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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial



   There, now I think I have your attention.  There’s been a lot of flap in the mainstream communist news media as of late regarding the Confederate Battle Flag and how it supposedly is a banner for slavery.  That is pure propaganda designed to distract the American populace from the hi-tech slavery the criminals are foisting upon us from their lofty granite and marble perch in the District of Columbia.  It also serves to divide and polarize the population in order to keep us in-fighting and not paying attention to what they’re doing to us.

   With that said, I would like to analyze the two flags here to see if I can show the proper symbolism they really stand for.


Part I:  Confederate Flag

   The Confederate Battle Flag was actually the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia back when each state had its own militia.  It did not symbolize slavery and was not flown for that reason.  After the war, a group of Democrat party extremists formed a group called the Ku Klux Klan for the purposes of continuing the oppression of the black people and hi-jacked the Confederate Flag for their cause.  Since then the Democrat party has been working diligently to systematically keep black people enslaved; not to a plow or field, but to a substandard education system and government handout designed to keep them at barely a subsistence level for their whole lives rather than to excel and succeed in their own personal endeavors.  The Democrats, with their counterparts in the mainstream communist media, have been very successful at convincing black people that “whitey,” “racism,” and “discrimination” are the reason they can’t succeed.  While there are certainly isolated instances of those problems, overall it’s the education, welfare and television propaganda system that has been built and perfected over the decades that has been so effective at convincing so many black people not to succeed in their own lives.  That system has been adapted over time to encompass white and Hispanic folks, too, as Democrats and many socialist Republicans work tirelessly to create a whole new subservient slave class that looks to their government slave master for their daily bread.

   The War of Northern Aggression (a/k/a “Civil War”) was not fought to free the slaves.  It was fought because the Southern States had noticed that the Northern States at the federal level were not obeying the U.S. Constitution and were unfairly imposing a greater tax burden on them than their northern counterparts.  Trouble had been brewing as early as 1832 - almost 30 years before the war - when South Carolina passed the Nullification Ordinance of 1832 to nullify any federal law that imposed taxes on their ports that were not uniform across the Union as the Constitution mandated.  This had absolutely nothing to do with slavery and everything to do with money.

   One of the best kept secrets in public school and college academia today is that the war monger, President Abraham Lincoln did not free all the slaves in the U.S. during the “Civil War.”

   I can tell by the bewildered looks on your faces that you can’t compute the information I just gave you because you were brainwashed by government propaganda in public schools and publicly funded colleges that Lincoln was the savior of the Union and freed all the slaves. Sorry, you were lied to.

   Now, before you start labeling me a ‘kook’ (I am merely the messenger) and writing me off as delusional, how about we go look at Lincoln’s own words in his much touted Emancipation Proclamation. Surely, if he indeed freed all the slaves as part of the war effort there would be language in this official Lincoln address that would help to vindicate the history books and your teachers and professors.

   I won’t bore you with the entire Emancipation Proclamation, we’re just going to look at the relevant parts. Also, just so you won’t accuse me of making it up, here’s the link to the government archives where I copied it from: proclamation/transcript.html


   Now, therefore I, Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, by virtue of the power in me vested as Commander-in-Chief, of the Army and Navy of the United States in time of actual armed rebellion against the authority and government of the United States, and as a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing said rebellion, do, on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, and in accordance with my purpose so to do publicly proclaimed for the full period of one hundred days, from the day first above mentioned, order and designate as the States and parts of States wherein the people thereof respectively, are this day in rebellion against the United States, the following, to wit:


   Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, (except the Parishes of St. Bernard, Plaquemines, Jefferson, St. John, St. Charles, St. James Ascension, Assumption, Terrebonne, Lafourche, St. Mary, St. Martin, and Orleans, including the City of New Orleans) Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia, (except the forty-eight counties designated as West Virginia, and also the counties of Berkley, Accomac, Northampton, Elizabeth City, York, Princess Ann, and Norfolk, including the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth[)], and which excepted parts, are for the present, left precisely as if this proclamation were not issued.


   And by virtue of the power, and for the purpose aforesaid, I do order and declare that all persons held as slaves within said designated States, and parts of States, are, and henceforward shall be free; and that the Executive government of the United States, including the military and naval authorities thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of said persons.


   Now, notice in the first paragraph Lincoln says he’s going to describe the States and parts of States that are considered to be in rebellion. What follows in the next paragraph is a list of the States and individual counties, by name, that he considers to be in rebellion with the parts that are excepted to be left as if the proclamation had never been issued. The third paragraph cited here then has Lincoln stating the slaves only in those said designated rebellious States and counties are freed.  The rest of the slaves were to remain in slavery.  Wow!  Did your public school teacher teach you that?

   “In September, 1862, Union forces fought Lee’s invading army at Antietam, Maryland, to a stalemate, compelling Lee to withdraw back to Virginia. The battle, the bloodiest single day of the war, gave Lincoln the opportunity to announce the Emancipation Proclamation freeing the slaves in the rebellious states. Ever mindful of the impact of abolishing slavery in the slave states that remained loyal to the Union, Lincoln fulfilled his promise to [Horace] Greeley that he might free some slaves and leave others alone if it would help preserve the Union. The declaration effectively removed the possibility of England and France, which had abolished slavery decades earlier, supporting the pro-slavery Confederacy.” - Our Nation’s Archive; The History of the United States in Documents, ©1999 Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, Inc., p. 359.

   This quote from Our Nation’s Archives gets it almost right. Labeling the Confederacy as “pro-slavery” falls into the old maxim of the victor gets to write the history. What the Confederate States of America were actually fighting for was the right to govern themselves and throw off a tyrannical federal government that was asserting power into affairs, such as local taxation (and yes to some extent, slavery) that was never delegated to the U.S. Congress, or President, by the Constitution.  They figured that since they had voluntarily entered into the club called the united States, they could voluntarily leave it when its government failed to uphold the terms and conditions of the contract called The Constitution.

   It was never the intent of the founders to allow the U.S. government to become as powerful and unaccountable as it has today.  Most of the powers of government were reserved to the individual states with very few powers granted to the U.S. government.  When the Congress and President started to violate the terms and conditions of the Constitution, the southern states rebelled and attempted to voluntarily withdraw from the Union.  Seeing a massive loss in tax receipts, Lincoln and his banker friends did what they thought they had to do - force the states back into the union at gunpoint...which they ultimately did.

   The Confederate Flag stands for states asserting their right to govern themselves, not to be ruled from afar by a banking cabal situated in the District of Columbia.  As for forced slavery of black people, that would have soon gone away as the rise of the industrial revolution started bringing forth machines that could do work hundreds of times faster and more accurately than even the greatest amount of involuntary manual labor.  Notice, here in Northern Maine, manually picking potatoes by hand has been replaced with sophisticated harvesters that only use a few people to do the job of what used to take hundreds of people to do.

   In the next issue of FFJ I will go into Part II of this editorial and show how the Stars and Stripes we wave as a banner of freedom has been subtly, covertly converted into a symbol of a form of slavery every bit as oppressive and offensive as what we believed was outlawed in the 1860s.       

   We have been slowly acclimated into a form of hyper-slavery, much more advanced and sophisticated than that formerly exercised in the cotton fields of the South.  This form of slavery reaches directly into our paychecks and bank accounts and masquerades as money.  Conversely it also encourages a large segment of society to be subservient and reduces their motivation and initiative to succeed on their own without their government slave master’s assistance.     



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