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From the Editor

Some think I'm a kook


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

June 11, 2014


Over the past ten years I’ve published a lot of cutting-edge information in the Fort Fairfield Journal—information that doesn’t seem to find its way into the well-established newspapers or conventional television and radio media. Because I don’t fit into the establishment mold, I have been labeled by some as kooky, or whacky. While they have the right to their opinions, let’s examine some of the types of information I report on (after all, I’m merely a messenger) to see if their criticisms are warranted.

How about a 19-month-old toddler in Atlanta, Georgia being critically injured after a police flash bang was tossed into his bed during a police raid his home on Wednesday, May 30? He's the son of Alecia Phonesavanh and is now being treated in the burn center at Grady hospital. As of this writing, he only has a 50 percent chance of survival.

This is not a lone story of cops screwing up, it is just one horrid example of how the militarized mindset of police and government daily abuse the people they are charged with protecting. Those who think I’m a kook for reporting this type of information quite likely suffer the delusion that their government is one of good people who only have their best interests at heart. The sad reality is the government, especially at the national level, could care less about us—who they perceive as so much cattle to be fed off of. Instead, the politicians in D.C. work only for the big banks and large multi-national corporations. I submit the recent partnership between the Internal Revenue Service and the health insurance industry to coerce people into buying a product they cannot afford (i.e. Obamacare) as evidence to this fact.

In addition to overt malevolence by a society of police who have—save some of the older generation of cops—been brought up on a steady diet of First-Person-Shooter video games that has led to this outbreak of horrible police brutality, the government has practiced some very covert forms of malevolence against us as well. One of the greatest acts of violence against a people has been their enslavement to the banks via a debt-note based money system.

I have written on the history of the U.S. money system ad nausea over the past ten years, as well as the fundamentals of money in general. It is not a secret that our money system used to be based on silver and gold and is now brought into existence purely by us taking on debt to the bankers. Every last dollar in circulation today is a piece of somebody else’s promissory note either from a house or car loan, all the way down to a credit card being used to buy a candy bar at the local convenience store. Every penny of that so-called “money” in circulation is owed back to a bank somewhere in the country with interest. If we paid back every outstanding loan in existence, it would pull all of the money out of circulation and we would still owe the interest on the debt—which makes it a debt that can never mathematically be paid. Does this sound kooky? Am I a nut? Try reading a few college textbooks on economics and finance—skip ahead to the chapters that discuss fractional reserve banking and ledger-entry accounting—then get back to me with your “kook” comments.

In fact, this very monetary mechanism is what has plunged the U.S. into a national debt of nearly $18 trillion to date. When I started the FFJ ten years ago, the national debt was only around $5 trillion. Does reporting this fact make me “whacked”? Does it make me a kook?

How about all of the sundry procedures the government uses on a daily basis to hi-jack control of our lives? Do you really think you live in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? Really? Am I a kook for citing the legal definition of license as “permission granted by a competent authority to engage in an act that would otherwise be illegal?” We get driver’s licenses to engage in the act of freely traveling; we get marriage licenses to engage in the act of freely marrying; and we get fishing and hunting licenses to provide food for our families. Along with other licensing gimmicks, the government has made virtually everything a free people can do illegal without its permission. Do our schools even teach contract law anymore or how these licenses are voluntary agreements we are suckered into by government in order to insert a mindless bureaucrat into our lives? Nope, probably not. But, I’m a kook, so why bother listening to me. Just keep running to government and inviting them into your life—I’m sure they’ll appreciate all they can steal from you.

Speaking of stealing, did you know that at birth, the government steals ownership of a child from its parents through the birth certificate? Yes, I learned that from the kooky Baron’s Encyclopedia of Banking Terms where they state a certificate is a “paper establishing an ownership claim.” Prior to adopting a debt-based money system backed by the “full faith and credit of the American people” (read that, “all future labor of the enslaved masses”) we did not have a birth certificate system in this country. It’s curious that as the government partnered with a banking cabal called the Federal Reserve (which is not a branch of the Federal government and is not accountable to Congress) they also developed a certificate system that is used to claim ownership of all children at birth. Coupled with a Social Security Number, which according to the Social Security Administration is not mandatory to have, parents are suckered into letting the government mark their kids with an ID number that will eventually be used to siphon off 30 percent or more of their wealth annually in addition to tracking and cataloging their every move in society. But, I’m a kook, so you can dismiss all of this information and continue to worship the benevolent hand of government and see how far that gets you.

In addition to elucidating the crimes of government, I suppose I have also upset a vast majority of my fellow Christians when I give the historical evidence that Christmas is an adaptation of the Pagan holy day, Saturnalia and that Christ our Savior was born in the Fall, not on December 25. I also suppose they’re mad at me for telling them the Easter bunny isn’t real, but is also another pagan myth they’ve been taught to participate in.

Yes, when compared to the pabulum spewed out by the mainstream, government-friendly, establishment press and TV media I suppose I could look like a joke. But, in the end if you continue to follow their lead and way of thinking, the joke will ultimately be on you.




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