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From the Editor

Amazon Ants


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal June 26, 2013

There are many thousands, if not millions, of different species of insects in the world today. One of the more intriguing insect types to me is the Polyergus.

Polyergus is the designation of a genus containing six species of slave-raiding ants, also known as Amazon Ants.

The Polyergus’ jaws (mandibles) are so shaped that they are unable to feed themselves and have to rely on other ant species to “spoon feed” them. One of the most interesting aspects of the Polyergus is its total inability to take care of itself and inability to work. Rather than provide for its own food and upkeep of the nest, the Polyergus goes out and finds other ant colonies, usually the Formica ant, and enslaves them.

The way it’s done is every summer, the Polyergus institutes raids of the closely-related Formica ant nests over a six to eight week period. The Polyergus have evolved a huge gland holding a special chemical which resembles the alarm pheromone of their oppressed neighbors and is produced in such large amounts that the effect is not merely an alarm signal but results in panic among the tiny Formica ants. The Formica Queen and her workers generally abandon the nest in the confusion and panic by clamoring up a nearby piece of vegetation to relative safety until their eggs have been successfully stolen. While the Formicas are stricken with panic the Amazons raid their homes for eggs and larva, bringing them back to their own community keeping them as slaves when they mature. The newly-captured babies are eventually helped to emerge from the cocoons by Formica workers already living there. The new babies quickly assimilate the characteristic odor of the mixed-species population of the Polyergus colony -- completely without violence or coercion. The newly hatched “slaves” go on to nurse, forage, and perform other colony upkeep duties. Since the newly-hatched Formica slave ants’ frame of reference is that of living in a Polyergus colony and they are trained by senior Formica ant-slaves to serve the Polyergus, they have been successfully tricked into maintaining the lives and well-being of their slave masters without noticing they are, in fact, slaves. The Polyergus colonies are known to have only one queen, who migrates to new colonies, looking for Formica ants to “volunteer” to rear her new Polyergus offspring. This is a sometimes lengthy process and often-times fails, so Polyergus colonies are usually rare. However, those that do exist, enjoy a life of luxury being catered to by their captured Formica ant-slaves, who unwittingly work and dutifully perform for their masters, ensuring their own continued slavery all the way to death.

Before you get too critical of the Formica leaders, you may want to look around and see if that trait isn’t duplicated elsewhere in the animal kingdom. It just so happens that it can be analogized right here in our own human society.

Large central banks are the Polyergus queens who roam from one country to another looking for an indigenous host who will serve it. The country’s governments, including legislature, police force and judges are the initial surrogates of this new queen. The Federal Reserve did such a transplantation in our Union of States in 1913.

Like the Polyergus, the government raids the “nests” of its Formica citizenry with a very efficient and methodical birth certificate system. All newborn babies in the United States are pledged to the Queen - the Federal Reserve - through their birth certificates and concomitant Social Security number. We parents, like the Formicas, do little to nothing to resist. Instead, we clamor to relative safety whenever a government Child “Protective” Services bureaucrat comes stomping around our nest. In the panic and confusion of such a government raid, our children are figuratively stolen from us by the government’s education, political and banking system and raised to serve it as its unwitting slaves.

Like the senior Formica ants already enslaved to the Polyergus, we hire “teachers” in our school systems to indoctrinate the newly-acquired slaves into willingly serving their captives. All to the benefit of the Queen.

Government politicians, police and bureaucrats resemble the Polyergus slave masters in many ways. As the Polyergus is unable to feed itself, or take care of its own upkeep, government “officials” are generally not able to function in the real world - the working world - where their sustenance would have to be acquired by actual work and labor, rather than leaching off their captured slave/citizens.

The government was formed to protect us from malevolent activities, but has somehow changed its nature to not only support them, but instituting that criminal behavior for its own profit and gain. Our Declaration of Independence requires us to establish government to protect our rights and abolish or alter it when it no longer serves that purpose. Perhaps it’s time for us Formicas to stop abandoning the nest on our young and throw the Polyergus out of our government; then institute a new one not beholden to the Polyergus Queen or her subsidiaries.




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