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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


The Creation Story



By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal July 8, 2015


   For those of you paying attention, you have noticed I have been going through the first book of Genesis practically line by line over the past many months (Since October, 2014) and composing a commentary on it.

   I have attempted to merge the Creation event with what we currently understand about the science and mechanics of quantum physics.  Quantum physics is the study of waves and particles that are smaller than the size of what we perceive as atoms.  In the realm of protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks and neutrinos, scientists have found what we perceive as a solid, physical reality is made up mostly of empty space.  Solid, liquid, gas and even light are all constructs built by our conscious mind as it perceives from the infinite sea of probability waves a reality that we believe to be tangible and separate from us when in fact, it appears to all be in our minds.

   The Creation story in Genesis has been converted by the mainstream Christian church into a convoluted, nonsensical children’s story by adopting the tradition of reading the story literally.  The literalistic approach to Genesis does little to explain the majesty and power that the Divine Mind called into play in order to create what we now perceive to be the Earth and the Universe.

   Today we have a better understanding of the nature of world around us than the men of the Bible.  Or at least we think we do.  Paradoxically, the more quantum physicists delve into the nature of the atom the more questions are raised.  For example, what we perceive as solid particles that make up the rocks, earth, mountains, trees and even our bodies are composed of sub-atomic parts that function both as a wave and a particle.  At the sub-atomic level, scientists have found that solid particles only manifest themselves as solid when they are being observed by a conscious mind.  Otherwise, they exist in a perpetual state of wave energy as probability waves.  These waves of probability represent the probability or likelihood of where a particle’s wave-front will manifest as a solid particle once it is observed.

   Rather than a literal explanation of events, I have shown how it is more likely that the Creation story in Genesis is an allegory, or a story written in simple, symbolic language to express a complex concept to mankind that had at the time a very simple, unsophisticated understanding of physics and reality.

   I have also discussed in this series the holographic nature of the universe and the world we think we live in.  Like a hologram, where all of the information to create the image is everywhere on the holographic plate, simultaneously, all of the information required to create the physical universe and the realm of the heavens and earth that we perceive as “real” is present everywhere at the same time.  This is how the concept of God’s (the Divine Mind’s) nature of omnipresence has come to be understood by the church today.   It is merely conscious perception that converts that sea of probability waves into a 3D experience with time and space.  In reality, there is no time, space or tangible solids—they are all perceptions.  This is the realm where God—or the Divine Mind—exists and this is the concept the first part of Genesis is trying to explain.

   Without trying to re-explain the entire nine month editorial series, I’ll simply recap some of the high points then direct you where you can go online to read my entire thesis.

   In the opening of the Creation narrative in Genesis there is a lot of talk of water.  God’s spirit hovering over the surface of the water; the waters that are above and the waters that are below; etc.   Taken literally as liquid H2O the story makes little sense.  But, when one delves into the symbolic use of the word in Hebrew, mayim, it appears that the “waters” is referring to that sea of probability waves out of which all is constructed for us to experience.   Interestingly, the Hebrew word translated as “water” - mayim - is also used in the Hebrew word that got translated as “Heaven” - shamayim.  I’ll let you re-read that editorial online because it is pretty deep stuff.

   Another word popularly misused in Genesis, believe it or not, is God.  In the original Hebrew story, the word for God is actually written in the plural form—elohimElohim, which has the suffix “ym” in Hebrew is a plural word meaning “gods.”  But, the traditional, monotheistic approach to interpreting the Bible has changed the understanding of that word so few people today are able to objectively read it and accept what it really says in the original language.  (Contrary to some Christians’ beliefs, the King James Bible was not handed down to Moses by God on Mt. Sinai.)

   I have shown how it is more likely the elohim is referring to the concept of a Divine Mind that all of the consciousnesses of all of the human race have ultimately derived their source from.  As fractals of the Divine Mind we have become separated from it after the Fall and it is its desire to have us reunited with it in the shamayim—the sea of probabilities that it has imaged for us to perceive and experience as a perpetual state of blissful and joyous existence in without the fear of decay, disease or even death.  This is the concept of Heaven most used today and is also illustrative of the original attributes of the metaphysical Garden of Eden—which was more a conscious perception of another realm than an actual physical location on this tiny, insignificant rock called “earth.”

   Over the past couple of months I’ve gone into Genesis 2 to unravel the symbolism of Adam and Eve, the Rivers of Eden and the Trees of Eden—all of which are symbolic, not to be taken literally.

   For those of you who are interested in reading my entire twenty-part thesis, or those who would like to review it from copies of the papers they have misplaced, you may access the full index of articles at my Select Editorials page.  Then, scroll down to the bottom for a list of the chapters under the heading, “Special Commentary on Genesis Creation Story.”   These are free to read.   I do plan on printing them in book form in the near future for those who would prefer to archive it in that format for future reference.


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