitch for us to use to get us on our way.  I’m not here to say it was one or the other.  Perhaps it was both, one being the form and the other being the function of that manifestation.  All I know for sure is that it was certainly an intriguing set of events.


Whose Movie is it?

   If Biocentrism is the function where our consciousness manifests the reality we perceive, then we are in a sense actively participating in a sort of 3D holographic movie, aren’t we?  Since we know from scientific experiment that there is no such thing as solid mass - only the perception of it - then it must follow that reality is what our conscious mind perceives.  Now, this begs the question.  Am I the only entity in the universe and am simply perceiving everyone else in the world into existence (this is called, Solipsism), or are there really seven billion individual conscious entities each manifesting their own part in the 3D holographic movie that we all are sharing in?  It’s really not possible to determine for sure one way or another because it’s impossible to take our consciousness outside of reality and observe our reality from the “outside.”  So, base reality, like consciousness, will have to remain a mystery for now.  


Be Careful What you Wish for; be careful about what you believe

   Perhaps this is what Jesus was cautioning his followers about in Matthew 26:52 which essentially states in plain English, the phrase many are already familiar with, “he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.”

   That could be taken as one whose consciousness manifests a reality of violence and bloodshed will eventually succumb to that fate since it is the “movie” that conscious entity is choosing to manifest for itself.

   Taken to its next logical step on a religious platform, Biocentrism suggests (presuming Solipsism isn’t the paradigm I’m in) that every different end-times religious belief system out there will ultimately manifest itself in “reality” within the consciousness of the respective religions’ observers.  In this sense, every religious belief is right, and the world is and will end as those particular believers have chosen to believe - each experiencing a conscious reality at death based upon what their beliefs are.  I know this is a wild concept, but not impossible.  We simply don’t know enough about consciousness yet to determine how far down the rabbit hole goes.

   Now, with that admonishment to be careful about what you believe (because you might end up manifesting it into your reality) about the end of life/end of world scenario, it would be sage advice for handling the beliefs we have about the world around us that we’re living in, now.

   The people who run the world are not elected but have been in charge since there was a neighbor to be in control of (or so it seems, anyway, this might all just be a manifestation).

   With the current cycle of violence gripping the U.S. and the irrational fear over COVID-19, which it turns out isn’t anywhere near as bad as we were told it was going to be, we should be very careful about telling our subconscious mind what we expect to happen next. 

   For example, if we keep saying radical, communist leftists will gain control and turn the U.S. into a gulag cesspool worse than the former Soviet Union and East Germany, then our subconscious mind might just accommodate us by manifesting that reality and project it out there as a manifestation that we get to then consciously perceive and suffer under.   Likewise, if we continue to allow the mainstream media to craft the narrative that COVID-19 is a super deadly disease that we’re all going to die from unless we wear face masks for the rest of our lives and submit to vaccines that are designed to alter our DNA, then perhaps our subconscious mind will manifest that scenario into our perceived reality.   The lesson then becomes, “Be careful what you wish for; be careful about what you believe.”

  If you don’t want the reality you’re currently in, then perhaps you can choose a different one in the same way you change a DVD to watch a different movie.  At the end of the day, you “are what you eat” and you will live in the reality that you manifest for yourself to perceive.


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