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Predictive Programming, Post-Hypnotic Suggestion & Engineered Psychosomatic Illness


How Global Controllers Utilized the Media and Internet to Mind-Screw the World’s Population with the COVID-19 Coronavirus Scare





By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, May 20, 2020


  I know, the title of this teaching is a pretty heady topic; one that I will try to condense to 2,500 words or less.  While I will necessarily have to break each topic down by section, keep in mind that these are all psychological processes that cross-influence each other simultaneously and continuously over a complex and diverse psychological continuum.


Predictive Programming

   Predictive programming is the art of presenting a scene, meme, image or concept to a person or group in order to introduce them to a particular idea with the intent to acclimate them to it over time.  As that imagery persists in their subconscious through repetitive reinforcement - generally through television and movies, and to a lesser extent in books - the collective conscious becomes accustomed to seeing it, accepts it and when it manifests in social or political reality, there is much less shock and much wider acceptance by the populace no matter how horrible, evil, pointless or socially destructive that idea may be.

   The self-portrait of me in a gas mask, above, is an example of predictive programming.  However, it would be more effective in a video format because that mode of communication is passive and allows the content to bypass cognitive thinking functions and implant directly into a person’s subconscious (like television networks now programming people to wear useless cloth or bandana face masks.)  Here, in print, reading the information is an active act where the person reading is in control of the speed the information enters their mind, what they think about it and how to respond to it.  This is why people who predominately read information are much better informed about the world around them than those who have it spoon-fed to them through television  and social media news sources.

   Some other examples of predictive programming can be found in the modern popular movies, Hunger Games and the Divergent trilogy.  Both movie themes, as with many others like them, present a dystopian society run by authoritarian governments who rule over the disheveled and downtrodden masses - who are usually pictured in dreary grey clothing amidst subdued brown and grey earth tone backdrops.  Ultimately, a hero (or in these two cases, heroine) rises up, defeats the authoritarians and the cycle to authoritarianism begins anew.   You can also see this pattern in the earlier trilogy, The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves.

   Some predictive programming movies preparing us for the COVID-19 coronavirus media-created plannedemic were: 12 Monkeys (1995); Outbreak (1995); Contagion (2011); and World War Z (2013).

   As societies continue to be exposed to these dystopian, authoritarian government images - regardless of the story line - they become acclimated to them and when it manifests in reality they will be less likely to resist because it won’t be such a shock to their system.  For example, did anyone writing the Bill of Rights to our Constitution ever consider their words would be misconstrued by society to allow government to set up  “No Protest Zones” and “Free Speech Zones?” Or, how about more modernly, lockdowns of all business, religious and social activities to “stop the spread” of a mid-level flu virus?  I suggest they did conceive of that, which is why they started the 1st amendment with the phrase; “Congress Shall make no law…”

   Yet, society today has been taught to accept those reductions in their freedoms and predictive programming in the movies and television played a large part in that process.

   Movies are only one venue for predictive programming.  Television dramas and sit-coms are essentially predictive programming programs deliberately and overtly designed to steer societies toward the goal of the writers and controllers of the networks who present them.  These television networks are by-in-large composed of authoritarians by nature.

   Television commercials are predictive programming vehicles as well.  Take a look at how men are presented in a typical television commercial: weak, stupid, distracted, disoriented, etc.  That’s not an accident.  The physically stronger and aggressive sex had to be dumbed down and psychologically reengineered in order for the authoritarians to successfully gain control of society.  Women are presented as the smart, brainy, educated decision makers - thrusting them to the top of the control mechanism being built by the authoritarians.

   This is not to suggest that women are somehow inferior to men - I say they’re not.  It’s just that women are different from men (I won’t get into the dysfunction of transgenderism here, which is another layer of predictive programming we’re all suffering through now.  I’ll limit this discussion to simply the true biological sex of an individual).   Women generally are wired to be right-brain thinkers which means they are more nurturing, artistic, creative and imaginative than a typical left-brain oriented male.  There are of course exceptions but I’m just considering the average male and female overall.

   Authoritarians know they have to get the critical thinkers into a dumbed-down state and replace them with those who use more right-brain activity in their decision making process.  Hence, the decades of predictive programming that has tipped  society upside down, created a whole new class of sexual deviants hopelessly confused about who they are and why they exist as they are.  The controllers then create polarizations of the populace by playing one group off against the other and get each respective group bickering among the others, each demanding their ‘special rights’ and the whole conversation then shifts to the mindless minutia concocted within the predictive programming paradigm, rather than the fact that the controllers are deliberately mind-screwing the public with the goal of getting them off focus, expending their energy frivolously fighting each other, and setting themselves up for at best enslavement and at worst annihilation.

   Predictive programming sets the stage and gets the public accustomed to the scenery.  At the end of the day, a properly conditioned society will either passively observe the authoritarians building the set they’ve been exposed to or actively assist them by willingly manifesting and reinforcing that preconceived image into their reality.  But since the public’s resistance has been abated, the authoritarians don’t really care which process society embraces to achieve their ends.

   Predictive programming can be done in “reverse” and bring a society around to a much better, more reasonable and moral way of living.  But, for now, the malevolent authoritarians are the ones in control of the buttons and levers of the collective psyche via television and movies.

Television-Induced Hypnosis and Post-Hypnotic Suggestion

   Hypnosis is a massive topic.  Books have been written on it so I will limit the discussion here to how television broadcasters and movie producers can ply their trade to mass-hypnotize a society and readjust their thinking to a predetermined end.

