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The “New Normal” Comes as a Digital,

Open-Air Prison


How “Smartphones,”

Biometrics & Brainwashing will be the new

shackles and irons in the 21st Century’s

Population Control Grid





By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, June 3, 2020


  I was asked the other day if Smartphones were a government initiative to get everyone connected for the purposes of command and control.  I responded that I don’t think it started out that way, but that communication platform has certainly developed into something government can easily exploit to those ends.

   Thinking back not to long ago, say around the early 2000’s, cell phone technology was in its infancy;  amounting to nothing more than a two way radio communicating to a repeater that was connected to a landline.  Technology soon developed with cell phones connected to their own proprietary microwave towers, which began dotting the landscape.  At that time, they were simply phones.  That was 1G technology.  A few years later, around 2005 - 2006, we had phones that could also send text.  That was 2G.  Later on, around 2008-2009, limited internet accessibility was added into the electronic framework of the cell phone.  Hence, 3G technology.  Then, around 2012, with the advent of the Smartphone we moved into 4G technology with full voice, text, email and internet capability all in a convenient, portable package.

   As those phones developed, the technology within them began including perks such as geo-positioning tags to mark and log the phone’s physical location using the GPS system; microphones that can be turned on remotely and monitor the person’s private conversations; and the backline tower arrays were concomitantly linked together via computer to recognize and triangulate a person’s position in the absence of GPS signal or software.

   The technology advanced side-by-side with the internet and social media platforms.  In those early days, tech companies and internet sites began accruing massive amounts of data about the users of those platforms.  All sorts of data began to be collected, such as posts of photos and text; cell phone positioning data; how fast you drive; how fast you type; what foods you like; what mood you’re in; when you’re going on your next date; what kind of pets you have, etc.

   This type of digital residual data is what is left behind as you interact either directly online with other people, or indirectly as your phone transmits location and audio data, even while you’re not using it.  This data was originally considered waste data or “Digital Exhaust.”

   Eventually, this Digital Exhaust was discovered to harbor a rich mine of predictive data that marketers could use to more effectively sell products - and ultimately, governments could use to predict crowd behavior and ultimately an individual’s behavior.

   This data was used, and is continually being used, to train Artificial Intelligence-based computer models in patterns of human behavior.  Once these behavior models have been populated with that data, companies can predict how people with certain characteristics will behave over time under a given set of circumstances.  This allows the tech companies to fit a particular person’s data  into that model’s predictive data arc to predict - quite accurately - what that person is likely to do either at the present moment or at some time in the future.

   Shoshana Zuboff, social psychologist, Harvard Business School professor, and author of the book, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, has dubbed this type of data as “Behavioral Surplus” - which are data streams internet and cell phone users unwittingly populate with rich predictive data at a level unbeknownst to them.

   Zuboff says Behavioral Surplus gleaning isn’t just occurring when we’re online looking at targeted advertising, it’s being conducted at a layer that is not accessible to the common users.  Such information is gleaned from;

- Personal Assistant Devices like Amazon’s Echo and Alexa; which can covertly record and collate mass amounts of personal information from room conversations occurring near those devices;

- Google Nest devices such as “smart” thermostats and cameras that have microphones built in to covertly collect information about the people in a home;

- Cable TV boxes and “Smart TVs” with microphones built in to covertly accrue personal data via in-home conversations;

- Cell phone tracking data and remote controlled microphones to covertly monitor people’s private conversations when they’re not on the phone and map their travel patterns in perpetuity.


Facebook’s Subliminal Messages

   In a recent documentary video, Zuboff discussed how Facebook executives recently undertook a massive scale contagion experiment.

   “Facebook experimented with subliminal cues planted in Facebook pages that would actually influence - offline - real world behavior and emotions to see if they could make people feel happier or sadder using subliminal cues with language manipulation, word manipulation, and so on,” said Zuboff.  “When the experimenters wrote up this work in a very prestigious scholarly journal that published the results of these experiments, they emphasized two key findings: 1.) We now know that we can manipulate subliminal cues in the online context to change real world behavior or real world emotion.  We know that we can be successful at doing this; and 2.) We can exercise this power, these methods, while bypassing user awareness.”


   Given the recent COVID-19 coronavirus scare that the mainstream media promulgated and sent off into the social media echo chamber where Facebook and other social media platforms can now use subliminal messaging to influence thoughts, emotions and behavior, it isn’t surprising to find a novel flu virus (flu viruses belong to a family called coronavirus) was able to be turned into something many magnitudes of times greater than what it really was - so much so that governments drastically overreacted and fed into the frenzy which then created a feedback loop between social media users, the news media and government that elevated the response to COVID-19 far beyond the response to any other viral threat in recent history - even surpassing the 1918 Spanish flu social/government reaction.


Pokémon Go

   The fun, augmented reality, online video game, Pokémon Go allowed online gamers to use the platform to track a Pokémon gidget in the real world and, using geonavigational technology, provided them with an interactive map of their surroundings to help them find the trinket.

   While it was all in fun, users didn’t realize Google was the developer and had a shadow purpose built into the game that users were unaware of. 

   Pokémon Go merely masquerades as a video game.  What Google was doing was using that platform to sell “footfall traffic” to businesses.  In this sense, a business would purchase “lure modules” in the game and the map to the Pokémon gidget would be tailored to users in a given geographical area to gear them physically into, or walking by, the store, restaurant or business that was participating covertly in the game.  The game, in a sense, was an online virtual world that manifested in the real world - not with clicks on a website, but with actual foot traffic unwittingly driven to sponsoring businesses.

