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From the Editor


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal, April 2, 2014

Modern Christianity’s Strange gods

Part I

   If you have a Bible like mine, you will read at Exodus 20:3, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  This has also been dubbed “The First Commandment” and was given to us through Moses.

   While the commandment is pretty straightforward, many Christians today have been duped by pastors who have strayed off God’s plumb line by the vagrancies of tradition to believe the Apostle Paul’s message in Roman’s 13 means to make government their god—and they have done so in many instances by elevating government to the position of a god in stark violation of God’s Holy word.

   Here are just a few examples:



   Marriage was created and defined by the Lord God.  It is described in Genesis 1:27-28 and again in Genesis 2:18.  Man and man's government had nothing to do with this type of divinely ordained arrangement.

   Marriage licenses were never required prior to the early 1900s, also known as the “Devolutionary Period.” The only requirement for a legitimate marriage was that the couple be married by an official minister of God, and place their intentions to marry in a public place, such as a church, parish, or town meeting house for all to see. Then, a ceremony would be held in front of at least two witnesses on the date indicated on the public notice. That notice was then to be filed with the county clerk. No license, or certificate was required. In that respect, the couple gave notice, got married, then went to the government to let them know of the fact. Nowadays, they have been taught to go to government first, ask for permission to marry, then after license has been granted, get married.  In effect, they have allowed the government to become the “god” over their marriage - granting them permission to marry and then regulating the marriage itself.  Indeed, a “license” is permission granted by a competent authority to engage in an activity that is otherwise illegal.  Marriage illegal?  What?  

   Black’s Law Dictionary, 5th ed. (West, 1979) defines “Marriage License” as a “License or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry.” Black’s 5th refers the term “intermarry” to “miscegenation” which it goes on to define as “mixture of races; marriage between persons of different races, as between a white person and Negro.”

   This reference to licensing of intermarried couples has its roots in the Reconstruction Period of 1864-1880. During that time, the newly-freed black slaves were prohibited from marrying their white counterpart unless permission was granted to do so from the State government.

   Twenty years after the publication of Black’s 5th ed., Black’s Law 7th edition (West, 1999) completely eliminates the phrase “intermarry” from its definition of Marriage License.

   Even though weddings are conducted in a church setting with a providential backdrop, almost all pastors and preachers marry a couple with authority vested in them by the State, rather than the Lord God and make that proclamation at the end of every ceremony, they then turn and fill out the government’s marriage license contract after the ceremony.

   Thus, most Christians today have bowed to the god of the State and have made it the lord over their marriage. Maine never originally forced itself into that position, but the government eased itself in, under the inspiration of Satan, over the past 100 years to the point that most Christians would consider it sacrilege to get married without permission from their government, via a marriage license.   Relying solely on the Lord God and His sovereignty to ordain their marriage has become a foreign idea.

   The recent adoption of same-sex marriages in Maine is merely the satanic god of government allowing marriage licenses to homosexuals within the confines of its man-made rules.  Nothing in Maine's laws, however, has changed the Lord God's word.  But, most Christians are ambivalent and continue to bow to that god and participate in the marriage licensing scheme at the unwitting behest of their misguided pastors and preachers.



  In Leviticus 19:36 and Ezekiel 45:10 The Lord God told us we must trade with just weights and balances.  “Just” meaning fair, honest and measurable. 

   Money, as a representation of wealth, is anything that is universally recognized that will trade among people and has value - that is human labor, already added into it. When our Union was formed, gold or silver coinage was adopted in the Constitution as the only form of lawful money because it represented human labor already expended (to mine, transport, refine, and mint a coin.) Since 1933 and later in 1964, our money no longer comes from the ground, but rather is literally created out of thin air as a ledger entry at a bank - the same way a counterfeiter plies his craft. This “money” has no labor added into it; rather, it has the future expenditure of labor promised against it - a far cry from the original money system of the Constitution and even the Holy Bible.

   When a bank writes a “loan” to a “borrower” they are not really loaning any of their own pre-existing money. They are actually exchanging with the customer in an even exchange of artificially created credit digits for a promissory note via a process called “Ledger Entry Accounting.”

    In this respect, our current money system in the U.S. is not a “just weight or balance” in that it has no tangible thing of value to represent or back it up.  This is in violation of God's word, but today's misguided pastors and preachers continually teach their followers to behave as if this money were legitimate and Biblical simply because it has “In God We Trust” inscribed on it.  However, because it is not in compliance with Biblical mandate, it is safe to say that the Lord God does not trust this man-made “money” that so many Christians use today in violation of His word.  In a sense, Christians have bowed to the god of government who has allowed a private corporation (Federal Reserve) to create fake money from nothing, with nothing to back it, and this god then compels others to accept that fake money for tender in payment of debt. 

   Should Christians really be bowing to this god?




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