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Stop and Think


The flawed logic behind the Democrats’ Push for Forced Vaccinations






By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal


   The last thing a politician - especially a Democrat - wants you to do is stop and think.  They use 3 second sound bites which are parroted by talking head Barbie and Ken dolls in the mainstream television news media to keep you stupid, to keep you ignorant, to keep you as misinformed as they are.  The last thing they want you do to do is to actually stop and think.  Thinking is anathema to a politician and the less you do of it, the better off they feel they are.

   Maine Democrats in the House recently passed a bill to force every public schooled child and college student to be vaccinated.  Until this gets passed by the Senate and signed into law by Maine’s authoritarian Democrat governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills, Mainers still have the right to opt their children out of vaccines due to religious or philosophical reasons.  “Religious,” of course, means a person’s religion doesn’t allow for vaccinations, while “philosophical” simply means that a person has conducted their own study of the situation and has decided not to place their own body or their child’s at the risk of all the potential side effects that come with vaccinations (such as paralysis, autism, etc.)

   With the Democrats (who were aided by some Republicans-In-Name-Only) in the Maine legislature passing a bill to abolish people’s rights to opt their children out of toxic and potentially dangerous vaccines, these power-hungry legislators are regurgitating the tripe spewed by the vaccine industry by suggesting that those who don’t get vaccinated are somehow a danger to those who do get vaccinated.  The Maine Sunday Telegram even ran a front page story a few weekends ago trying to sell that exact, pathetic point.  I’ll discuss the fallacy of that argument momentarily but first I want to stop and analyze - that is, stop and think - about the conventional Democrat party line platform and how their stated position on vaccines as being for the benefit of the public health is shrouded in complete hypocrisy. 


Democrats Don’t Want You to Stop and Think About Their Party’s Own Platform

   The Democrat party has for years been a staunch defender of abortion.  They advocate for it at every turn.  Democrats in Congress recently,  made killing babies after they’re born (which truly is murder even by the loosest socialist/communist left-wing definition) legal if it was born alive after a failed abortion attempt.  The baby can be born, be lying there on the table crying and the mother tells the doctor she doesn’t want it and the doctor can simply kill it - all within the “law.”  This is what Democrats and the Democrat party stand for nationwide: murder.  I’m not even writing rhetorically here.  That is literally murder that Democrats are advocating and legalizing.  Murdering a live-born baby.  The Democrats in Augusta by-in-large hate life; they hate children; your healthy child disgusts them and makes them want to vomit all over it;  they look with disdain on every child born - a child they consider another “useless feeder.”  Democrat legislators have no regard for the life of unborn children, for the safety of an unborn child or for its well-being.   And yet,  they sit there in Augusta with a straight face and claim they want children to be vaccinated for their “safety” and the safety of society.

   Right...  And I’ve got a bridge in Fort Fairfield I’m willing to sell you cheap.

   Given the hazards associated with vaccines and all of the negative health effects that can be wrought from them, I suggest the Democrats are secretly desiring the sickness, incapacitation and perhaps even untimely deaths of all those children they despise by mandating those toxic concoctions be jabbed into them at extremely high dosage levels at a very young age.  They truly are evil incarnate.

   Or, they’re just stupid.

   Either way, those who mandate vaccines in Augusta are a menace to society and are truly a threat to our health and safety.

   Now, thinking things through a little further, let’s expand upon the hypocrisy of the Democrats.

   They claim they are for a “woman’s right to choose” what to do with her body.  Through a set of special secret agent glasses they got as a toy prize out of a cereal box, they are even able to find that phraseology in the Maine and U.S. Constitutions (hint:  it isn’t in either, honestly).  So, the Democrats come across as some great bastion of defense of women’s rights, don’t they?  Well, the mainstream media cover they receive certainly makes it seem that way.

   But, the reality is when it comes to a woman who wants to exercise her right to choose whether or not to have toxic, dangerous chemical concoctions injected into her young child’s body, the Democrats all of a sudden swipe that woman’s right away from her and place themselves in her place as her child’s parent - suggesting they not only know better what’s good for that child, but that they care more for its health and well-being.   This from the exact same political party who has an official party platform that endorses and advocates for the killing of those children before they’re born.

   It seems Democrats only want people to have rights if those rights come at the expense of the health and safety of children.

   I’m sorry for being redundant here, but the Democrats want to allow for the killing of babies so I’m simply forcing them to own that label.  The problem is, they’re going to have a hard time to convince people who have stopped to think about the issue that they care so much about the health and well-being of a child when they would just as soon have it killed before it even sucks in its first breath of air.

   Now, I don’t want to pick on Democrats exclusively here, there are some Republicans who sided with the Democrats in removing Mainers’ right to choose on which vaccines they give to their children.  In my own personal opinion those Republicans really are just plain stupid.  They can’t be pro-Life and pro-vaccine without some degree of stupidity; the two positions are mutually exclusive.

   But, these are the types of leaders you will get when you use a popularity contest to decide who’s best qualified for public office.  You’ll get people who are popular but, more and more, completely ignorant. Dunces. At times that ignorance can simply be amusing to watch how stupid and misinformed they are as they muddle around the State capitol mumbling incoherent thoughts and passing ridiculously stupid laws like a bunch of screaming and ranting three year-olds on a nursery school playground.  But at other times, that ignorance can be very dangerous to the health and well being of society as a group of abject morons who have no idea in the world what they’re even doing in Augusta get to be swayed by a special interest group - in this case, vaccine manufacturers - to force the public to receive something they not only don’t want, but can do irreversible harm to their children and damage their bodies for the rest of their lives.