   That is where this technology has come, but this is only the beginning.


The Population Control ID Grid

   Expanding on the information technology advances of the past two decades, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates has used his wealth and knowledge as a springboard into producing population reduction and control systems masquerading as “public health” initiatives. 

   GAVI, a company Gates founded, along with India-based Kushy Baby are developing a microchip digital ID necklace for infants to ostensibly provide a convenient means of storing their vaccination records.  What it really is, is a predictive programming device designed to get people accustomed to being digitally tagged like cattle from birth - and tracked by government throughout their entire lives.

   A larger scale expansion of the microchip necklace was recently developed in India by Gates’ long-time friend, Nandan Nilekania, owner of tech giant, Infosys.  Infosys worked with the government of India to provide a digital biometric ID card for every person in India - nearly 1 billion people will be tagged with retina scans and thumb print scans.

   This system is touted as “preventing identity theft” and “allowing people to access government benefits” without duplication of services.  The real purpose, however, is control of society.  Once a person’s bank account is tied to that digital biometric ID, and all cash is not only abolished, but outlawed, the only way a person will be able to work for a paycheck then ultimately spend it is with a digital biometric identity.  If that person falls into disfavor with the government, such as unable to pay back taxes, excessive court fines, protesting, etc., the government will simply shut off the person’s bank account, take their money and leave them poor and destitute with no other way to earn a living or take care of themselves or their family.

   The framework for this type of society-wide command and control system has been beta-tested in some areas of China - most specifically Shenzhen - over the past decade.  In that area of China, there is no cash in circulation.  Customers have their bank accounts tied to their WeChat accounts (a Chinese version of Facebook) and that is the only way they can purchase anything from a cup of coffee to paying their rent. 

   Since all of their money is digital, and tied to a platform easily exploited by government, users there may find penalties and fees deducted from their bank accounts in real time by government with no control or due process.  For example, if a facial recognition camera catches a person jay-walking (walking across the street not in a crosswalk) the system immediately recognizes their face, ties it to their WeChat account and deducts the fine from their bank account.

   This is the type of system being developed globally under the ID2020 program, also being spearheaded and funded by Bill Gates.  But first, we need a purely digital currency to replace cash.  Enter, Visa.


Visa’s Digital Block Chain

Cashless Currency

   The COVID-19 media scare presented a bonanza of opportunities for government.  In the first and second rounds of the Payroll Protection Plan Congress passed, legislation for cashless block chain type currency was introduced, but was eventually separated from the bill and introduced as stand-alone bills for future consideration.

   Block chain currency - as popularized by the phony online cryptocurrency known as “Bitcoin” is the direction the Federal Reserve is heading for the future of the U.S. dollar.

   Block chain currency is merely “virtual” currency.  It comes into being via a complicated mathematical algorithm played between computer users which makes it essentially video game credit money that was created between online users “mining” the crypto currency out of the ether.  It is only available online, cannot be held in your hand, and there must be internet access in order to buy or sell with it.  This is a command and control government’s dream currency.

   On May 14, 2020 the U.S. patent and Trademark office announced the filing of a block chain currency system by Visa, which would provide a system of artificially created block chain money for the Federal Reserve’s dollars, as well as the currencies of several other countries around the world.


Quantum Dot Tattoo

   Bill Gates has also given a grant to MIT researchers who have develop a  quantum dot tattoo.  This tattoo is designed to be placed on a person when they receive a vaccine.  It is administered with the vaccine via a patch which, when removed, leaves behind an array of dissolvable micro needles in the person’s skin.  When the sugar-based micro needles dissolve, they leave behind an imprinted dye tattoo in the skin which can only be seen under infrared light.  This is being sold to the public as a means of identifying who has received a COVID-19 vaccine (even though no such vaccine exists, yet, and it’s unknown if any effective vaccine will ever be successfully developed).

   Then, the wearer of this Quantum Dot Tattoo will be able to present it as identification as one who has “been vaccinated” in order to gain entry to businesses as a customer, and ultimately open a bank account, gain employment, etc.

   During the COVID-19 media scare, a beta test for the implementation of this device was tested on an unwitting population.  Governments across the U.S. and around the world mandated the use of face masks in public.  Many businesses then would not allow people to enter without the face mask - for fear of spreading the dreaded coronavirus.  While face masks have been proven to be ineffective at preventing the spread of disease in this type of ongoing society-wide deployment, they did successfully function as a stand-in for an identification system where businesses were trained by government literally overnight to prohibit entry to their storefronts for everyone who lacked said “identification.”

   The information gleaned from the COVID-19 population control experiment is now going to be refined and implemented by government to take everyone to the next level.

   Businesses will be forced into the block chain digital crypto currency as a means of survival.  It will first be presented as a means of benefits distribution for welfare and food stamp recipients, then expanded to the entire society as cash is phased out.  The phase out of cash has been made infinitely easier with COVID-19 because all they have to do is say it’s “dirty” and “contains viruses” and that will be enough for society to eschew its use.  Some U.S. businesses already have.  If you don’t have a Smartphone, or other government approved identifier, you simply won’t be able to buy or sell and banks and businesses will be the de facto government enforcers.

   When this control grid finally comes to fruition, it will be nothing short  of a digital open air prison and globalists will have finally closed the loop of control they have been working for centuries to attain.


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