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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


“I’m Snapping My Fingers to Keep the Elephants Away...”

...and Other ObamaCare Propaganda



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

August 2, 2017


   If you want to keep elephants out of your house, try snapping your fingers.  See, it works!  Well, that’s about as simple and ridiculous an assertion as the two Obamacare propaganda puff pieces that were e-mailed to me recently (see memes at right).  I will now show how these simple, myopic messages are designed to suck non-thinking people, who have no concept of history or current events, into believing skewed information, or outright disinformation. 


Ethan Chandra

   Without doing any research into whether or not this is in fact a real kid with a real medical problem, and not some fictitious character dreamt up by the health insurance lobby, I’ll attempt to debug this flagrant communist propaganda for you.

  First, it appears to be produced by a highly skilled marketing agency—not a simple untrained mom with a kid on hard luck.  Notice how the text font increases slightly to subliminally draw your eye to the meme’s salient points at the ends of each paragraph. And the way the text is cleverly spotlighted at the same lighting angle as the kid looks too professionally done; this is nothing like the amateur memes being put out in the thousands daily by Twitter and Facebook users.  I sense fingerprints of a health insurance marketing agency all over it.

   Secondly, Ali Chandra, the alleged author, needs to be brought up to speed.  In her home state of New Jersey there is a Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that provides low cost insurance for children under 19 years of age and has been doing so for the past twenty years.  NJ Family Health also has other programs to assist and of course, there’s Medicaid.  These programs were all in existence before Obama and his health insurance crony buddies conspired to unlawfully force us to purchase health insurance at the national level.  I say “unlawfully” because the U.S. Constitution does not grant the U.S. government any authority or jurisdiction to force anyone to buy a product or service from a private company or individual against their will.  Yet, they continually obey their financial masters and trash the Constitution daily—the very law they all swore to uphold (perhaps with their fingers crossed, behind their backs). For all you socialists out there, read Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution to discover for the first time in your life the only geographical areas the U.S. government can enforce its legislation.  I’m positive you never learned this in government-run public school!

  Also, many doctors will donate their services for children if asked, but it is unclear if any were in fact asked in this instance.

  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the reason hospital bills today are so high is due in large part to sue-happy lawyers and a society that believes they can cash in by winning the malpractice suit lottery.  Instead of forcing us to purchase insurance we could focus on what’s making health care costs so high to begin with—frivolous lawsuits.  But, I digress.

   So, if Obamacare ended today, I doubt very much the “frequent follow-up care” little Ethan receives will end.  It just won’t be supported by the health insurance industry’s windfall profit ponzi scheme at the barrel of an IRS agent’s gun.

    This kid meme is simply propaganda, pulled out of the minutia in order to prop up a failing, forced health insurance mandate designed to continue to guarantee profits to health insurance company executives who enjoy millions of dollars per year in salaries and bonuses. Furthermore, I’ve spoken to dozens of people who had to drop their private health insurance because their premiums became so high after Obamacare passed they couldn’t afford to pay them any longer and were at an income level that did not allow for government subsidies – what about their kids who also need “multiple surgeries and frequent follow-up care?”  Are they “just not worth it anymore?”


Bankruptcies Down?

   The bankruptcy info is a false parallel. Presuming the graph to be accurate, a quick study of history will show bankruptcies rose dramatically in the early 2000’s as Clinton- and Bush-era “equal rights in lending” laws were updated and enforced to require banks to loan money to consumers who were not qualified to pay them back—some of whom were not even employed.

   Leading up to the 2008 stock market crash, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was pressuring government loan-securing agencies, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to underwrite and guarantee up to $1.8 trillion worth of these subprime and toxic home loans to primarily minorities and low-income earners under the “Community Reinvestment Act” (CRA).

