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From the Editor

Governor LePage, Stop Apologizing for Gestapo Comment

By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

July 25, 2012

So, Maine Governor Paul LePage said the I.R.S. was getting to be like the Gestapo, which, by the way, is true, then a bunch of people got all bent out of shape suggesting he was somehow being insensitive to Jews.


Why is it on the rare occasion a politician actually tells the truth people get all upset and start demanding apologies? No wonder politicians lie so muchóyou all seem to want them to. No, you demand it.

Speaking of telling the truth. I do my best to tell the truth in the Fort Fairfield Journal and I can assure you, the truth is very hard to sell for 90 cents per issue. Why? Why do people insist on being lied to? I donít know. Now, can we all grow up for a minute and put on our big boy and big girl pants while I tell some more truth?

Back to the Gestapo comment. I would like to reverse-engineer it a little to help you all understand Governor LePage a little more clearly.

The Gestapo was essentially the German State Police and its name was a contraction of those three words (thatís the GeóStaóPo). It was formed under the popularly elected dictator, Adolph Hitler prior to World War II and was used as a tool of aggression and intimidation against any German citizen who dared to defy Hitler or his goals.

While many Jews died under Hitler, so did many Polish, French, Russian and Germans (check out the Blood Purge of 1934 where Hitler ordered the mass executions of his own police officers who he didnít think could be trusted to carry out his malevolent orders). Authoritarian police states always seek to smash all opposition to their end goals, no matter if itís domestic citizenry, or foreigners.

What the Gestapo did was essentially use the power and authority of government to harass, intimidate and coerce a society to do what its leader demanded. They, along with their cohorts, the Brownshirts (S.A.), and the Blackshirts (S.S.), used nighttime raids, secret arrests, torture and even death to compel compliance and quash resistance to their glorious leader. Thatís what governor LePage was insinuating with the I.R.S. comment. So far, thereís very little difference between 1930ís Germany and whatís going on here in the U.S. today. Just try defying an I.R.S. agent, Border Patrol agent, or any other federal agent and see what happens to you.

While I.R.S. agents arenít digging machine gun death pits in the ground and marching defiant taxpayers into them to their ultimate demise (yet), they do use the seemingly almighty power of government, along with their bought-and-paid-for fake federal grand juries, to destroy the lives of otherwise motivated and productive members of our society. The I.R.S. does not go after non-producers, only the producers.

With the U.S. government ordering 450 million rounds of handgun ammunition for use against its citizenry, sending out contracts for mobile armored highway checkpoint booths, ordering over 36,000 remote controlled drone aircraft for use against the U.S. citizenry, and otherwise generally sticking their filthy noses into our business every chance they get, LePageís Gestapo comment is even more apropos than he could have thought when he uttered it.

Now, Gestapo was the 1930ís German form of authoritarian aggression against a countryís own citizenry. Today we need a term to define the high-tech, digitized police state the U.S. is building to use against us. Letís see, maybe we can take a cue from my column on page seven of each issue of Fort Fairfield Journal; ďAmstapo Update.Ē

Thatís right. We do not have the Gestapo, what we have today and will suffer under is the Amstapoóor American State Police. While the Gestapo represents old-school, dirty cop, boot-in-the-neck police-state tactics, Amstapo is a high-tech, new school authoritarian police-state adaptation.

While the Germans required Jews to wear a Star of David for identification purposes, the Amstapo requires us all to have our own unique identifier to mark us as members of its authorized citizenry. Our Star of David under the Amstapo is the Social Security Number.

While there is no law requiring anyone to have a Social Security number to live or work in the U.S. (before you detractors call me a kook, I have a letter from the Social Security Administration admitting as much), we have all been taught that one must have the number to open a bank account, get hired to a job, get paid or cash a check. None of that is true. But, we all make pretend it is because itís so fun being a slave to the U.S. government and its federal stooges.

The Amstapo today isnít so much a singular police agency as it is a conglomeration of various law enforcement working together to compose such a de facto organization. From Border Patrol, to Transportation Security Administration (TSA), to our state police, county sheriffs and local municipal police all agreeing to do the bidding of the federal government, all the way over to the FBI, CIA, NSA, U.S. military and a host of other sundry federal agencies, the Amstapo may not share the same uniform among its ranks, but it shares the same goal: total domination and subjugation of the American citizenry under one dictatorial ruleróthe foreign bank-controlled U.S. president (regardless of which phony party is in power).

From adopting Hitlerís 1934 gun control act into U.S. law to the Stalin model of arresting and torturing political dissidents (we used to call them protestors exercising free speech), in some areas there is really little difference between the United States today and the totalitarian regimes of Hitlerís Germany, Stalinís Soviet Union, Pol Potís Cambodia, or Idi Aminís Uganda. No, the U.S. government isnít bathing our streets in blood like some of those formerly mentioned dictators did (after all, dead slaves canít work and produce tax revenue for them); but, I submit they donít have to in order to coerce and compel behavior. Todayís Amstapo uses Tasers, rubber bullets, CS gas, the TSAís prison-style full-body searches, and even the threat of arrest and jail (thus taking away the citizenís precious beer and ballgames) to compel performance from an increasingly acquiescent society. It is also developing plans for shock collars and shock bracelets to electroshock those of us who it deems ďdissentersĒ via remote control in the near future

So, yes, Governor LePage was right in the spirit of his comment. We have turned into a totalitarian, dictatorial government like that of the Gestapo. Only he should have used a term that fits closer to the model that has been established. I suggest that term is the Amstapo.

By the way, I do not apologize for these comments, nor do I intend to so donít bother complaining to me.

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