   In the study of hypnotism it has been found that around 10 to 15 percent of people are highly and easily hypnotizable; at the other end, another 10 to 15 percent have a very low susceptibility to hypnotism or post-hypnotic suggestions; the remaining group in the middle expresses varying degrees of moderate susceptibility to hypnotism.

   In hypnosis television and movies have replaced the hypnotist dangling a watch in front a subject’s eyes, but the effect is the same.  The goal of the hypnotist is to clear the subject’s mind by getting them into a state of relaxation and submission, then implanting particular thoughts into that person’s subconscious once they are in a condition to receive them.

   Sitting in a darkened room, staring at a flickering light called a television or movie screen reduces brain wave activity to those relaxation states.  The metaphor “glued to the TV” is actually true.  Once a person engaged in the wholly passive act of watching television is fully relaxed and immersed in it, they can become oblivious to the world around them.  It is when they are in that condition that they are most susceptible to post-hypnotic suggestions either contained in the script/dialogue of the movie or TV show, or more subtly as visual imagery crafted into the subtext of the scene.  Modern big-budget movies and television “infotainment” newscasts use both methods to achieve their goal of social domination and control of the narrative in society.

   Movies and television screens appear to be fluid, moving pictures, but they are actually a series of pictures flashing on and off in brief succession - usually 24 or 30 frames per second.  A television is even more complex.  Where an actual movie film shows the whole picture at once in each frame, a television screen is actually only showing one dot, or pixel at a time but it is traced across the screen so rapidly, the brain is unable to process the information and perceives it as one picture.

   In addition to that “refresh” rate of frames per second; television and movie producers also use a tactic of rapidly changing high contrasting scenery to induce a hypnotic trance in the viewers.  Try watching a television broadcast and count how many seconds a particular camera angle stays on the screen before switching to another camera angle.  Most switches are two  to three seconds; ideal for hooking in the subject and compelling them into a hypnotic state.  Or, try the television on in a darkened room, but turn away from it and watch the light brightness patterns flickering on the walls around you.  It is that flickering that induces a hypnotic state for those susceptible to hypnotism. 

   In societal hypnotism, not everyone needs to be hypnotized.  A small percentage of people who have been hypnotized with a particular narrative or meme can exert some pretty significant social pressure on their peers to force them to either conform to the new normal, or face ostracization. The new fad of everyone wearing face masks to “stop the spread” of a mid-level flu virus is a perfect example of this mass hypnosis in action.


Psychosomatic Illness

   A psychosomatic illness is a condition where a person believes they are sick so completely that their mind manifests the symptoms into their body even if they have been shown to be objectively and medically free from the disease.

   Stem cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph. D. explains this mind-body connection in great detail in his book, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles (Hay House, 2005).

   “While proper use of consciousness can bring health to an ailing body, inappropriate unconscious control of emotions can easily make a healthy body diseased…” wrote Dr. Lipton (pp. 102-103).   “The subconscious mind is strictly a stimulus-response playback device; there is no ‘ghost’ in that part of the ‘machine’ to ponder the long-term consequences of the programs we engage… Consequently, programmed misperceptions in our subconscious mind are not ‘monitored’ and will habitually engage us in inappropriate and limiting behaviors.” (op cit. pp. 104-105.)

   The mainstream media barrage of hype around the now infamous COVID-19 coronavirus was over-the-top hysteria - even by mainstream television infotainment standards.  In an insatiable quest for viewers, increased ratings, and clicks to their websites, mainstream media exacerbated the COVID-19 situation and blew it way out of proportion to what it really was - a really bad flu season.

   Social media also had a big hand to play as unsophisticated and uneducated users of that platform simply selected the worst, or most sensational data - i.e. death numbers - and continually forwarded them on to their groups in what has now come to be known as the online “echo chamber.”

   Governments then fall victim to this information stream by overreacting at that level of hype in order to appear to be “doing something” to keep people safe.  However, as former Fort Fairfield town manager, Dan Foster once said, “You can’t legislate the risk out of living.  Even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

   This constant reinforcing of a particular idea or meme within media and social media has undoubtedly caused some incidents of psychosomatic illness to be manifested in some individuals who appear to have the symptoms of the dreaded COVID-19 - and may even test positive for it - simply because their mind has exerted such control over their bodies to manifest those conditions artificially when in reality, they don’t have the disease at all.

   The last time the media effects of psychosomatic illness and health anxiety/contamination-related OCD was studied was in a report published in 2012 in the journal Cognitive Therapy and Research.  In that report, the authors showed how social pressures and media hype influenced behavior of societies during the 2009 H1N1 (Swine Flu) Pandemic.

  Today’s COVID-19 media scare was just another in a long chain of media/government psychological litmus tests and abuses on society. 

   Yes, the COVID-19 coronavirus infected a lot of people (if we can believe the errant testing systems) and yes, it caused a lot of death.  But, the government and mainstream media’s  overreaction to it destroyed the world economy, caused countless suicides, created stress-induced immune deficiency in millions of people and caused some to “come down” with the illness psychosomatically when they in fact didn’t have it at all.

   The effects of this social mind-screwing will be felt for years as some in society will suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and never take their face masks off for the rest of their lives, then exert pressure on their peers to follow.

   This type of irrational fear, manifesting illness artificially, is the stage the predictive programmers have chosen to set and present to the world populace to steer their collective psyche into a hyper-authoritarianism and government power structure the likes of which the world has never seen; nor is expected to survive.


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