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How Mainers Can Get their Normal Lives Back: 

We’ll Have to Take Them Back!

By:  David Deschesne


Fort Fairfield Journal, February 24, 2021


  When I was in the military, we were trained to put on our gas mask within 4 seconds after hearing the command, “Gas!”  We would wear those masks until the NBC (Nuclear Biological Chemical) team made the determination that the threat had passed and sounded the “All Clear!” Command.

   Given Maine’s Democratic Governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills’ propensity toward all things authoritarian, and her continually renewing her State of Emergency declaration every thirty days throughout the leftist media-created COVID-19 “pandemic.”  We should not expect her to ever sound the “All Clear!” command and allow us to remove our masks and once again enjoy productive and fulfilling lives unfettered by an impersonal nanny-state.  As a Democrat, Big Sister’s goal is the equal distribution of misery as she continues to use her lackeys in the establishment, left-wing media to brainwash and mind control Maine inhabitants into a fear-based, drunken stupor over a virus that is being shown to be far less of a threat than initially marketed as. 

    COVID-19 has perhaps killed some people, if in fact it was the cause, but the establishment media has amplified, magnified and exaggerated that data into a narrative designed to instill fear in order to increase viewers, ratings and website traffic, causing a skewed and unrealistic presentation of the disease in the psyche of the public in all sectors of society.   However, COVID-19 has been found, by the U.S. CDC and the World Health Organization, to be not much more deadly than the normal, seasonal flu in most people - and is less deadly than seasonal flu in children.  But, the establishment media ignores this fact; and social media platforms have designed algorithms to suppress it, in order to continue the mind control narrative and thus continue to dupe the people into continuing their skewed perception of the virus.

   Our continued response to COVID-19, which seems to be based solely upon our limited knowledge of the virus from March, 2020, is now more destructive than the virus itself.  Big Sister, and other leftist governors, are enjoying their power grab too much to ever give it up; the establishment media is going to continue to push their culture of death/fear-based narrative in order to keep the “pandemic” going - if only in the minds of the public, but not in reality - in order to continue their authoritarian power grab and prop up their website clicks and television ratings, respectively (but I did actually see a recent CNN story on YouTube admitting the fact that cases are dropping across the U.S.) So, if we wait for them to sound the “All Clear!” and allow us to resume our normal lives, it may never happen any time soon.

   I have created a 10 step program to help us all resume our lives.  Since the COVID-19 response at this point is essentially a con-game; a mind control operation, you will notice most of the steps are related to changing your perception of the virus from what the establishment narrative is over to what reality is.  While this list is for Maine, if you’re living in a left-wing State simply change the name of the Governor in Step 4 and State CDC Director in Step 5 to your own and the plan will be instantly adapted to your State.


1.  Stop Watching All Television News

   The establishment, corporate television news networks, as well as nearly all of the local TV stations in the U.S. (which are merely repeater stations for the major networks anyway; scant original content is generated locally) are run and programmed by hard core, left wing activists who have turned reporting of events into editorials and commentaries.  Now, I don’t care about a person’s politics, but to rely on the left to bring you news and information is to rely on a group that espouses a culture of death and fear-based victimhood ideology.  If you listen closely to them, everyone is a victim of something and government is needed at all phases of society’s life to solve those problems.  Have you noticed the entire television news narrative on COVID-19 for the past year has been focused entirely on how many new (supposedly) sick people there are and how many died?  When was the last television news story you remember that led with how many people have survived COVID-19 (there have been millions of survivors) and how many people had mild or no symptoms?  Not too many, I suspect, and that is by design to make you, the viewer, afraid, hopeless and constantly tuning in to see if there’s a glimmer of hope.  But, hope doesn’t sell in the minds of the left.  Only fear and despair.  Television is also very dangerous from a psychological standpoint, because unlike reading, which is an active action, watching television is passive and opens a person up to mild forms of hypnotism and post-hypnotic suggestions. So, stop watching these sources for your news and information.


2.  Stop Reading All Left-Wing Newspapers & Websites

    Since nearly all establishment newspapers are run by leftists, also, the same arguments against reading their culture of death and victimhood narrative can be made as those made against watching television news.  Furthermore, they understand most people today do not read the entire news story, anymore and only read the headlines so their headlines are purposely built to scare and control you.  This control happens whether you buy their newspaper, or not, because you may simply scan the headlines while standing in line at the store and then their fear and culture of death mindset gets implanted in you.  Now, most people aren’t reading hard copy newspapers, anymore (except for Fort Fairfield Journal, my hard copy print subscriptions have increased during COVID-19) so print and television “news” has moved to the web where sensationalized story headlines and hysterical fear and death data captures people’s attention, draws clicks to websites and ultimately, revenue from advertisers.  Nearly all of the content is designed to focus only on sickness and death; social disunity and division.  So, stop reading their crap and you’ll be better off.  You’ll certainly be happier, and less fearful of life.


