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Today’s Modern Day Witch Hunts



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

August 11, 2021


  We look back on the superstitious beliefs of the medieval period - also known as the “dark ages” because of the purposeful lack of knowledge and understanding of the world imposed on the common people to keep them oppressed and enslaved - with a kind of incredulity as to how so many people could have been duped into hunting down so-called “witches” and murdering them on a whim all because of the fear and hysteria ginned up by the establishment Christian church; an organization who was the “mainstream media” of the day because they controlled the flow of knowledge and information to the masses.

   In her book, The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, Barbara Walker gives a thorough and well-researched account of the plight of so-called “witches” for a period spanning over 500 years from around 1200 to 1700.

   The fear and hysteria built up against witches came to a point where Walker describes, “Men displayed a lively interest in the physical appearance of witches, seeking to know how to recognize them - as men also craved rules for recognizing other types of women from their physical appearance.  It was generally agreed that any woman with dissimilar eyes was a witch.  Where most people had dark eyes and swarthy complexions, as in Spain and Italy, pale blue eyes were associated with witchcraft.  Many claimed any woman with red hair was a witch.  This may have been because red-haired people are usually freckled, and freckles were often identified as ‘witch marks,’ as were moles, warts, birthmarks, pimples, pockmarks, cysts, liver spots, wens, or any other blemish...No one ever explained how the witch marks differed from an ordinary blemish.  Since few bodies were unblemished, the search for the mark seldom failed.” (op. cit. p. 1079)

   Witches were also popular scapegoats in the antiquated medical field of the day.  Walker explains, “Witches were convenient scapegoats for doctors who failed to cure their patients, for it was the ‘received’ belief that witch-caused illnesses were incurable.  Weyer said, ‘Ignorant and clumsy physicians blame all sicknesses which they are unable to cure, or which they have treated wrongly, on witchery.’  There were also priests and monks who ‘claim to understand the healing art and they lie to those who seek help that their sicknesses are derived from witchery.’” (ibid)

   This irrational fear of witches was crafted in the public mind by the Christian church.  First and foremost, it was next to illegal to not believe in witches because the Bible mentioned their existence and to disbelieve in them was to go against God’s Holy and inerrant word.  Back then, that could get you tortured or killed at the hand of a church Inquisitor.  And it often did.

   Ergo, the killing of witches was somehow twisted into obedience to God - a very powerful motivator.

    The general population of people throughout history, regardless of socio-economic status or geographic location are by-in-large simple minded and easily fooled.  Busy just trying to live their lives, there isn’t much time for most people to research and gather knowledge about the world and events around them so they rely on “trusted” sources to do that work for them.  When it comes to reading and understanding scientific data, the same is today as it was then.  While the news media of today is supposed to be the watchdog and disseminator of knowledge, it has been mostly co-opted by multi-national corporations and used to propagandize, dumb-down and mislead the public for oft-times dangerously nefarious ends. 

   Today’s mass-marketers have taken their lessons out of the propaganda playbook that has been written and revised for hundreds of years.  Walker explains of the medieval church, “When the church discovered that common folk couldn’t understand the doctrinal subtleties of heresy and didn’t care about theological arguments, persecution was extended into areas that were accessible to the public mind, so the church could maintain its control of that mind.  For example, in the region of Bonn a late spring frost of 1610 ruined crops and was officially described as an act of God.  Twenty years later, after the witch judges came to the area, the same kind of natural disasters were blamed exclusively on witches.” (op cit. p. 1084).

   Back then, if you were accused of being a “witch” you didn’t have that long to live and usually died a horrible and painful death.  Your accusers would either smash in your head with a large rock, skin you alive or tie you up to a large wooden stake and burn you alive.  Convicted of being a witch, you would even be forced to pay for your executioners’ services and the materials - such as the firewood - used to affect your own death.

   “Fear is a very powerful motivator,” said Dr. Ronald Markman, a Forensic Psychiatrist at Cedar Sinai in a History Channel documentary on Cryptid, the Swamp Beast.  “There have been events in our historical pattern that demonstrate the impact of fear on a society.  The Salem Witch Trials is an example of that, where people acted in an erratic, impulsive, unrealistic, unconventional manner to achieve ends that they thought would be self-protective.”

   Irrational fear, ginned up in the public mindset by an establishment, centralized source - be it a church or today’s left-wing television, online and print media - is creating a highly corrosive and divisive population where one group is violently pitted against the other - blaming them for all of society’s misfortune.  Couple that with the power of the social media echo chamber, where fear and hysteria are artificially amplified with computer algorithms designed to push one narrative and censor its opposing view, people today have been manipulated just as easily - and to a potentially much more dangerous level - as those who persecuted the so-called “witches” of yesteryear. 

