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From the Editor

Liberty Lovers:  The New “Native Americans”


By:  David Deschesne

Fort Fairfield Journal, March 19, 2014

  The U.S. Government has been at war with those who love liberty and independence pretty much since its inception, a paradox for sure for a government which was supposedly formed out of a love and desire for those noble ideas.

   The Whiskey Rebellion aside, the War of Northern Aggression (i.e. “Civil War”) was the first major revealing of the U.S. government’s hatred for liberty-minded people.  The southern States, feeling they were not being represented properly in Washington and that they were being disproportionately taxed in relation to their northern neighbors, chose to voluntarily leave the Union that they at one time had voluntarily entered.  A rapid response was then mounted by President Lincoln to brand those States as “rebellious” and corral them back into the Union; thus securing their dues in the form of port taxes and other fees generated from the sale of their agricultural commodities.

   After that great war, the U.S. Government had to find work for its new military force so it moved them into the unchartered territory of the Midwest to harass and intimidate the Native Americans there.

   While the Native Americans, like all cultures, were not perfect, they did generally ascribe to the belief that land, water and the resources derived from them were gifts of the Creator for all to use and share equally.  Those resources, land especially, could no more be owned under their ideology than the air that we all breathe.

   Leading an independent, self-sustaining lifestyle, the Native Americans illustrated vividly that they did not have any need for an oppressive, tyrannical government of foreigners to provide for their daily bread—they provided for themselves quite nicely on their own. 

   Then, along came the white European settlers who had considerably different ideologies about land, property and resources.  They quickly moved onto land occupied by native American tribes and began to exploit the resources en masse for a quick profit, leaving behind a wake of unsustainable desolation and destruction.  When the native Americans complained, the U.S. government made “treaties” with them guaranteeing them certain tracts of land within defined borders that were supposed to be off limits to the new settlers.

  However, those treaties weren’t worth the paper they were written on.  Settlers soon consumed all the wealth on their claimed land and, seeing the native American reservations as free booty, promptly moved onto those tracts of land and began pillaging the resources there.  When the native Americans complained, the U.S. government was uninterested in helping them; when they attempted to enforce the rights to the land they had been promised by treaty, they were quickly branded as “savages” and the U.S. military called in to protect the settlers and the interests of the for-profit corporations from this new enemy.

   [Within the confines of the space of this editorial, I could not begin to fully treat the plight of the native American, but I hope those who have studied it can agree the previous paragraphs are a good overall synopsis.]

   The protecting of corporate interests of the 1870’s has come into full bloom now 140 years later as the U.S. military stomps around the world protecting what?  The U.S. Constitution?  No, they have been charged with “protecting U.S. interests” as their mission statement.

   Nothing has changed.

   Now, the U.S. military is being used to subdue countries where U.S. corporations are attempting to turn a massive profit.  Where before the military was the ramrod of the lumber, fishing and mining industries of the Midwest, it is now being used to guarantee the profits of oil, mineral and illicit drug companies in the Mideast and far East.

   Since 9/11/01, the U.S. government and its surrogates in the U.S. mainstream media have been on a quest to brand anyone who is against their corporate profiteering on behalf of large multi-national corporations as a “terrorist” - the same strategy used in the Indian Wars of the 1870s—brand a group of people opposed to your ideologies as “savages” then it becomes publicly acceptable to kill them, or at least otherwise marginalize them out of existence.

  The evolution of the term “terrorist” has finally come home to roost as the U.S. Department of Homeland “Security” has now effectively utilized the mainstream news media, Hollywood movies and television programs to rebrand that term once again to now mean anyone in the U.S. who believes in freedom, liberty, independence and self-sustenance.

  Call them Tea Party, or Preppers, or Right Wing Conservatives, it doesn’t really matter.  If a person is of the mindset that the U.S. government doesn’t owe them a living, is willing and able to provide their own food, their own housing and yes even their own personal defense of life and family, then they are the new enemies of the now socialistic U.S. government.

   The DHS continually puts out training manuals, not even hiding it anymore, that labels all gun owners, returning veterans, Ron Paul supporters and religious conservatives as “ potential terrorists”.  They have even gone as far as to state someone who “makes frequent references to the U.S. Constitution” as a terrorist, as well.

  You see, the ideologies of the U.S. government have changed, but their methods of enforcing compliance have remained the same; use a monopoly of force to smash any resistance to their policy and use the mainstream media to publicly propagandize against any one or group who would stand in its way.

   The current mad dash for gun control and ultimate confiscation is simply the U.S. government’s continuing quest for absolute domination over a people, their resources, their labor and their lives.  Like the aforementioned Southern States, Native Americans and modern day Mideastern “terrorists”, the U.S. government and its lackeys in the mainstream media are now rebranding liberty loving Americans as “terrorists” and “savages” in hopes to once again publicly marginalize a resistive group out of existence with the full support of the unthinking, ignorant masses. 

   While the U.S. military, and increasingly the civilian police forces, do enjoy the monopoly of force with vastly superior weaponry than the average U.S. inhabitant, this government can brook no resistance at all to its quest for domination and fully intends to smash all resistance to its goal of ultimate corporate/financial domination just as it has since its inception.




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