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The Great

Corona Con

Who Conned Us, How they Did it and Why




By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, August 12, 2020


  Suppose we are being conned.  Some might say, corona-conned with a virus that has generated more hype, hyperbole, rhetoric and spin than any other event in human history.  The purpose for the con is one thing: a reduction of world population by 90% with the remaining humans reduced to literal slaves of a technocratic elite that employ veritable armies of AI robots to do the heavy manufacturing and service work whilst the remaining human chattel slaves fill in the hard labor the bots cannot efficiently do.  That culling of the population will be achieved with mRNA and DNA-altering vaccines, which are being developed now and deployed for the first time ever to combat a flu virus.  Now people won’t sit still for being overtly murdered and enslaved out in plain view, so a clever con had to be developed to trick them into it and make the murder happen over time in the form of cancer, HIV, and other yet unforeseen esoteric illnesses that are the bullets and bombs of this new war against humanity.  The guns and cannons have been replaced with needles and syringes; food additives and aerial spraying.  This con to trick humanity into accepting a vaccine that will ultimately exterminate them and  is using weaponized fear and propaganda at never before seen levels and unites the media with government in a full-on assault against minds of humanity.  Here is the analysis of how that con may have been perpetrated against us.



   There are four players in a typical con.  Three of them are confederates within the con while the fourth is its victim.

   It has been said that a confidence game is like putting on a play where everybody - except the victim - knows their part.


The Mark

   The Mark is the target and victim of a con.  The Mark is usually an unwitting person or people who are sucked in by the salesmanship and finesse of the con’s actors.


The Roper

   The Roper is usually the first contact a Mark has in a con.  Using clever tactics to gain the trust of the Mark, the Roper initiates the deal and lures the Mark to the con’s ultimate conclusion.


The Inside Man

   The Inside Man is a person in a position of legitimate authority and is used to either dupe the Mark into believing the Roper’s story or to, in some other way, enable the Roper to complete the con.


The Shill

   The Shill is the person within the con who is the most destructive because they appear to be a disinterested third party who corroborates the story of the Roper.  Wikipedia has a great opening definition of Shill which states a shill is; “a person who publicly helps or gives credibility to a person or organization without disclosing they have a close relationship with the person or organization.  Shills can carry out their operations in areas of media, journalism, marketing, politics, confidence games, or other business areas.  A shill may also act to discredit opponents or critics of the person or organization in which they have a vested interest through character assassination or other means.”


A Quick Example

   Suppose you are at a community pot luck dinner expressing your interest in bridges.  A stranger named John approaches you and says he has a bridge over the Hudson River in New York that he’s willing to sell you.  A lady named Sue, sitting nearby, appears to be overhearing your conversation and says she just bought some property from John last month and was very happy with it.

   Intrigued, but still not sure of John’s legitimacy, you contact the county registrar’s office in New York where this bridge is said to be.  You ask the county registrar, named Dick if John is in fact the title holder on this bridge, at which point you are assured he is.

   You then go to the bank, withdraw the money and give it to John, thinking you have just bought the bridge of your dreams.  John promises to send the paperwork immediately.  Days go by, you never hear from John again.  You contact  Dick at the county registrar’s office in New York.  He says he has no information on where John is and that there is no paperwork filed for transfer of the ownership of the bridge.

   You look around for Sue but can’t find her anywhere, either.

   You now realize that you’ve been conned, lost your money, and have no hope of ever getting it back.

   In this scenario, John is the Roper who gains your initial trust and sets up the con.  Sue is the Shill who corroborates John’s position and story.  Dick is the Inside Man in a position of authority that you think you can trust to give you accurate information.  As you’re being sucked in, you don’t realize all three of them are working together to dupe you out of your money.

   This is the basic framework of a con and has been adapted and deployed in many various ways by clever actors throughout history.   

   Now comes the greatest con of all - but one with potentially devastating consequences - a con that could cost you more than money.  It could cost you your life.


The Great Corona Con 


The Roper - President Trump

   In February, 2020 the mantra of a new flu virus begins to be developed.  President Trump appears to be indifferent, but eventually takes some measures that make it seem this is going to be a really bad virus.  This attracts the concern of the American people.  As the virus progresses throughout the U.S. and around the world, Trump then makes conflicting statements to confuse and obfuscate the issue.  For example, after going maskless for months, President Trump recently sent out an Email message to all his supporters to wear face masks all day long to ostensibly stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus because he said it’s the “patriotic” thing to do.  This, despite the fact that the U.S. CDC published a report in May which stated there’s no scientific evidence that face masks stop the spread of respiratory viruses.

