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The Roberts Trap is Sprung

By:  Bill Dunne
One of the most overlooked aspects of the year just ended is the vindication of Chief Justice John Roberts -- a vindication that showed up as the national catastrophe known as ObamaCare got rolling.  Roberts may have also doomed Hillary Clinton's chance to live in the White House again... click here to read whole editorial


Is Your Cell Phone Really Safe?


By:  David Deschesne

Editor/Publisher, Fort Fairfield Journal

March 2, 2016




Bathing us all in a veritable sea of microwave energy, cell phones and cell towers are still too new a technology for us to understand the long-term effects of continual exposure to those frequencies on the human body.  Preliminary reports show humanity may be on the verge of a massive increase in cancers in the near future as those long-term effects begin to manifest in humans in the near future.                     photo/David Deschesne


   Modern day cell phones are still a relatively new technology and no long-term, scientific health studies have been conducted yet. I know some studies conducted by the cell phone industry have indicated they are “safe” but are you really going to trust a fox to guard a hen house?

   Cell phones transmit in the frequency range of around 900 MHz to 2.45 GHz. This is the region of the electromagnetic spectrum just below infrared light. It is called the “microwave” region.



   Yes, your cell phone is transmitting on the same frequency range as the microwave oven in your kitchen that you use to cook your TV dinner or warm up your coffee.

   Now, it is important to point out here that cell phones are not transmitting anywhere near the power of a microwave oven. Cell phones generally operate on anywhere from 1/4 watt to as high as 5 watts on some models. They vary their output automatically as conditions require in order to get a signal to the nearest tower. The power range of microwave ovens is around 600 to 1,500 watts. So, are you completely safe with a low-power microwave transmitter right next to your brain for an indeterminate period of time? Maybe.

   In developing safety standards for all radio frequency (RF) devices, the FCC considers something as “safe” if it does not cause heating of the body tissue over a given period of time for a given frequency.  This parameter is called the “Specific Absorption Rate” (SAR) and Maximum Safe Exposure Limits (MSEL) are developed based upon it. These combine to form a chart that shows frequencies, power levels and the maximum exposure limits considered safe for humans within a certain distance from the antenna over a given period of time. So the variables are: 1.) Power output; 2.) Frequency range, 3.) Distance from the antenna; and 4.) Duration of exposure.

   Even if the power output remains the same, increasing the frequency or reducing the distance to the transmitter will affect the time allowed for the MSEL.

   For example. Let’s say your transmitting at a VHF frequency of 148 MHz—the typical 2 meter Ham radio band. At 5 watts output you can be within a few feet of the antenna almost indefinitely without any adverse affects. Now, take that same 5 watts of power and transmit at 440 MHz the same distance from the antenna. The maximum safe exposure limit will change even though you are the same distance from the antenna and are operating at the same power because the frequency has a different effect on your body. 440 MHz happens to be the resonant frequency of the typical adult human skull, so it will tend to reinforce those frequencies inside of it and heat up over time. This is why the MSEL chart limits the amount of time one should be near the antenna at that frequency. Increase the frequency even higher into the microwave range and at the same power level your maximum safe exposure limit time will shrink even further.

   But immediate tissue heating is not the only thing to consider when determining the safety of a RF device like a cell phone.  Your eyeball sockets are resonant in the microwave range, so if exposed even to low power levels of microwave radiation over a long period of time - such as when spending hours a month with the phone pressed next to your skull - some heating and potential damage of the eye sockets, and even the inner ear or brain, could occur.

    Cell phone safety tests are done on models of full grown adult skulls.  However, with the rate at which cell phones are being given to young children by their parents, it is important to note that those same phones are not tested on models of young children whose skulls are smaller and thinner than the adult safety models.

   Other problems to consider, that the FCC’s safety models don’t, are the effects RF radiation has on the cell’s mitochondria and the errors RF can induce in the replication of DNA.  Too many errors in DNA replication during cell division can result in mutated cells and eventually cancer.  Cell phones haven’t been in use long enough for these problems to fully manifest.  But, a trend is appearing that does seem to link prolonged near-field exposure to cell phone radiation with some forms of cancer.  With ten more years of exposure, those cancer rates may increase exponentially.

   We are human guinea pigs for the cell phone industry and are paying for our own lab tests with the monthly cell phone bill.

   Like smoking, where ‘one cigarette will not kill you, but many will,’ the damage is done microscopically and accumulates over time. It is this micro-accumulation of damage that occurs to the body parts and even DNA—which is shredded by microwave frequencies—that has not been fully studied or understood because cell phones haven’t been in use long enough.

   Our bodies evolved over the millennia to be in tune with the Earth's natural RF resonance of 7.83 Hz, also known as the Schuman Resonance, named after its German discoverer, W.O. Schuman.  All life on earth has also tuned in as well and many insects and birds use it, along with the Earth's magnetic field to navigate. 

   Over the past 75 years - a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of history - we humans have immersed the planet in a sea of electromagnetic RF radiation that was never here before, thus blocking out the Earth’s natural resonance our bodies rely on for health and well-being.  There are anecdotal stories of increased rates of cancers in people who live within the immediate vicinity of cell phone transmission towers, which are ubiquitous throughout the world now.  There have also been studies to show how household portable wireless phones can even disrupt the navigation of honeybees to the point that they will abandon their hive if a wireless phone in transmit mode is placed in it.

   Now, I don’t want to just put the onus on cell phones here. All modern “Wi-Fi” networks also transmit in the microwave frequency range, as well as all the satellite signals falling on earth today. We are literally awash in microwave radiation that as little as 75 years ago the human body did not have to endure on planet Earth. While satellite and Wi-Fi signals are transmitted from afar and thus are much weaker, do you really want to talk incessantly into a miniature microwave transmitter stuck next to your skull for hours on end? Do you ladies want to text with it near your abdomen, where your ovaries are, so it can shred the DNA of your future unborn children, or—if you’re pregnant the eggs of your future daughter which are already being formed in its developing ovaries and are having their DNA shredded by microwaves from your cell phone and laptop’s Wi-Fi (because you’re so close to it). Are those text messages really that important?

   An exhaustive study of the effects of cell phone and electromagnetic radiation has been compiled in a documentary video called Resonance, Beings of Frequency.  It is available to view for free on Youtube.  For those interested, the link is noted below.



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