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Media Hysteria


The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why of the COVID-19 Hysterical Propaganda Putsch Against the Global Population




By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

March 10, 2021


   I’m just a simple audio/visual engineer by trade, who started this newspaper 17 years ago on a whim with no college education and no background in journalism.  But, I did have a lifelong curiosity for how things work and during my time of installing sound systems in churches refined my teaching methods to teach the operation of relatively complex audio systems to people within those church settings, who had no background in audio, in a way they could understand.

   I adapted those teaching methods to this newspaper when I began writing it after the former Fort Fairfield Review went out of business.  Even though I had no training in journalism, I understood the fundamentals.  A complete story answers the questions; Who? What?  Where?  When?  How? and most importantly, if you can, Why?

   My style is a little different than the establishment, corporate news world, who likes to talk down to you like you were a three year-old while crafting and molding the information to fit a predominately left-wing, communist authoritarian agenda.  I ask a lot of questions, have learned how to research data and when I publish my findings, I dangle footnotes throughout the controversial stuff to cite my sources at the end of the articles. 

   When the alleged COVID-19 pandemic began, I knew something was amiss when the entire media infrastructure was all on the same page with a fixation on deaths and “positive” cases centered around a fear-based narrative that was obviously designed to gain the maximum amount of psychological traction within the population in the least amount of time.  I have learned over the 17 years of reporting, that whenever the establishment media all gets together on the same page and begins to scream loudly in unison that it’s quite likely a lie and the best way to start looking for the truth of the matter is to start with the opposite position and work your way from there.

   What follows is my pontification on that COVID-19 narrative, who may have been involved, how they did it, when they started and most importantly, why they would have foisted such a financially and psychologically destructive plan on us in the first place.

   “Why?” is the most important question.  In the second movie of The Matrix trilogy, our protagonists approach the Merovingian in an attempt to find the key maker.  But, the Merovingian states, that is not an answer to “why” they are there.  “‘Why’ is the only real source of power,” he told them. “Without it you are powerless.  And this is how you come to me, without ‘Why.’  Without power.”

    The Merovingian then philosophizes on that power; “There is only one constant, one real truth: causality.  Action, reaction.  Cause and effect.  Choice is an illusion created between those with power and those without.”

    In March, 2020, I immediately adopted the frame of reference that COVID-19 was not as deadly or dangerous as the media said it was (remember, I turn 180 degrees away from their narrative to begin my search for the truth.) We now know COVID-19 has a fatality rate similar to the seasonal flu and most people who catch it will recover from it just fine at home within 14 days.  This was discovered very early on, around April to May of last year.  So, it looks like my starting position was right.   But, the government and media continued to ramp up the psychological warfare in order to perpetuate the illusion and thus enhance their power over us (except for South Dakota, their governor did no lockdowns or mandates and they remained open).    For this reason we will answer the last of those journalistic questions first - -“Why?”




Why Mindscrew the global population with a contrived pandemic narrative?

  There is a philosophical belief among the controllers of the world that the Earth is overpopulated with humans, we are all consuming way too many raw materials and our business model is to grow unsustainably.     In order to save the planet from extinction, they believed they had to at once cull the population and centralize control of all business and economic activity so they could build a new system where property ownership has been abolished and everyone rents what they need from this corporate, global oligarchy of wealthy elitists.  The pandemic was contrived by these people who used fear to achieve their ends of destroying as many of the small, diverse businesses on the planet and consolidate as much as they could into the central planning models of online stores such as Amazon and, to a lesser extant Wal-Mart and Ebay.  They needed to train the population to not purchase locally in uncontrolled, hard to manage from afar, businesses and transition them over to purchasing all of their daily necessities online from centralized sources.  Lockdowns and mandated business closures achieved these ends beautifully as people were forced to stay home and cajoled into buying their daily necessities online.  This was a major accomplishment toward the goal of consolidating businesses and creating a managed human population; a feat which could never have been done without the fear that was artificially induced in society by COVID-19.




Who the People Are That Actually do Rule the World

   Regardless of who sits in the Congress, the White House or any of the political power structures of the various countries of the world, a small group of un-elected billionaires  sit in control of everything.  They do not run for election, they do not get interviewed on CNN or Fox News and they are generally unknown to a vast majority of the general public.  These people occupy self-appointed positions within such groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission and other semi-secret, non-governmental organizations.

   Their ideology is as described above in the “Why?” section.  These people have the money and clout to exercise a great deal of influence on politicians and have over the past 100 years exerted a great deal of control within the media, public schools, colleges, industrial, medical and pharmaceutical fields. 




What did the controllers use to attain their goals of world domination

   Fear is the most efficient motivator of societies.  Fear of death; fear of privation; fear of shame for not conforming to the group.  When people are consumed with fear, they lose the ability to think coherently and don’t use logic or reason to troubleshoot their problem.   The most recent tactic was to use fear of a standard coronavirus - a very common type of virus family to which the common cold belongs - and build a narrative around it in the media that would consume the population with fear and allow a nexus for acquiescent and mostly ignorant government leaders to make it look like they were “doing something” to save people from that which they feared.  The reality is, the government reactions were geared and managed to achieve the desired result of business closures and the development of population control systems that would have otherwise been unachievable without that fear.




