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A Civil War.

What Comes with That?




By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal


   I will be the first to admit there have been some very serious problems with both policing in the U.S. and the legislation that enables it.  I have been publishing an Amstapo Update for the past 12 years to illustrate the rise of this totalitarian police state under both Democrats and Republicans.  It’s not that all police are bad - they’re not.  But absolute power can corrupt people.  Legislators on both sides of the aisle have been working diligently against us for years.  This really does have to stop.

   Personally, when it comes to a person’s skin color, I’m “color blind.”  That is, while I may notice a person’s skin color, it means nothing to me when sizing up what type of person he or she is.  I judge people based upon their character, how they treat me and others and what they contribute to society.  To me, people are just people.

   Now, the left wing uprisings going on across the country claim to be a result of this overbearing police state.  Perhaps that’s how they started, but they were soon co-opted by a dangerous, militant, left-wing group who has chosen to use fear, threat, duress, intimidation, and property damage as a means to force people to accept their message - all ostensibly in the name of police reform.

   This is not that.

   What’s really going on is those militant left wingers are pushing for a collapse of U.S. society as we know it and replacing it with their brand of hard-core authoritarianism.

   Let’s see what that looks like:  Corporations are now so afraid of what these militants might think of them they have resorted to changing brand names and trademarks they’ve had for decades.  People who disagree with these militants are shouted down, have their property smashed and burned and worse, some have even been killed already.

   I recently heard tell of a young, U.S. Army recruit who returned home and said he’d like to have a Civil War to get busy on these radicals.  No, I really don’t think he would if he knew what his life and his family’s lives would be like in that kind of scenario.

   In the District of Columbia, where a group of rabble recently tried to hijack the U.S. Capitol and turn it into the bungled mess that is Seattle, protestors were calling for armed, violent insurrection.  First of all, they don’t have the manpower or the equipment to go against what would end up being an organized and well-funded military that works in shifts and has all the latest gear.  Do those people really know what their own lives would be like in a civil war?  I don’t think so.

   Now, I’ve never been in a civil war myself, but I’ve read how life was like for other people in past civil wars and left-wing regimes throughout world history.  I will try to highlight a few things militants - and the rest of us - can look forward to in the midst of a real, bona fide civil war that moves out of the realm of burning garbage dumpsters and smashing out store windows.



   The first thing to go down in a full-scale, hot civil war is going to be the cell phone system.  The Feds have the ability to either jam the signals locally or disable the towers completely.  If these kids didn’t have their cell phones operational, the whole war would probably be over with by the end of the day.  But, let’s suppose they tough it out and persevere.


Public Works

   Water and waste removal are necessary functions of any armed group hoping to take control of ground and keep it.  The U.S. military has the logistics, training and infrastructure in place to provide those services to their troops in the field; but untrained and unorganized protestors wouldn’t know where to begin to take care of their water and sewage needs in the event of full scale disruptions, such as would be experienced in a real civil war



  Hungry soldiers don’t fight and food is certainly a key to any organization’s victory in the field.  In Seattle, the left wing protestors have it pretty easy because some local businesses have been catering free food to them for the most part and other lefties have been bringing in free food.  The Communist Utopia certainly looks promising for these protestors.  But, in a real war supply chain disruptions could cause food to either be not produced, not transported, or hijacked en route.  You thought the grocery store shelves looked empty this past Spring, in a real civil war the stores would be closed and there would be nothing to eat for anyone.  The left-wing gangsters would end up roving the countryside breaking into homes and stealing food from others.  But stealing isn’t producing and that supply would soon run out.  That is no fun scenario to be in, either.



   The nation’s fragile electric grid would either shut down due to neglect once the maintenance workers decide to stay home to protect their families,  or it would be purposefully disrupted by either side attempting to gain a tactical advantage over the other.  Without electricity in today’s world, a lot of things grind to a halt very quickly. 


Medical Care

   In a civil war, our already stressed health care system would likely collapse.  The U.S. military provides its own, but the instigators of the civil war are going to have to fend for themselves.  They won’t just be able to take their wounded to a local hospital - providing the transportation infrastructure is still viable to get them there.


Field living

   Civil wars are not fought via video games in your parents’ basement.  They’re fought outside in the real world and you can’t just quit at 4:00 am when you want to go home and sleep, then restart when you wake up at 1:00 in the afternoon.  To be successful, civil wars need to be fought in shifts with trained and dedicated personnel who each have an assigned task and the discipline to carry it out.  Most of the left wingers rioting today are themselves autonomous.  Indeed, the Seattle “revolution” of CHOP, is essentially a leaderless resistance.  Its continued existence can be credited to being coddled, nurtured and taken care of by the Seattle city council.

   Living and fighting in the field means you might not even have a home to come home to.  There will be no time for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or video games - if those platforms are even still functional in a real civil war.  Fighting will become increasingly a way of life and gangster, mob-rule mentality will necessarily have to dominate everyone’s lives on both sides. That ain’t fun.



   To win a war requires the support of the indigenous population who will give you aid and comfort against your opponents.  You do not gain support from people by smashing their windows and burning their property.

  Another thing to consider is the level of violence leftists are willing to exert against those who disagree with them.  Does anyone honestly think that group’s ideology will create a better, more equal and pleasant society for everyone to live in in the U.S.?   

   Don’t count on it.


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