   The skeleton of the CRA was constructed by Obama’s mentor, John McKnight, in the mid-1960s when Obama was a greasy, young, dope smoking, street punk, CIA-communist agitator.  McKnight laid the groundwork for the CRA in an effort to force banks to increase lending in areas that were formerly avoided due to the incredibly high risk of default.    It was finally passed into law in 1977.  Clinton was the first president to really push enforcement of the CRA as “America’s first black president.”  George W. Bush continued to enforce and expand these policies (you thought he was a conservative Republican, didn’t you?) and Obama—the impetus of the CRA idea to begin with—ramped them up even further.

   What happened was banks were accused of denying loans to minorities, due to alleged racial bias, and forced by the government to loan trillions of dollars to people who couldn’t pay the loans back based upon some socialist-inspired community equalization idea.  This put the taxpayers on the hook as co-signers to those loans guaranteed by Fannie and Freddie, and the banks on the hook for the rest (ultimately, we taxpayers bailed them out, too.  Remember the term, ‘ too big to fail?’).  As a result, the derivatives and mortgage-backed securities schemes were developed where banks rented out some of their risk to other investors who really had no idea what they were getting into.  Then, in 2008 the financial atomic bomb went off, the mushroom cloud went up, and the stock market crashed as all of those people who should have never been loaned any money began to default.  Thus, bankruptcies increased at an alarming pace. (read The Great American Bank Robbery by Paul Sperry for the complete story, if you’re interested).

   Now, with all of that history as a backdrop look at the propaganda chart above.  It shows bankruptcies still rising until 2010 when Obamacare was signed into law, then it shows bankruptcies falling.  Somehow, the person who wrote that meme is trying to convince the reader that passing Obamacare can be correlated with falling bankruptcies. 

   What really caused bankruptcies to fall is all of those excessive bankruptcies that resulted from sub-prime mortgages had begun to clear themselves out of the system.  Most of the people in that class of loans—and those who lost out by investing in that risk pool—had already filed for bankruptcy and the year-to-year bankruptcy chart was simply returning to its normal levels prior to the artificial expansion of the consumers’ debt load leading up to the 2008 collapse.

   That the bankruptcies began declining after Obamacare passed is simply a coincidence and one has nothing to do with the other.

   Now, let’s talk about bankruptcy on a much larger scale.  Since 1933 the United States government and citizenry have been bankrupt and have been borrowing money into existence just to have a circulating currency.

  This was caused by Congress authorizing a private, for-profit banking corporation called “The Federal Reserve” to begin creating debt-based money in 1913 and requiring that fake paper certificate money to be paid back, with interest, with the nations’ true money—gold coin.  By 1933, the gold coin had pretty much been collected by the Federal Reserve in exchange for their phony debt-based paper “Federal Reserve Notes” and since there was not enough gold in circulation to guarantee the current loans, the U.S. reneged on its obligations, abolished the gold backing of money and made it “against public policy” to use gold as money (see House Joint Resolution 192, May, 1933).  Congress then made the “Federal Reserve Note” - which is simply a debt certificate brought into being by someone taking on debt from a bank— legal tender for all debts public and private.  None of this was authorized by Constitutional amendment so the Federal Reserve Note continues to be an unlawful currency.  Gold and silver is still the only lawful money in the U.S.  Thus, we have been bankrupt as a nation since 1933 and have been borrowing money to pay our bills ever since—public or private.

  Since the subsidies that make the monthly Obamacare premiums so cheap for many people are being paid for by money borrowed against the national debt, the bankruptcy shifts from the individual to the collective citizenry as a whole as the entire country is now in debt nearly $20 trillion that can never be paid back (not counting the $100+ trillion in unfunded mandates). So, bankruptcies might be down, for a plethora of reasons that cannot be scientifically attributed to the health care mandate alone at this point and with this particular line graph, We the People suffer under a $20 trillion bankruptcy that has all of our labor and property pledged as collateral against it. Very nasty bankers and Congressmen designed this system that functionally requires a certain number of bankruptcies per year in order to pay other people interest, and forcing us to buy health insurance at the barrel of an IRS agent’s gun isn’t going to get us out of this mess.

   If you allow the government to force you to buy a product or service against your will, they will not stop with health insurance. Count on it.


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