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By:  Bill Dunne
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Will Future High School Sex Ed Classes Use Live, In-School Demonstrations?




By:  David Deschesne, P.H.D.

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

April 12, 2017


   With all of the radical social experiments being foisted on our public school students by the transgender bullies, and soon the pedophilia bullies, here's an intriguing thought: What is “sex education” going to look like in twenty years—live demonstrations with the students? 

   Today’s students are tomorrow’s school board members and administrators; and schools are already letting boys and girls sleep together in hotel rooms on overnight field trips. If “normal” keeps getting pushed further and further to the left, the sky, it appears, is going to be the limit for insanity.

   Most recently, a Pennsylvania male high school student going by the name, “Joel Doe” brought a lawsuit against the school for allowing females to undress in male only locker rooms.  This policy is one that schools are adopting for students who arbitrarily “identify” as the sex opposite from what they are biologically.  These “sex identities” are purely subjective and based on how a student “feels” on a whim - absent any scientifically verifiable evidence.

   The case was brought by lawyers with the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Independence Law Center against the school district, its superintendent, Richard Faidley, principal Brett Cooper and assistant principal E. Wayne Foley on behalf of the student by and through his guardians.

   ADF and ILC explained the high school boy “was exposed involuntarily to an undressed female student while he was changing in his school’s locker room.”

   “Without any notice to students or parents, the school district secretly opened its schools’ sex-specific restrooms and locker rooms to students of the opposite sex. When the student, identified in the lawsuit as ‘Joel Doe,’ was standing in his underwear about to put on his gym clothes, he suddenly noticed that a female student, also in a state of undress, was in the locker room,” the legal groups said.

   “The male student brought a complaint to school officials, who informed him that they now allow students who subjectively identify themselves as the opposite sex to choose whichever locker room they wish to use. He asked officials to protect his privacy, but they instead told him twice that he must ‘tolerate’ it and make changing with students of the opposite sex as ‘natural’ as he can.”

   This case is intriguing because it is a male student, expecting to undress in the privacy of a male locker room finding a female (who has been confused by her teachers and society into thinking she's a male when she's not) also in there undressing.  There was a time when this type of arrangement would never have been tolerated by public schools, but now the “trendy” crowd has taken over and is using bullying tactics and threats of lawsuits to force schools to mix young, impressionable male and female students in highly provocative sexual situations.

   Word around the camp fire is the transgenderism fad is now knocking at our door locally, as Fort Fairfield's school system may be entertaining the idea of merging male and female students in non-traditional rest-room, locker room and hotel room situations later this year.

   These social experiments are designed to disorient, confuse and rot societies out from within in order to make them more pliable and complacent as they’re eased into a high-tech slavery and population-culling mill. The controllers at the top are laughing at how easy it is to manipulate masses of people to accept and reinforce their own destruction.

   Using sex as a weapon against societies is not a new idea.  In the last century, communist psychopolitical operators employed sexual tactics against youngsters in society in order to craft and mold their ideologies.  Three decades ago, Dorothy Baker condensed the Russian textbook on Psychopolitics into a small, readable format.  The book describes how communists of the former Soviet Union in the 1930's planned to wage a covert war against the U.S. and other capitalist countries using unconventional, psychological warfare techniques. Baker quotes the Russian textbook;


 “By making drugs of various kinds readily available, by giving the teenager alcohol, by praising his wildness, by stimulating him with sex literature and advertising to him or her practices taught at the Sexpol, the psychopolitical operator can create the necessary attitude of chaos, idleness, and worthlessness that will be the matrix to give the teenager complete freedom everywhere - communism.”  (Brainwashing: A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook of Psychopolitics, ©1991 The Foundation for Human Understanding, p. 24)


   As the social slide continues to ramp violently to the left, today's group of future school board members, legislators, lawyers, media analysts and school teachers will find themselves grappling with legalizing such acts as pedophilia (adults having sex with children under 12 years old), bestiality (humans having sex with animals), and necrophilia (having sex with human corpses).  Will today’s students have the proper moral compass or social upbringing to navigate these sexual minefields as adults in those responsible positions of power and influence?  Likely not.

   You might think these are radical ideas.  But remember, only twenty years ago the idea of male and female students changing with each other in school locker rooms and sharing beds at hotel rooms on overnight field trips was unthinkable.  Back then, I'm sure all of us would have said, “that will never happen!”  Well, it's happening now, just twenty years later! 

   The trendy crowd from Hollywood and the ACLU are not going to stop with transgenderism.  They plan to move on to pedophilia and bestiality.  They have been pushing the envelope of normalcy for the past fifty years and it is not too much of a stretch to consider the sexual education classes in public high schools will be featuring live sex demonstrations between students at some point in time over the next twenty years or so.

   Which brings me back to my original rhetorical question about sex education.  As homosexuality has been normalized, the even more subjective transgenderism is being vigorously promoted and normalized, and as male and female students become more and more disconnected from reality by a group of adults who are supposed to be charged with setting them on the correct path in life to begin with, those students will ultimately graduate, grow up, become members of society and some will be elected to the legislature, or school boards.  They will all become voters.

   So, what will public school live sex demonstrations look like?  Perhaps it will be the teacher having sex with the students individually in the front of the classroom, or they may pair up students to practice having sex with each other right there in class during school hours the way college nursing students practice giving each other injections and IVs.  At that point it will likely be a free-for-all orgy between homosexuals, heterosexuals and lesbians - or a lesbian having sex with a transgender male who thinks he's a female. [Wouldn’t that be heterosexual by default?]  It's going to get confusing.  After all, those future school board members and attorneys are being taught today that all of these ideological groups have “civil rights” and that those rights have to accommodated in public schools and other public institutions.  Really.

   What about the age range of these live sex demonstrations? After being immersed in years of sexually deviant ideas as part of their public school education, will the future school board members even be able to resist the push to include live-sex demonstrations all the way down to the kindergarten level?  Probably not.  School systems across the country are already forcing the teaching of transgender ideas to that age group of students with plans to immerse them in it throughout their twelve years of public school “education.”

   You may think it would be difficult for such an agenda to get through.  Well, by today's standards, with today's society of adults on school boards and in the voting roles it probably would be.  But even today's school boards cringe at the idea of an expensive lawsuit from the bullies in the sexually deviant crowd.  As more and more school boards, public facilities and businesses cave in to the threat of lawsuits by ever-more politically active, sexually deviant groups and more and more of the voting electorate become confused about their sexual identity, or acceptant of that confusion in others, it won’t be much of a stretch to make that leap.

   By the time twenty or so more years go by, the more radical groups will have learned the strategy of threatening lawsuits for violations of their “civil rights.”  This will continue to push what society considers “normal” sexual behavior so far to the left that live sex-ed demonstrations in class during school hours may ultimately seem the most normal idea in the world.

   Meanwhile, those future students won't know how to read, write or do simple math.  I doubt most of them will be able to read this editorial in the library’s archives to understand what was done to them.  Nor would they have to possess those skills - by that time robots will be performing many of the tasks they would otherwise have to do.  So, if raising a future generation of children who don't know history, math, literacy, or even independent thinking outside of the established groupthink is the goal; if raising a batch of moronic Smartphone button-pushing government slaves who don't know who they are, what gender they possess, what their purpose in life is - or the difference between right and wrong - is where the government wants its future electorate to be, then we're on the right path.

   That pathway is built on the infrastructure of sexual deviancy and will ultimately lead to a society so focused on sex, and all of the confusing “isms” that social controllers can derive from it, that it will no longer be able to effectively function or survive.


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