Where was the

center of the

fear-based narrative?

   The center of the fear-based narrative was the media and, by extension our minds.  After all, television and newspapers were designed very early on as marketing devices.  They have been developed successfully to sell things like cars, toasters, homes, computers, Smartphones, and now fear of a purportedly deadly virus in order to steer societies the way a Border Collie herds sheep.

   Augmenting this area of operations is social media - a relatively new phenomenon in the scheme of world media distribution.  With social media, users take their cues and talking points from the corporate media and reinforce them by resonating them in the echo chamber of their minds as they are jacked in to that mind control system.  People, in effect are enforcing the changes the globalists want on themselves through the social and peer pressure of “likes,” “shares,” bullying and shaming within those social media accounts.

   Further down the line we have the social programming being done to our children within public schools and colleges where the fear is continued by forcing everyone to wear face masks and stay away from each other, thus reinforcing the illusion that everyone else you meet is potentially spreading a toxic, deadly virus. 

   Businesses, private clubs and homes with friends and family are the base level “where” this mind control operation plays out as everyone is taught to view each other as bags of germs to be shunned and avoided.




When did this narrative

begin to take shape?

   Few people, outside of Fort Fairfield Journal readers, know that a coronavirus pandemic simulation drill took place in the Fall of 2019. (I reported on it in FFJ, May 20, 2020 edition, page 7).  The drill was called “Event 201” and was held in New York by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health and Policy on October 18, 2019.  It was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum.  It featured actors from the CIA, World Bank, International Monetary Fund as well as an assortment of pharmaceutical and public relations companies.  The drill was an exercise to plan for an upcoming pandemic and to strategize on messaging, narratives and responses.  This “drill” took place coincidentally just two weeks before the first “case” of COVID-19 was recorded in China.

   Also going on in the Fall of 2019 was a complete, albeit quiet, implosion of the entire U.S. banking system with the crash of the Repo market.

   As I reported in the July 1, 2020 edition of Fort Fairfield Journal (page 1), the Repo market is a system of settlements where banks loan money to each other to balance their books at the end of the day so they can remain within the reserve requirements set by the Federal Reserve.  However, money had run out and banks were no longer willing or able to loan each other those short-term loans so the Fed had to step in and create the money to loan to the banks.  The bankers came to the Federal Reserve, with hat in hand, begging for money on September 17, 2019 - just one month before the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic drill would take place in New York.

   What the banks really needed was a massive infusion of new cash in order to stay afloat.  However, with the banker and Wall Street bailouts of 2008 still fresh in people’s minds it would have been politically impossible to ask for the same kind of bailout again - especially in the run-up to a presidential election. 

   So, they opted for a more covert way of getting that money:  Crash the economy with a fake pandemic scare, get Congress to borrow trillions of dollars in new money to give to the people in the form of a “Payroll Protection Plan” - give that money to the people who would quickly spend it where at the end of the day it would end up on the balance sheets of the banks and other deposit institutions who needed it to begin with. 

   This very clever banker bailout was done by first giving the money to the people who would then spend it into circulation, where it would end up in the banks.  However, before you could convince the people trillions of new debt needed to be borrowed, you first had to create a problem for them to react to - enter the coronavirus that would become the dreaded and feared media darling, superstar villain virus, COVID-19.




How the CDC Purposefully Manipulated COVID-19 Data Collection to Make the

Disease Artificially Appear Worse than it Was.

   While this is the tactic used in the U.S., similar tactics were deployed in other countries around the world to game the numbers and fluff them up to more than they otherwise would have been if standard disease reporting protocols had remained in place for COVID-19.


1 - The CDC adopted protocols to count “cases” of COVID-19 that required anyone hospitalized with it to be tested every 24 hours until they came back with two consecutive negative tests.  Each time the same patient tested positive over the course of their hospital stay, they could be counted as a brand new “positive” case of COVID-19.  This tactic of deliberate over counting was adopted by at least 18 states in the U.S.; our home state of Maine was one of them.


2. - The CDC adopted radical new methods of counting deaths for COVID-19 by changing the way death certificates are filled out.  This caused anyone who died and had a record of a positive COVID-19 PCR test within 30 to 60 days (varied by State) to have COVID-19 listed on their death certificate as the cause of death, even if they were not symptomatic and COVID-19 had nothing to do with their actual cause of death.


   Both of these protocols were adopted by the CDC without following the lawful requirement to list the changes in the Federal Register or conduct a 60 day public comment period for peer review.



   The people who concocted the COVID-19 scare are playing 3 dimensional chess and we are their chess pieces.  The end game is to reduce world population with a population-culling vaccine that has been sold to the public through the fear-based campaign of COVID-19.  People are now lining up to take that vaccine, which - even if it is inert and non-harmful - will at the very least make billions of dollars of profit for the oligarchs who own the pharmaceutical companies while they concomitantly re-engineer business and society to fit their dream vision of an authoritarian dystopia where we are their slaves and they, our slave masters.


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