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Will Congress Enslave Black People Again?


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

August 1, 2018


   I’m not kidding.  This is the kind of hyperbole Democrats have sunk to as they continue to hyperventilate over President Trump attempting to fix all the damage caused by the Democrat party and the former socialist Agitator-in-Chief, Barrack Hussein-Obama.

   In a 2016 online op-ed in the leading socialist propaganda rag in the U.S., Time magazine, Tavis Smiley attempts to weasel such a ludicrous assertion into the minds of a woefully, historically illiterate mob of fellow travelers.

   He begins his editorial mentioning how he gave a speech at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  During that speech, he mocked Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan  as he pontificated on how to “embrace equality as you labor for equity.”

   He then went on to define equality as, “everyone gets the same in America, whether they need it or not.”

   Huh?  I’m not sure what that really means.  Let’s see if I can digress here for a minute and break it down.  In addition to publishing this newspaper, which I started myself, built, acquired equipment and now do my own writing, photography, printing and publishing, I also own and operate the oldest sound system production company in Northern Maine.  Some nights I’m up late soldering microphone cables, building new extension cords or designing a sound system for an upcoming concert.  Does Mr. Smiley’s definition of “equality” where “everyone gets the same, whether they need it or not” mean that after all the hard work I have done to build my P.A. business and acquire the necessary equipment I need to do a good job, that equipment should be taken from me and redistributed to younger, aspiring sound system contractors whose greatest ambition in life is to stay up until 3 a.m. playing online video games and sleeping until noon?

   It sure sounds that way.

   But, that’s the socialist mantra—to take from those who are willing to do the work to produce something and give it to others who don’t want to do the same amount of work or even put forth an honest effort.  That kind of system is what destroyed the former Soviet Union and is now destroying Venezuela.  So, I don’t think everyone should get the same, “whether they need it or not.”  I think everyone should work for what they want and earn it.  The more you work, the more you get.  What that method of operation has done for me is allowed me the motivation and initiative to acquire top quality sound and video equipment and provide a high quality service to the people in this area who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it. 

   Mr. Smiley then goes on to explain equity as “we commit to ensuring that all fellow citizens have the basic resources that will give them commensurate opportunities to contribute meaningfully to our society.”

   Sounds all well and good until Mr. Smiley wakes up and realizes most of the people he wants to give free stuff to have no interest in contributing meaningfully to our society.  They would much rather sit around and watch TV or play video games all their waking hours while others work and labor to have their money forcefully taken from them by government and redistributed to those non-workers for free.  That sounds a bit like slavery (of the workers) to me, but I’ll get to that later.

   In his editorial, Mr. Smiley dumps a big stinky pile on President Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan by asking “to what specific period of American greatness are you wanting us to return?”  He then recites a purely negative account of America’s history - by listing segregation after slavery; women having no right to vote, or murder their babies; when gays and lesbians felt ceaseless hate; when we stole land from the Native Americans; when we sent Japanese to interment camps and when America lynched Mexicans.

   Mr. Smiley did not seem to remember any of the good things that made American great like the freeing of black slaves from forced labor; the invention and development of the automobile and its assembly line process; the invention and development of the aircraft and international flight; the initial design and development of the electronics industry; the buildup of U.S. transportation and manufacturing infrastructure throughout the 1950’s making us an industrial superpower; and the American farmer growing enough food to earn us the nickname, “the breadbasket of the world.”  All of this was accomplished in the first half of the 20th century and most public school or college students will never be exposed to that information.

   For the past fifty years, the socialism that was started under Democrat Woodrow Wilson, with the Federal Reserve Act giving control of our nation’s money to private international bankers, was advanced under Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt who bankrupted the U.S. and started a slave-ID system called “Social Security,” which is purely voluntary. Finally, the so-called “Great Society” socialist program was started under Democrat Lyndon Johnson to keep people financially stuck in a state of subsistence living.  These programs chipped away at America’s greatness, sent our jobs to Mexico, our industry to China and  dissipated that once great and productive automobile assembly business which is now just an empty husk of its former self.

   Ooops, I forgot.  Democrats don’t want to know the truth if it doesn’t support their glossy-eyed, pie-in-the-sky, Utopian position.

   Now, for the slavery issue.

   During his speech at Lehigh University, Mr. Smiley was asked by a historically illiterate socialist student if he thought that the crisis in our democracy (actually, we’re a Republic, not a democracy, but let’s not confuse the children with too many facts at once) would lead to black folk ever finding themselves enslaved again.

   Mr. Smiley answered, “Yes.”

   This point vividly illustrates just how ignorant an average public school educated student is today—and Mr. Smiley—with regard to United States history, its economic system and the fact that all of those who choose to work really are slaves to those who don’t.


The 13th & 14th Amendments Didn’t End Slavery, They Perfected it.

   The 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution supposedly outlawed slavery (the original 13th amendment actually outlawed lawyers with the Title of Nobility, “Esquire” from holding public office, but that one got silently erased from the history books).