   That’s the type of ignorance that is dangerous and a menace to society.  That is the type of ignorance we are suffering under in Augusta today.  We would probably do better with three year-olds casting votes that affect our lives and future.


You Must Get Vaccinated so the Rest of Society Won’t Get Sick

   I keep hearing this line over and over again and to those who don’t think, it seems reasonable on its surface.  But, let’s stop and think for a minute.

   First, let’s agree with the vaccine mantra: if you get vaccinated, you’re protected from that disease.  After all, if it doesn’t really protect you then why bother to get vaccinated?  Now, there are many in society who believe that a person who has not been vaccinated presents some sort of a threat to those who have been.  But how can that be?  If you have been vaccinated, and I haven’t been, how could I possibly make you sick?  You’ve been vaccinated.  Right?  You’re “protected.” Right?  If you’ve been vaccinated and are thus “protected” then you should have no worries about being around me if I haven’t been vaccinated.  I mean, really, you’ve got this super force field around you that the vaccine imparts to your body that prevents you from getting the disease.  Right?  I can’t possibly be a threat to you.  To admit otherwise would require one to admit the vaccines in and of themselves are not effective.  Hush! Hush!  Don’t say that too loudly!  The vaccine manufacturers don’t want that truth to get out.

   The pro-vaccine crowd wants to have it both ways.  They want to claim their vaccines are effective and protect people from the disease they were designed for, while at the same time they want to force everyone to get the vaccine so those in society who haven’t been vaccinated won’t spread disease to those who have.  So, which is it?  Vaccines are effective, or they’re not effective.

   I submit they are not effective.

   Let’s think a little further.  Vaccines do not kill viruses.  In theory all they’re supposed to do is stimulate your immune system to produced anti-bodies that will do the actual killing of the virus once it finds its way into your body.  Vaccines are not a “force field”  they aren’t what actually does the protecting.  The protection is a side-effect of the vaccine, at least in principle.

   The way the vaccines stimulate the immune system is by introducing a weakened form (supposedly) of the virus along with what are called adjuvants.  An adjuvant can be squalene, or aluminum salts that hype up your immune system’s response into overdrive - kind of like nitrous-oxide for a gasoline engine.  The problem with this tactic is that some people’s immune systems get so jacked up they begin to attack their owner’s own body.  This is what happens to those who contract Guillain-Barré Syndrome after getting the flu shot, creating a situation where the body’s immune system gets so excited it begins to attack its own nerve endings and nerve cells.  Partial to complete paralysis is the end result as the person suffers from an attack by their own immune system.  Other side-effects that might not be so noticeable are reduced IQ and mild to severe autism as the nerve cells in the brain get targeted by the body’s immune system.  So, it’s not the attenuated virus that’s causing the problems, it’s all the chemicals and junk they’re putting into the vaccines.  This is why people have been opting out of vaccines - they don’t want the crap and all of its side effects to ruin their bodies.

   Furthermore, the vaccine’s end result on your body’s immune system will only be as good as your immune system’s function to begin with.  For example, if you get a vaccine and feed your body a steady diet of fast food, soda, pastries and chips, your immune system isn’t going to have the necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids to properly mount an adequate defense to begin with, it won’t be able to produce the anti-bodies.  And getting a vaccine isn’t going to get them there.


Feed Your Body Right

   Now, if eating a proper, healthy diet is key to a healthy and properly functioning immune system, then what do we really need vaccines for?

   Countless studies have been done on children who do not play outside, are never exposed to germs and live in a virtually germ-free, clean environment.  Since they have never been exposed to the germs in their area, their body’s immune system doesn’t build the appropriate anti-bodies and they get sick quicker, stay sick longer and are more prone to developing asthma and allergies later on in life.

      Eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of vitamin C and lots of fiber and protein will give your body the tools it needs to develop the weapons it has to have in order to ward off disease.  Vaccines won’t do that, they just stimulate the immune system to react. They do not give it the building blocks to actually produce the anti-bodies - what you eat does.

   Now, thinking this through a little further; if by providing your body with the proper nutrients, and allowing yourself to be exposed to germs so your body can become accustomed to them, is the key to building an adequate defense against disease, what do we need vaccines for?  The answer is in most cases, we don’t.

  But, the Democrats in Augusta are fixated on forcing everyone to be vaccinated.  Even if they have to admit vaccines are not truly effective as part of their propaganda campaign.  Well, they’re not going to come right out and say they’re not effective, but if you stop and think things through, that’s exactly what they’re saying when they try to sell the line of B.S. that those who are not vaccinated pose a threat to those who have been vaccinated.  Think for a minute, people.  Think.

   I haven’t received a flu vaccine for around 30 years and don’t get sick with the flu.  I haven’t had a tetanus shot for at least as long and for all the rusty nails, sharp steel shards, tree branches and rocks I’ve scuffed myself on over the years, I should be dead as fried chicken by now.  But I’m not.  That’s because every time a germ finds its way in, my immune system has already seen it before and has the blueprints it needs to build the anti-bodies to attack it.  I probably don’t eat textbook healthy, but I eat reasonably good food most of the time so my body has at least enough of the right nutrients to keep my immune system functioning properly.

   The moral of the story is to stop and think.  Ask yourself if vaccine manufacturers and their marketing agents masquerading as Democrat legislators in Augusta truly have your best interests in mind.  Then, make up your own mind about whether or not to inject potentially toxic, dangerous substances into your child’s body.

   Democrats don’t want us to have that right and are working indefatigably to stop us from making our own decisions with regard to the health and well-being of our children. 

   Democrats are the real public health problem.


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