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From the Editor


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal


I.R.S Money Laundering Scheme

I received an e-mail the other day that stated, “It is being reported in the news that millions of dollars was [sic] given to thousands of illegals many at the same address. Is the IRS really that dumb, that over 23,000 people would reside at one address? Just how big would that building have to be? Given that half a dozen families live in a small apartment sometimes it would still take a huge building to house that many. Nothing even showed a blip on the radar screen of the Ultra Liberal Progressives that run the IRS, apparently.”

I believe “Illegal aliens” is just the cover story. If there’s one thing the feds are good at, it’s bait and switch and magician style distraction and deception. There are no “illegal” aliens receiving this money, it is being sent to these addresses in order to be laundered by whatever sundry federal agency needs some off-budget money out of the way of the prying eyes of Congress and the Federal Register. Perhaps CIA, FBI, or any branch of DHS is actually the organization receiving this money, which is deposited under a fictitious illegal’s name before being wired off-shore to a bank account they (i.e. Feds) can then access to fund whatever pet project they couldn’t get through Congress. They’re hoping we will collectively focus on and blame illegals so the attention will be diverted away from where it really needs to be – the Feds.

Admittedly, this line of thinking has all the trappings of a giant conspiracy theory that would have people saying, 'there those right wingers go again.' But, I may be on to something. Why isn't the FBI, CIA, etc. investigating this? Someone had to have cashed those checks. They might have a fictitious illegal’s name but they should have a face to go with it at whatever bank it was cashed. We all know if someone passed a forged check for even a paltry $1,000 they would be in custody within a very short time. But the perpetrators of this massive fraud seemed to have been ghosts and, besides, nobody even seems to be looking for them.

Money laundering by federal agencies has been going on for quite some time. Without going back too far in history, I can point to the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Iran/Contra scandal and the funding and provisioning of poppy farmers in southeast Asia by the C.I.A. over the past forty years to assist in the production and distribution of illegal morphine base, opium and heroin in order to fund that agency’s covert operations worldwide without Congressional oversight.

Remember, the IRS is merely the private collection arm of the private, for profit Federal Reserve bank, which is itself made up of a private conglomerate of international banks (it is most definitely not a branch of the federal government) and these banks exist for one thing - to make people their debt slaves by issuing phony paper notes through loans of artificially created ’money’ and gleaning the labor from them through the ponzi scheme of compounding interest that is payable only in more of their loaned money. These are the ones to watch as they create money to fund our subjugation and ultimate destruction. Illegal aliens – while a problem, for sure – are simply a problem they created in order to allow them to sneak money around to agencies and projects they want to fund, to use against us, without Congress watching; as well as to use them as a political tool for the Communist-run Democrat (and yes, some in the Republican) party.

This is just one of the many schemes of the Obama administration and this money could end up in his campaign war chest. Do you think he doesn't want it? Then why is he still going on fund raising tours? Especially since supposedly he can't run for President again. Some say this money and the illegals he is trying to grant citizenship to could be used to do away with the 22nd Amendment prohibiting him from another term as President. How is that for a conspiracy theory? Though, I don't think that scenario to be too likely since the bankers and corporate chieftains who own and operate the United States, Inc. are quite comfortable switching out patsies from the two parties they also own and operate - the Republicans and Democrats - in order to make us feel we have a semblance of choice when in reality, we're electing the same rotten apples. A rotten apple is a rotten apple, no matter if it's a Macintosh or a Granny Smith. So, please stop thinking either of the top two “mainstream” political parties is going to ever do anything good for what's left of this union.

On a side note, it was brought up to me that another weird thing about illegals is the fact that over 20 years ago they granted amnesty to illegals in this Country and at that time they estimated the number to be around11 million. Funny how after twenty years and millions of new illegals coming here the number never goes over 11 million. It has been estimated the number is now closer to 25 to 30 million - just about the number of babies this Country has allowed to be murdered in its abortion mills.

So, the bankers will use the illegals to keep and maintain political power and ultimately give themselves dictatorial power under the banner of either a Republican or Democrat stooge as their masthead and the money laundering will go on as long as the mainstream media is able to keep a majority of people pacified with the two-party political system.




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