   Exuding pomp and fluff about the scary coronavirus - which has killed many people, but probably not as many as has been claimed - President Trump then brings in the Inside Man, Dr. Anthony Fauci to lend his authority to the con.


The Inside Man - Dr. Fauci

   As director of the National Institute for Allergies and Infectious Diseases,  Dr. Fauci is the perfect inside man to promote and lend a degree of authority and officialdom to this virus story.  He presents one  scary, life-threatening scenario after another in order to convince (con) the public into believing the virus is going to exterminate a large portion of the world’s population; that draconian measures to destroy the economy and livelihood of millions of people are necessary to “stop the spread;” and that this carnage has to continue unabated until a vaccine is developed and deployed in the population.

   People are sucked in to Dr. Fauci’s suave and cool presentation.  However, most are unaware he may have profit connections to vaccine manufacturers and how he may benefit from a DNA-altering vaccine is ultimately forced on society.

   As public distrust grows against Fauci, President Trump appears to distance himself from the great and illustrious doctor.  But, that’s okay, because the shills that are the mainstream, establishment media have picked up the ball and continue to run Fauci as the end-all, be-all guru we all must listen to.  At the end of the day, the goal is for the con-men to convince everyone to accept a vaccine in order to “protect” themselves from the scary virus.

   Now comes the marketing division of this con, the Shill.


The Shill - the Mainstream Media

   The mainstream, corporate, establishment - I call it “theatrical” - news media is incessantly fear-mongering the public by focusing first on inflated death numbers, then on a contrived, multi-counted “surge” in cases of COVID-19.  There is very little talk about recoveries or successes in their narrative.

   Since the ultimate goal is a vaccine, the shill media works feverishly to quash and discredit any treatments for COVID-19 that appear to be working successfully.  We have seen that play out in the full-on assault on hydroxychloroquine.  When coupled with zinc, Hydroxychloroquine really is working to quash COVID-19’s symptoms in the early stages of the infection and allows the body to recover from it without all the deadly inflammation that afflicts many of its victims.  However, allowing this treatment to gain traction would not be conducive to the environment of fear necessary to induce people into accepting a vaccine.  So, the assault on Hydroxychloroquine and the doctors who promote it has become a relentless battle in this con.

   The mainstream media tries to present itself as a disinterested third party by criticizing the Roper - President Trump - at every chance they get so the public won’t get wise to the fact that the two are actually working together with the Inside Man to perpetrate this fraud.

   A vast majority of the American people are now mesmerized by the television media and parrot the talking points incessantly within their own echo chambers that are social media platforms.

   Social media is a new development in the con game and psychopolitical operators have quickly learned how to take advantage of it.  In the “old days” the television news and newspapers that make up corporate media would simply conspire to craft a narrative to con the people, then rely on them to talk amongst themselves “around the water cooler” at work.  That worked for a great many years until the advent of the internet and social media.  These new technologies have amplified the shill work of the mainstream media to levels never before seen in the history of the world.  Now, instead of influencing the thoughts and ideas of half a dozen people at work, a person can be trained to parrot and reinforce talking points from the mainstream media and repeat them inside the echo chamber of social media where those points resonate and are duplicated with hundreds and, exponentially, thousands of others as the memes and talking points get hastily forwarded to friends lists by other friends without any research, rebuttal or critical thinking.

   This echo chamber has made social media platforms a weapons-grade shill system for the media in promoting the corona con and convincing people to go along with it.

   There is another angle of attack in this con.  It is the visual symbolism of the surgical face mask.  Humans are typically wired to be crowd-followers.  When they see their peers in society all wearing face masks, the subliminal cue is “I accept being a victim.”  Most conform to social pressure and wear a mask for fear of social ostracization.  This is why so many are now wearing face masks - not because masks stop viral spread (they don’t) - but, rather, because “everybody else is doing it.”

  At the end of the day this corona con isn’t about the money.  The government prints the money.  Yes, the vaccine manufacturers will make billions of dollars on the public’s insatiable appetite for the COVID-19 vaccine, but the end result really isn’t about profit or money.  It’s about control and culling.  It’s about reducing world population by 90% of its current level and creating a slave class society from those who are left.

   This is the con game, the corona con game being waged against humanity worldwide.  Judging from how many people are now running around wearing those silly, ridiculous face masks - which do not stop the spread of viruses anyway - in stores, walking alone down the street and driving around in their cars, one can see nearly 90% of the population has been wholly and completely duped by the con.  Many of these people will run to get in line for the vaccine and will comprise the 90% that will ultimately die as a result of this con.



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