3.  Stop Relying on COVID-19 Info From Social Media Platforms

   Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are relatively new phenomena, having been developed by leftists in Silicon Valley and perfected over the past twelve years.  Current stories about their blatant censorship aside, most people don’t realize that these media platforms rely on your continued attention and occupation of their website to gain ad revenue.  The way they do this is with casino-style “likes,” “dislikes” and “shares” features.  Complex algorithms are also used to gear which information the Artificial Intelligence-run platforms think you will be interested in.  Whether “for” or “against” the current narrative, the result of these algorithms is to push either side to the extreme of their views and create a vacuum in the middle, where the truth usually resides.  Also, their so-called “fact checking” is another way of saying “propaganda enforcement” since the only stories and posts that get “fact checked” and blurred out are those that do not conform to the establishment left-wing narrative.  I’m sure if Facebook and Twitter would have been around when Galileo made the revolutionary statement that the sun is the center of the solar system, the earth is round and revolves around it, he would have been “fact checked” out of circulation and ultimately had his social media accounts deleted because his message did not conform to the establishment narrative of the day which said the earth was flat, the center of the universe and everything in the sky revolved around it.


4.  Stop Listening to Governor Mills

   Maine’s Democrat governor, Janet “Big Sister” Mills is either stupid, or evil.  We shouldn’t be listening to either type of person.  She believes a one-size-fits-all strategy of central planning is the solution to all of people’s problems regardless of their own, individual health status, personal or economic situation.  Ruling from the top, she wants to arbitrarily make decisions to solve everyone’s problems and use the police power to enforce those mandates whether they are actually working, or not.  By using the state’s Emergency Powers, which she has to renew every thirty days in order to hold on to them, she rules as a dictator who is outside of the purview of the legislature and makes up her dictates out of whole cloth as she goes along.  No checks, no balances, no ability to question her motives or her understanding of the problems she is ostensibly trying to solve. This is how communist dictators rule.  She can’t possibly know your own, personal situation, much less tailor a response to the State’s problems that fits your unique situation. So, with 1.3 million different people in the state, she will likely be wrong with her decisions for most of the people most of the time.


5.  Stop Listening to Dr. Nirav Shah

   While Dr. Nirav Shah may be a medical doctor, and in charge of the Maine CDC, any scientific objectivity he may have had before the politicization of COVID-19 has been tossed out the window.  His only job now is to prop up the governor’s decisions and lend an air of authority and relevancy to them.  He’s a political hack every bit as much as the governor and nothing he says that confirms the governor’s actions should be trusted. 


6.  Only Get COVID-19 Information from Actual CDC reports and Reputable Medical Journals

   Since you’ve shut off the television and eliminated left-wing news sources from your life, try actually reading the scientific literature from the medical journals, even if just the abstracts, and reports from the US CDC.  While they are slanted by the left in their news presentations, there is an amazing amount of truth in them that shows COVID-19 isn’t anywhere near as “deadly and dangerous” as the left is trying to convince you it is.  Now, if you haven’t the time or resources to go through all that, you can read this newspaper because that’s what I’ve been doing for my readers for the past year - and providing links to the reports so they can check them out themselves.


7.  Accept the Fact that COVID-19 isn’t Much More Deadly than the Seasonal Flu

   If you read the aforementioned reports you will find that COVID-19 has a survival rate of 99.5% and greater for most people.  You haven’t heard about that otherwise because the left only focuses on the extreme cases of pneumonia related deaths and keeps those stories in front of you 24 hours a day.


8.  Wear a Face Mask, Only If you Want to - But Wear the Correct Mask Correctly

   Face masks are a hot political issue because of the nanny state imposing them on a mostly unwilling society, using fear and intimidation.  Face masks should always be voluntary; those who want to use them for protection, should be using the much more effective N95 respirators fitted properly to their faces and discarded and replaced every hour to prevent contamination build-up.  Those who wear N95 masks will be much better protected, so they won’t have anything to fear from those around them who choose not to wear face masks. These silly and ridiculous disposable surgical and designer cloth masks do not stop respiratory viruses, despite all the third grade science fair-style sneezing into Petri dishes TV news videos you’ve seen.  The actual scientific studies  have proven the surgical and cloth masks nearly all people use today have very little to no effect on reducing respiratory viral transmission.


9.  Take the Face Masks off Our School Children and Resume Normal Classroom Structure and Activity Immediately.

   COVID-19 is not affecting most children and young adults.  For those under 24 years of age, there is a thirty-times greater chance of dying in a car accident than dying from COVID-19.  If you read the medical journals - and not the left-wing news sources - you will find that COVID-19 does not adversely affect youngsters and they are not big spreaders of the disease anyway.  The reason for forcing them to stay home from school, or if school is in for them, to wear those silly, ridiculous face masks all day, is merely for psychological programming.  This programming has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with training them to react with fear to their peers by viewing them as all potentially sick with a deadly disease and to reflexively look to and submit to a central governing authority who mandates edicts from on high which may or may not have any positive effect on their lives.  This is a dangerous precedent to set because it is very difficult to deprogram a generation of young, impressionable children once the fear and hysteria-based narrative is found to have been false and skewed all along.


10.  Stop Allowing an Irrational Fear of COVID-19 to Control Your Life.

   The purpose of life isn’t merely to survive, it is to live and enjoy life.  Cowering in fear in your basement or closet, viewing your neighbors, friends and family as all bags of germs who could be potentially carrying a deadly virus (which COVID-19 is not, for most people) is no way to live an enjoyable, productive and fulfilling life.  Governors and political leaders are only interested in making it appear that they did everything they could to protect people so they can make it through the next election.  The problem is these actions quickly turn into hard and fast rules that wreck people’s lives, families, businesses and ultimately the fabric of the community, harming more people than they help in the long run.  If you’re otherwise healthy and catch COVID-19 you will most likely survive.  Fear is causing governments to overreact with stupid mandates and edicts.  Stop being fearful of a viral narrative, think responsibly, and most importantly, live your life...your way.  It is your life.


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