   What most people don’t know is that the 13th and its accompanying 14th amendments didn’t eliminate slavery, it perfected it.  With the 14th creating a whole new class of citizens called “U.S. Citizens,” the U.S. government now had a new, untapped revenue stream it could draw from in the form of income tax and forced payment of interest on its government debt to the private international bankers that the Democrats gave our money power to in 1913.

   Mr. Smiley relies on rhetoric and hyperbole to misdirect the attention on slavery to the Republicans while he has demonstrated no idea how the fundamentals of slavery actually work in a society that has allowed one group of people the power to force another group to do their work for them using the tools and mechanism of government to affect their ends.

   At the close of the War of Northern Aggression (most call it the “Civil War”) Classical Slavery, i.e. forced labor of mass numbers of people for profit, had to end due to the rise of more efficient machines doing the work better and faster than human laborers could do—slaves or otherwise. That's simple economics and isn't even debatable. If I had to feed 100 slaves in order to get 100 pounds of cotton processed in a day, I'm going to lose to the guy who employed the cotton gin and was able to do the same work in a tenth of the time with a fraction of the overhead and is able to sell his product at a lower price. If I had to feed and clothe a thousand men to build ten miles of road in a month by hand, I will lose the contract to three men with a bulldozer, backhoe and dump truck who can do the work in a week for a fraction of the cost. If I was bidding on a contract to clear trees from 100 acres of land, would I choose 500 slaves with buck saws, or 5 trained and paid employees with chain saws; would I choose draft horses hauling one log at a time, or a tractor/trailer hauling dozens at a time?

   The “Classical Slavery” such as the forced 1860's style plantation labor has given way to a new form of “Economic Slavery” in today's usurious banking system. It is the former that I submit would have gone away on its own, while the latter has been adopted and is flourishing.  This system doesn’t discriminate.  Not only blacks, but all from every race are equally enslaved.  Is this the equality Mr. Smiley is dreaming about in his quest for a socialist Utopia?

   While the trappings of slavery from 160 years ago through today may have changed, confiscated labor is still confiscated labor. Today, we are either forced to labor in order to pay back bank loans, government bonds, etc. with threat of loss of losing property and freedom (i.e. foreclosures, jail, etc); or those who have tied themselves to government welfare become unwitting slaves to that system because they lose their ability, skill sets and discipline to take care of themselves and their families when that government stipend ultimately runs out. While taking those free handouts, the unwitting welfare slave must bow and submit to every government edict that comes his/her way or else suffer privation, loss of children, or even jail.

   Classical Slavery was replaced by its cousin, Economic Slavery - a form of slavery based upon usury and debt from a centralized banking system that profits by making money out of nothing but thin air and promises and uses the police power to enforce its collections. This is the type of slavery everyone gets to suffer under and have their unwitting public servants continually enforce and impose on them via foreclosures, liens, taxes, etc. in order to guarantee the bankers get to collect the property they created fake money to buy. And that is the type of slavery Lincoln, Johnson and the Radical Republicans of the 1860’s were ushering in via the use of artificially created “greenbacks” and Salmon Chase's desire (among others) for a full-blown paper money ponzi scheme as ultimately realized in the private, for profit Federal Reserve bank. (The Federal Reserve is a misnomer.  It is a privately owned bank, it is not a branch of the U.S. government.  The Federal Reserve is no more “Federal” than Federal Express.)

   As human labor becomes more and more obsolete, the controllers will need us less and less until a point of diminishing returns is reached and they simply begin to annihilate us. I submit that has already begun with toxic food additives, pesticides, mercury-laced vaccines, etc.

   We're all slaves now, we just have color TVs and indoor plumbing. But, just try to work and keep all of what you've earned by not paying an income tax to the bankers who own and operate our government and see what happens. The “master” will send a field boss (police officer) to your door to imprison you and steal everything you have. This type of slavery doesn't discriminate - all are equal in this banking system slavery; black and white, young and old.

  But, I suppose Mr. Smiley doesn’t want this fact brought up because it would not benefit his anti-Trump and anti-Republican stance.

   I’m not defending Republicans here.  While it’s true Democrats started the Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme, created the slave-ID monetary tracking grid called “Social Security,” and purposefully built a social welfare system that is designed to keep recipients stuck in one financial position in perpetuity (forever), the Republicans have as much blame to share.  They’re the ones who initially got this debt-based economic slavery ball rolling under Lincoln and have kept it going ever since. 

   After Congressman Louis McFadden attempted in 1934 to end the Federal Reserve, very few Republicans have called for a dissolution of that private, international banking syndicate (former Congressman, Ron Paul has) and even less Democrats call for an end to the federal income tax (the late Democrat Congressman, James Trafficant did, but the I.R.S railroaded him into prison because he wouldn’t shut his mouth.)

    Since all old debt and its compounding interest in the U.S. monetary system is discharged with new debt and compounding interest, all Americans are now enslaved to a debt-based monetary system that is designed purposefully to mathematically never be able to be paid off.

   If that doesn’t make us all slaves, I’m not sure what will.

   Instead of taking a myopic view of politics that are only favorable to his skewed and distorted vision of a great socialist society, Mr. Smiley should step back, look at the slavery he and all of his fellow Americans suffer under at the hands of both Republicans and Democrats, then use his op-eds to bring that information to light.


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