   Today, the religion doing the manipulation isn’t Christianity, but it’s just as powerful and influential.  It’s called Covidanity and was created out of whole cloth in just a few months during the 2020 COVID-19 media fiasco.  The church leaders don’t wear purple robes and preach from steeple-ensconced altars, but instead wear suits and primped hair in front of a television camera, or post online narratives at “establishment news” sources where Big Tech controls the information flow to the masses (as best as it can) by censoring any opposing viewpoints, pushing them down in the online search engine lists and constantly badgering and berating anyone with ‘heretical’ ideas that go against the establishment narrative.  Just as powerful as the medieval church, the establishment media and government officials of today have become the new “church” and are technocratically far more advanced in the ability to mind-screw the public psyche than their predecessors of the medieval period.

   That mind-screwing is just as baseless and irrational as the witch hunts and witch trials of 700 years ago. But today, the blame for all of society’s misfortunes isn’t being placed on witches.  After more than a year of building and crafting the fear and hysteria narrative over a coronavirus that has the same fatality rate as seasonal flu, this establishment media “church” has created a new scapegoat for the public to blame - the COVID-19 non-vaccinated.

   According to the Maine CDC, 40 percent of Maine’s population has still not accepted the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccines’.  The hard left Maine Sunday Telegram recently posted a front page, above the fold story/op-ed entitled, “Among the vaccinated, a growing anger at those who resist.”

   This isn’t really a news headline, it’s more of a psychological push-piece purposely designed to separate society into two groups and convince one group they should be angry at the other because - according to the “news” story - everyone else in their group is angry at that group.  This is very sophisticated propaganda manipulation and should be immediately identified and understood before society starts killing each other.

   Now when I say “killing,” I don’t mean the vaccinated crowd will be running around smashing in the heads of non-vaccinated folks or burning them at the stake (though, that’s not entirely out of the question if we use history as a guide).  But rather, the way they would affect that killing is by creating enough political momentum to cause politicians to actually make those experimental vaccines mandatory and force everyone to take them - even though over half the population has accepted them, none of the COVID-19 vaccines have received full FDA approval as “safe” or “effective.”

   The Maine Sunday Telegram features three quotes that are vehemently against those who are not vaccinated yet, but that isn’t surprising since all of those interviewed are from the cowed and victim-status hard-left communist enclave of South Portland.  They quote Kay Mishkin as saying of the unvaccinated, “It’s hard not to blame them for what’s happened (with the resurgence) in the last month.” 

   Never mind the fact that even the hard left Bangor Daily News had to admit in their August 3, 2021 edition (front page, above the fold) that Hospitals are reporting the increase in COVID cases is actually coming from the crowd that has already been vaccinated.  The same is true in Italy, Sweden, and pretty much every other country with high vaccination rates.  But, that information is sequestered from the public view when it’s necessary to craft a particular vaccine-friendly narrative.  This is irresponsible journalism, not news reporting.

   The Maine Sunday Telegram then quotes Mike Gutgsell as saying, “If they don’t get vaccinated, it keeps spreading and morphing.” 

   Huh?  Is Mr. Gutgsell a medical researcher who has reviewed the scientific data?  Nope.  He owns a metal polishing shop where he still requires people to wear face masks (which aren’t designed to stop respiratory viruses, anyway) even though 95% of the people in his area are vaccinated.  What’s Mr. Gutgsell afraid of?  If 95% of the people around him are vaccinated, why the face masks?  Is he thinking the vaccines don’t work and are not effective?  If that’s the case, then why is he whining and complaining about those who haven’t taken the vaccine yet?  After all, if you’re vaccinated, you’re protected. Right?  Covid can’t get you.  But, those vaccines don’t really work - and are actually harming a lot of people.  Let’s not talk about that, though, the Maine Sunday Telegram is trying to craft a narrative here.  Let me go on...Kelly Wood is quoted as saying, “I’m hoping that people realize it’s kind of a public duty to get vaccinated.” 

   That’s an irresponsible statement from Ms. Wood, who is a nurse practitioner, because the so-called ‘vaccines’ have not been approved by the US FDA, yet.  The vaccines have only received ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ which does not designate them as safe or effective, it simply allows the vaccine manufacturers to continue their vaccine trials in the general public.

   This is the type of mass hysteria being promulgated by the establishment media to ostracize, bully and coerce people who have not accepted a potentially harmful drug using the same mind-manipulation techniques to move the public against witches of the medieval period.  This is dangerous and destructive and you will not want to live in the world they are attempting to build for you, where the “cure” will be much more devastating than the disease.